The Century of Revolution



Author: Christopher Hill

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134941684

Category: History

Page: 368

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There is an immense range of books about the English Civil War, but one historian stands head and shoulders above all others for the quality of his work on the subject. In 1961 Christopher Hill first published what has come to be acknowledged as the best concise history of the period, Century of Revolution. Stimulating, vivid and provocative, his graphic depiction of the turbulent era examines ordinary English men and women as well as kings and queens.

A Revised History for Advanced Level & Colleges


Author: Nassoro Habib Mbwana

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514461609

Category: History

Page: 632

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The book is a response of the suggestions and opinions provided to me by the students on writing a text that could be beneficial for them and other readers. The book covers the period from the fifteenth century to the present (2014). It includes the development of Europe from mercantilism to a new imperialism, globalization and a neocolonial situation, and underdevelopment to the less developed countries in the southern hemisphere. It also justifies and revises important areas in the current (2009) syllabus, which had been left by other authors in writing history texts for the advanced level. Therefore, the book justifies some areas that are beyond the syllabus, but the questions do appear in examinations. The book is directed to be useful for A-level and college students, the teachers, and other readers who have an interest with history.

Sanity And Solitude

Cogent Ramblings Of A Lone Aesthetic


Author: Bob Spencer

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477234693

Category: Philosophy

Page: 264

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The world is a mad place and the various vicissitudes of life appear to make it more so. The inherent mutability in nature can swing from the serendipitous to surreal malignity within a matter of moments. In this day and age, events can be ephemeral or appear so prolonged we are left, agonisingly, to wonder if they will ever terminate at all. To be lost in such a bewildering universe, when it feels impossible to gather oneself, to take stock of the changeability or to bear the interminable, we feel impotent, overwhelmed and wrongfully abused. Sanity and Solitude is one man’s ramble through these frightful absurdities and contradictions that appear to confront us at every turn. To understand insanity one has to travel oneself to the very fringes of insanity itself for better or for worse. “We are the clouds that veil the midnight moon; How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver, Streaking the darkness radiantly!--yet soon Night closes round, and they are lost forever”. (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Violence and Politics

Ideologies, Identities, Representations


Author: Antonios Ampoutis,Marios Dimitriadis,Sakis Dimitriadis

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527523942

Category: Political Science

Page: 451

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In this volume, a new generation of researchers explore and demonstrate the interaction between politics and violence in the context of Greek and European history. In terms of focus, the articles here extend over a time span stretching from the Greek classical period to the twentieth century. The ancient Greek polis, medieval and early modern Europe, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, nineteenth-century Britain and the Greek society of the 1940s are some of the historical periods in which the relationship between violence and politics is examined. At the same time, the authors tackle important themes concerning this relationship, such as legitimate and illegitimate violence, violence from above and from below, resistance and revolt, authority and subordination, and gendered and political violence.

Reversul istoriei. Eseu despre opera lui Mircea Eliade


Author: Mihai Gheorghiu

Publisher: Humanitas SA

ISBN: 9735047519


Page: N.A

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Din cuprins: „Pariul“ eliadian. Romanul conştiinţei nefericite. Mitic şi epic în proza fantastică. Nae Ionescu, Pater et Magister. Itinerariu spiritual, 1927-1949. Istoria religiilor, filozofia istoriei, hermeneutică şi ieşirea din nihilism. Jurnale, memorialistică, confesiuni. Proză autoscopică şi simbolism al experienţei personale



Author: Michael A. Stugrin,Peggy Ann Knapp

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 144

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Our halcyon dayes

English prerevolutionary texts and postmodern culture


Author: Lawrence Venuti

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Pr


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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Market À la Mode

Fashion, Commodity, and Gender in the Tatler and the Spectator


Author: Erin Skye Mackie

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 303

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In "Market la Mode," Erin Mackie examines the role that "The Tatler" and "The Spectator," two eighteenth-century British lifestyle magazines, played in the growth of fashion and how they influenced their readers. She traces the commercial context in which they operated, focusing on the processes of commodification, fetishization, and revisions of gender identity. Mackie's study makes clear that fashion publications, far from being commentaries on passing trends, assumed a leading role in defining women's legitimate sphere of activities as well as in the development of commerce as recreation.