The Chameleon Factor


Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 1460372964

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 4069

STONY MAN Their orders come direct from the Oval Office—and only when the situation is desperate enough to call for swift, hands-on measures. Stony Man's cybernetics team and tactical commandos are put into action to remove threats against America with surgical precision. Now it's crisis time, and the situation is big—a Level-10 security clearance, For the President Only. And for Stony Man, it's one shot, no second chances…. CHAMELEON A brilliant new development in portable stealth technology, Chameleon is a state-of-the-art jamming device that blocks all kinds of magnetic frequencies, making it the ultimate death shield in the right hands. But in the wrong hands, it would mean the obliteration of America's defense and communications systems—and open season on its citizens. When Chameleon is stolen by a traitor who provides a fiery demonstration of its doomsday power, Stony Man must retrieve it at any cost. If Chameleon is deployed…shutting it down is not an option.

The Chameleon Consultant

Culturally Intelligent Consultancy


Author: Andrew Holmes

Publisher: Gower Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780566084072

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 158

View: 2395

By understanding the organizational culture of a client, consultants will be in a much stronger position to sell and deliver their consultancy services. Yet this is something which is rarely done and never to a depth which would make it meaningful at a departmental level. This book eliminates this major gap in the consultant's and consultancy firm's knowledge.

CIO Paradox

Battling the Contradictions of It Leadership


Author: Martha Heller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351862197

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

View: 773

Regardless of industry, most major companies are becoming technology companies. The successful management of information has become so critical to a company's goals, that in many ways, now is the age of the CIO. Yet IT executives are besieged by a host of contradictions: bad technology can bring a company to its knees, but corporate boards rarely employ CIOs; CIOs must keep costs down at the very same time that they drive innovation. CIOs are focused on the future, while they are tethered by technology decisions made in the past. These contradictions form what Martha Heller calls The CIO Paradox, a set of conflicting forces that are deeply embedded in governance, staffing, executive expectations, and even corporate culture. Heller, who has spent more than 12 years working with the CIO community, offers guidance to CIOs on how to attack, reverse, or neutralize the paradoxical elements of the CIO role. Through interviews with a wide array of successful CIOs, The CIO Paradox helps readers level the playing field for IT success and get one step closer to bringing maximum value to their companies.

The Chameleon Manager


Author: Brian Clegg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113600761X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

View: 4311

Today's managers are faced with many conflicting demands and situations. This book provides practical ways of achieving the impossible: *How can you be a generalist and a specialist? *An individual expert and a 'connected' team player? *Manage more people with less time and fewer resources and be entrepreneurial at the same time? Complete with its own website, which gives further information and links to other sites. The New Skills Portfolio is a groundbreaking new series, published in association with the Industrial Society, which re-defines the core management skills managers and team leaders need to be competitive. Each title is action-focused blending 20th century management initiatives/trends with a new flexible skills portfolio. The Industrial Society is one of the largest public training providers in the UK. It has over 10,000 member organisations and promotes best practice through its publishing, consultancy, training and advisory services. For more information contact their website on

Theories of International Relations

Transition vs Persistence


Author: M. Sullivan,Jack Donnelly,Jacqui True

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230107338

Category: Political Science

Page: 317

View: 3304

This book is a synthetic historiography of present-day international relations theory, a critical analysis of the continuing diversity and complexity of enduring themes through a sustained focus on the analysis of the empirical evidence accumulated by social scientists. Special attention is given to key historical changes in theoretical approaches over the past half-century with full recognition of the contestation over state-based theory, and the changing fortunes of contemporary approaches. The book suggests that viable theories must transcend current intellectual fashion, and attempts to bring together theory and practice while demonstrating the difficulty of assessing competing theories. It addresses multiple strands of thought and assumes that their development cannot be understood in isolation from each other.

The Chameleon State

Global Culture and Policy Shifts in Britain and Germany, 1914-1933


Author: Tien-Lung Liu,Dianlong Liu

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571811745

Category: History

Page: 171

View: 6553

The role of the state in capitalist societies has been a bone of considerable contention among scholars. The two founding fathers of sociology held radically opposing views on this subject which were reflected in the numerous debates over subsequent decades to this day. Yet, no answer has been found to the vexing question: on whose side is the state in capitalist societies? The author examines current theories and, comparing Britain and Germany, shows that they are unable to explain the contradictory social and industrial policies in these two countries during the twentieth century. Based on in-depth archival and secondary sources the author offers an alternative theoretical framework, one that focuses on the interactions among historical contingencies, the global cultural context, and political processes.

The Chameleon Crown


Author: Anne Twomey

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 9781862876293

Category: Law

Page: 304

View: 658

Using previously secret government documents, The Chameleon Crown re-writes the history of Australia’s relationship with the United Kingdom and the Crown. It makes clear that the Australian States remained colonial dependencies of the British Crown until 1986 when the Australia Act was passed. It was the ‘Queen of the United Kingdom’, not the ‘Queen of Australia’ who reigned over them. For many decades historians, lawyers and politicians believed that the British Government’s role in advising the Queen on State matters was simply a formality and that the British merely provided the ‘channel of communication’ for State advice. This book reveals for the first time the true extent of the independent role played by the British Government in State affairs as well as the significant role of the Queen. The Chameleon Crown takes the reader behind the scenes into the confidential negotiations between the States, the Commonwealth, the British Government and Buckingham Palace on the termination of the colonial links between the States and the United Kingdom. This was a battle of high politics, played by the likes of Whitlam, Murphy, Bjelke-Petersen, Wran, Fraser, Hawke, in which the sovereignty of the States was at stake. It is essential reading for those interested in Australian politics, history and the monarchy. A NSW Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government publication.

The Chameleon and the Dream

The Image of Reality in Cexov's Stories


Author: Karl D. Kramer

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110885557

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 182

View: 988

The DeMarco Factor

Transforming Public Will Into Political Power


Author: Michael Pertschuk

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 0826517048

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 244

View: 5720

"Read this and don your armor." --Robert Reich.



Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 1460333527

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 6388

STONY MAN Whenever duty calls, America's most elite black ops and cyber tech group is ready to deploy. Stony Man Farm acts under orders from the President to save innocent lives by taking down one terrorist at a time—even if it means losing their own lives in the process. WAR FOR SALE Tensions erupt between Pakistan and India after Pakistani soldiers are found massacred in an Indian village, along with the body of an American—a businessman who had no reason to be there. Phoenix Force must stop ongoing battles in the area—skirmishes led by two rogue generals. When Able Team investigates the mining company that employed the dead American, the men are attacked by a group of mercenaries. With relations between Pakistan and India hanging in the balance, the Stony Man teams are faced with daunting missions…and the knowledge that failure could trigger a nuclear war.