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The Catholic Table Finding Joy Where Food and Faith Meet

Author : Emily Stimpson Chapman
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Lazarus at the Table

Author : Bernard F. Evans
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Lazarus at the Tale is the fruit of more than two decades of instructing students in the social teachings of the Catholic Church. For most of these years Bernard Evans has taught graduate students. Lately he also teaches lay Catholics engaged in parish ministry and enrolled in diocesan ministry formation programs. This book is written specifically for the latter group. Evans agrees with the bishops of the United States who insist that any Catholic education that does not include Catholic social teaching is not fully Catholic. And so he writes clearly, concisely, and convincingly about how Catholic social teaching addresses such contemporary issues as human dignity, abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, the death penalty, war, family, marriage, poverty, superfluous income, just wages, unions, peace, solidarity, and many more. Excerpts from the church's official teachings in papal documents abound throughout the book. Bernard Evans holds the Virgil Michel Ecumenical Chair in Rural Social Ministries at Saint John's School of Theology'seminary, Collegeville, Minnesota.

The Catholic Girls Survival Guide for the Single Years

Author : Emily Stimpson
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Three parts sexual license, two parts corporate I ladder, with a dash of Monolo Blahnik. If a woman's single years were a cocktail, that would be the f culture's preferred recipe.

Letters to a Young Catholic

Author : George Weigel
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The Intimate Polity and the Catholic Church

Author : Karel Dobbelaere
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The waning influence of the Catholic church in the ethical and political debate For centuries the Catholic Church was able to impose her ethical rules in matters related to the intimate, that is, questions concerning life (from its beginning until its end) and the family, in the so-called Catholic countries in Western Europe. When the polity started to introduce legislation that was in opposition to the Catholic ethic, the ecclesiastical authorities and part of the population reacted. The media reported massive manifestations in France against same-sex marriages and in Spain against the de-penalization of abortion. In Italy the Episcopal conference entered the political field in opposition to the relaxation of several restrictive legal rules concerning medically assisted procreation and exhorted the voters to abstain from voting so that the referendum did not obtain the necessary quorum. In Portugal, to the contrary, the Church made a “pact” with the prime minister so that the law on same-sex marriages did not include the possibility of adoption. And in Belgium the Episcopal conference limited its actions to clearly expressing with religious, legal, and anthropological arguments its opposition to such laws, which all other Episcopal conferences did also. In this book, the authors analyse the full spectrum of the issue, including the emergence of such laws; the political discussions; the standpoints defended in the media by professionals, ethicists, and politicians; the votes in the parliaments; the political interventions of the Episcopal conferences; and the attitude of professionals. As a result the reader understands what was at stake and the differences in actions of the various Episcopal conferences. The authors also analyse the pro and con evaluations among the civil population of such actions by the Church. Finally, in a comparative synthesis, they discuss the public positions taken by Pope Francis to evaluate if a change in Church policy might be possible in the near future. Research by GERICR (Groupe européen de recherche interdisciplinaire sur le changement religieux), a European interdisciplinary research group studying religious changes coordinated by Alfonso Pérez-Agote.

Catholic Christianity

Author : Peter Kreeft
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For the first time in 400 years the Catholic Church has authorized an official universal catechism which instantly became an international best-seller, the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Using this official Catechism, the highly-regarded author and professor Peter Kreeft presents a complete compendium of all the major beliefs of Catholicism written in his readable and concise style. Since the Catechism of the Catholic Church was written for the express purpose of grounding and fostering catechisms based on it for local needs and ordinary readers, Kreeft does just that, offering a thorough summary of Catholic doctrine, morality, and worship in a popular format with less technical language. He presents a systematic, organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental Catholic teachings in the light of the Second Vatican Council and the whole of the Church's Tradition. This book is the most thorough, complete and popular catechetical summary of Catholic belief in print that is based on the universal Catechism.

The Catholic Family

Author : William Sander
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Considering the effects of a Catholic heritage on families as a whole and on individuals within families, William Sander looks at the patterns of marriage and intermarriage, divorce, and fertility. He then turns to human capital issues, in-eluding the effects of a Catholic background on academic achievement, earnings, employment, and health habits. Examining the effects of Catholic schooling, Sander takes into account the select nature of the Catholic school population and shows that Catholic high schools have a large negative effect on dropout rates but a positive effect on the test scores of African Americans and Hispanics.

The Catholic Doctrine of the Atonement

Author : Henry Nutcombe Oxenham
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From Altar Throne to Table

Author : Joseph Dougherty
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This book investigates one of the most successful liturgical reforms in Catholic history. Only a century ago, faithful, practicing Catholics received Holy Communion only once a year; now, among American English-speaking Catholics, Holy Communion is a routine, weekly devotional practice. This book explains how and why this ritual sea-change happened.

The Catholic Church

Author : John L. Allen
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Roman Catholicism stands at a crossroads, a classic "best of time, worst of times" moment. On the one hand, the Catholic Church remains by far the largest branch of the worldwide Christian family, and is growing at a remarkable clip. Yet the Church has also been rocked by a series of scandals related to the sexual abuse of minors by clergy, and, even more devastating, the cover-up by the Church hierarchy. The Church has enormous residual strength and exciting future prospects, but it also faces steep internal and external challenges. The author offers an authoritative and accessible guide to the past, present, and future of the Church.

Compitum or The meeting of the ways at the Catholic Church by K H Digby

Author : Kenelm Henry Digby
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The Gospel and the Catholic Church

Author : Michael Ramsey
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This reissue of Archbishop Ramsey's classic theological study of Anglican views of the church is important for students of ecumenism, and for those concerned with the relationship between Christ and the church in the New Testament. Although some of the book is dated, its conviction that "the church's meaning lies in its fulfillment of the sufferings of Christ" and that "every part of its history is intelligible in terms of the Passion" remains perceptive and challenging. Examining Scripture, doctrine, and history, Ramsey paints an intricate portrait of the church as an example of Christ's death and resurrection. He explores Eastern orthodox doctrine; explains the purposes and preconditions of the Reformation; and calls for a renewal of liturgical worship and reconciliation within the communion of the saints. Originally published in 1936 while he was serving as sub-warden of Lincoln Theological College, this was Ramsey's first book. After more than seventy years, its wisdom concerning the relationship between Catholic and Evangelical, and the underlying complementarities and tensions which characterize the Anglican tradition, remains theologically sound and biblically astute.

Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

Author : Bryan N. Massingale
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The Catholic Controversy

Author : Saint Francis de Sales
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THE CATHOLIC CONTROVERSY SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES — A Catholic Classic! — Includes Over 300 Active Linked Endnotes — Includes an Active Index, Table of Contents and Layered NCX Navigation — Includes Illustrations by Gustave Dore Publisher: Available in Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-78379-454-6 After being repeatedly rebuffed in his attempts to re-evangelize Calvinist Protestants who would not listen to Catholic preaching for fear of reprisals, St. Francis turned to writing leaflets and inserting them into copies of his sermons, which he then posted on walls, slipped under doors and handing to whomever he could. Four years later, almost 72,000 had returned to the ancient Catholic Faith! These tracts have been compiled into a book and given the title The Catholic Controversy. The works are still as fresh and powerful today as they were then, and give some of the most compelling arguments against Protestantism that have ever been written, presenting a defense of the Catholic Faith that in some respects has never been equalled. PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

The Catholic Church and the Dutch Bible

Author : Els Agten
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The Catholic Church and the Bible: From the Council of Trent to the Jansenist Controversy studies the impact of Jansenism and anti–Jansenism on vernacular Bible reading and Bible production in the Low Countries in the sixteent and seventeenth centuries.

Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition

Author : Jordan Aumann
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This history not only serves to acquaint us with the origins and development of Christian spirituality, but, equally importantly in the author's view, projects into our contemporary world the lives and teachings of men and women who have reached a high degree of sanctity through the ages. His study is Catholic in both senses of the word. He has concentrated his attention on the history of spirituality in the Roman Catholic Church; and he has taken a comprehensive view of the full range of forms of that Catholic tradition, including -- so that we can learn from the mistakes of the past -- the heterodox tendencies and movements that have arisen from time to time.

A Companion to the Catholic Enlightenment in Europe

Author : Ulrich L. Lehner
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This book offers the first comprehensive overview of the Catholic Enlightenment in Europe. It surveys the diversity of views about the structure and nature of the movement, pointing toward the possibilities for further research. The volume presents a series of comprehensive treatments on the process and interpretation of Catholic Enlightenment in France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Holy Roman Empire, Malta, Italy and the Habsburg territories. An introductory overview explores the varied meanings of Catholic Enlightenment and situates them in a series of intellectual and social contexts. The topics covered in this book are crucial for a proper understanding of the role and place not only of Catholicism in the eighteenth century, but also for the social and religious history of Modern Europe.

An Introduction to Catholicism

Author : Lawrence S. Cunningham
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The Vatican. The Inquisition. Contraception. Celibacy. Apparitions and miracles. Plots and scandals. The Catholic Church is seldom out of the news. But what do its one billion adherents really believe, and how do they put their beliefs into practice in worship, the family, and society? This down-to-earth account goes back to the early Christian creeds to uncover the roots of modern Catholic thinking. It avoids getting bogged down in theological technicalities, and throws light on aspects of the Church's institutional structure and liturgical practice that even Catholics can find baffling: why go to confession? How are people made saints? What is 'infallible' about the Pope? Topics addressed include: • scripture and tradition • sacraments and prayer • popular piety • personal and social morality • reform, mission, and interreligious dialogue Lawrence Cunningham, a theologian, prize-winning writer and university teacher, provides an overview of Catholicism today which will be indispensable for undergraduates and lay study groups.

What s Left

Author : Mary Jo Weaver
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An in-depth exploration into the politics and theologies of liberal American Catholics

The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth

Author : Brian Singer-Towns
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The Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has found this catechetical text, copyright 2008, to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth, Second Edition is an understandable and down-to-earth guide to all things Catholic. This book is an eye-opener and a page-turner, whether you are brushing up on specific Catholic terms and concepts or learning them for the first time. The second edition contains everything that people loved about the first edition, including structure of the book to parallel the Catechism of the Catholic Church. There are 37 content-rich chapters divided into 4 parts on creed, liturgy and sacraments, morality, and Christian prayer, full-color photos that illustrate the books content and range from saints photos, early and contemporary art, photos of modern day symbols of living the Catholic faith, Did You Know? sidebars, Live It! sidebars, Looking Back sidebars, Saintly Profiles sidebars, Glossary, Patron Saints List, summary of Catholic beliefs, timeline of Catholic historical events, index of key words and terms. New in the second edition! over 50 new "For Further Reflection" questions, an illustrated guide to Catholic signs and symbols, an index of questions frequently asked by teens that directs readers to the pages where they can explore answers, updated statistics, items helpful for the preparation of Confirmation, including an overview of the rite of Confirmation, the consecratory prayer used in the rite of Confirmation, the consecratory prayer used in the blessing of chrism, the timeline has been expanded from 4 to 6 pages to make it easier to read.