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Ethnicity and the American Cemetery

Author : Richard E. Meyer
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Far more than merely elements of space sectioned off and set aside for the burial of the dead, cemeteries are, in effect, open cultural texts, there to be read and appreciated by anyone who takes the time to learn a bit of their special language. In the United States, nowhere is this more true than in the case of cemeteries established by members of the diverse ethnic groups which have exerted a subtle but powerful influence upon the development of American culture. Ethnicity and the American Cemetery, a volume comprised of eight original, individually commissioned essays, explores in detail the manner in which representative ethnic groups in America have made their cemeteries - the sites themselves, the material objects found within them, and the customary practices bound to both, a most powerful and eloquent voice for the expression of values and worldview inherent in their self-conscious awareness of their own special identity. Contributing authors illustrate the book's interdisciplinary focus, with representation from, among others, the fields of folklore, cultural history, historical archeology landscape architecture, and philosophy, heavily illustrated, the volume also features an introductory essay by editor Richard E. Meyer and an extensive annotated bibliography.

The Cemetery Within

Author : Paul Lathan
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Born without the ability to speak, a young boy grows up with no identity. He is unable to communicate with others, until one night when he wanders into an old cemetery. Inside he finds purpose. As the years pass and his appearance deteriorates, he becomes more of a local spook story. Intrigued, one man sets out to discover why this old man runs through the cemetery late at night.

Place and Ideology in Contemporary Hebrew Literature

Author : Karen Grumberg
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John Brinckerhoff Jackson theorized the vernacular landscape as one that reflects a way of life guided by tradition and custom, distanced from the larger world of politics and law. This quotidian space is shaped by the everyday culture of its inhabitants. In Place and Ideology in Contemporary Hebrew Literature, Grumberg sets anchor in this and other contemporary theories of space and place, then embarks on subtle close readings of recent Israeli fiction that demonstrate how literature in practice can complicate those discourses. Literature in Israel over the past twenty-five years tends to be set in ordinary spaces rather than in explicitly, ideologically charged locations such as contested borders and debated territories. Rarely taking place in settings of war and political violence, it depicts characters’ encounters with everyday places such as buses and cafés as central to their self-conception. Yet in academic discussions, the imaginative representations of these sites tend to be neglected in favor of spaces more overtly relevant to religious and political debates. To fill this gap, Grumberg proposes a new understanding of how Israeli identity is mapped onto the spaces it inhabits. She demonstrates that in the writing of many Israeli novelists even mundane sites often have significant ideological implications. Exploring a wide range of authors, from Amos Oz to Orly Castel-Bloom, Grumberg argues that literary depictions of vernacular places play a profound and often unidentified role in serving or resisting ideology.

National Cemetery System

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Subcommittee on Housing and Memorial Affairs
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Respectable Burial

Author : Brian J. Young
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Respectable Burial also highlights how important a role Montreal played in Canada's history. The cemetery is the final resting place of politician Alexander Galt, poet F.R. Scott, hockey star Howie Morenz, explorer David Thompson, bank presidents, renegades, hangmen, and victims of the Titanic. This history of a model rural cemetery, an innovator in perpetual care and proprietor of the first crematorium in Canada, illustrates changing attitudes to burial and commemoration - including the relationships between Protestantism, Romanticism, and death. Young also shows how the cemetery, a site of great natural beauty that helped inspire Frederick Law Olmsted's adjacent Mount Royal Park, became a much-loved public urban space and examines how the evolution of its landscaping, architecture, and use reflect changing attitudes to the place of women, recreation, heritage, and the environment. Incorporating a rich collection of archival illustrations, walking maps, and a colour photo essay by photographer Geoffrey James, Respectable Burial will appeal to anyone interested in Canadian history, parks, and cities.

Cemeteries of Tacoma

Author : Kris Anderson Reisinger
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During the mid-19th century, coffins were built with a drawstring bell to serve as an alarm in case one had the misfortune of being buried alive. It is believed that several such coffins reside in Tacoma's cemeteries. Fortunately, there are no reports of bells ringing in the middle of the night. Tacoma has numerous Victorian cemeteries that house renowned pioneers, like Thea Foss, Angelo Fawcett, and Brig. Gen. John W. Sprague, a hero of the Civil War who cofounded Tacoma and served as the city's first mayor. Several cemeteries are dying to tell their story and have not seen a visitor in over a century. Some have been abandoned completely, while others have been relocated numerous times. A number of graves that should have been moved are still in their original places. Tacoma residents will be astonished to learn the whereabouts of several unmarked graves, including some located along a very familiar piece of highway.

The Golden Age of Ironwork

Author : Henry Jonas Magaziner
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Covers ironwork from roughly 1840 to 1930. Thus, it includes cast iron, which prevailed during the nineteenth century and hand wrought iron, which triumphed from about 1900 to 1930.

Haunted Indiana

Author : James A. Willis
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A selection of Indiana's bone-chilling stories of the paranormal.

Annual Report

Author : Petersham (Mass.)
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Pennsylvania State Reports

Author : Pennsylvania. Supreme Court
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"Containing cases decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania." (varies)