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The Cambridge History of American Literature The canon the academy and gender

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Multi-volume history of American literature.

The Cambridge History of American Literature Volume 8 Poetry and Criticism 1940 1995

Author : Cyrus R. K. Patell
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Discusses the social, cultural, intellectual, and aesthetic aspects of American literature

From Television to the Internet

Author : Wiley Lee Umphlett
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This book complements and expands on the commentary and conclusions of the author's initial inquiry into the modern era of media-made culture in The Visual Focus of American Media Culture in the Twentieth Century (FDUP, 2004). From the 1890s on to the 1920s and the Depression and World War II years, society's pervasively communal focus demanded idealized images and romanticized interpretations of life. But the communal imperative, as it was impacted on by evolving social change, harbored the seeds of its own disintegration. The sociocultural uprooting of another world war, the anxieties attendant to the Atomic Age, and two later sociopolitically divisive military conflicts culminated in the societal upheavals of the 1960s and an increasingly problematic and socially fragmented nation. As Visual Focus did, this second book also relies on the visual metaphor of the mediated vision to show how the visually oriented communication forms of the media culture have influenced and contributed to the origin of varied subcultural sectors in the postmodern era, extending from the appearance of television in the late 1940s to the advent of the Internet near the end of the twentieth century.

On the Borders of Convention

Author : Aleksandra Nikčević Batrićević
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The research presented in this book is authored by scholars coming from as distant regions as South Africa, the United States of America, Great Britain, France, Italy, Belarus, the Balkans. Needless to say that one of the good things about this international cooperation is that owing to their different socio-cultural backgrounds, these scholars have contributed to producing an extremely varied picture of ways of approaching the challenge of a changing world. The papers on literature and culture collected in this book contribute a further element of rigour into the discussion of numerous and always varying and changing borders of convention in a literary text, literary genre, and literary theory, as well as in general culture and everyday paths of life. Starting with oral cultures, over the classic literary masters, modernist and postmodernist textual and theoretical phenomena, the twentieth century flouting of numerous social and gender convention, through painting, film, dance, contemporary music, as well as graffiti, We have sought to stress that what is most noticeable from the evidence of their studies is that scholars today concern these issues through a dynamic global process and beyond any preconceived design, or any strict set of theoretical prescriptions, which would otherwise lead them to ignore the ever-shifting borders in literature and culture, as well as in global socio-cultural reality in general. The variety and complexity of these essays offer fresh views to the problem posed in the title of the book. Therefore, we trust that they will stimulate intellectual confrontation and circulation of ideas within the field of literature and cultural studies.

The Cambridge History of Jewish American Literature

Author : Hana Wirth-Nesher
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This History offers an unparalleled examination of all aspects of Jewish American literature. Jewish writing has played a central role in the formation of the national literature of the United States, from the Hebraic sources of the Puritan imagination to narratives of immigration and acculturation. This body of writing has also enriched global Jewish literature in its engagement with Jewish history and Jewish multilingual culture. Written by a host of leading scholars, The Cambridge History of Jewish American Literature offers an array of approaches that contribute to current debates about ethnic writing, minority discourse, transnational literature, gender studies, and multilingualism. This History takes a fresh look at celebrated authors, introduces new voices, locates Jewish American literature on the map of American ethnicity as well as the spaces of exile and diaspora, and stretches the boundaries of American literature beyond the Americas and the West.

Gender and the Musical Canon

Author : Marcia J. Citron
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Examines why women have been excluded from the received 'canon' of performed musical works.

The Cambridge History of the American Novel

Author : Leonard Cassuto
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An authoritative and lively account of the development of the genre, by leading experts in the field.

Twentieth century Literary Criticism

Author : Gale Research Company
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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.

The South Carolina Review

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Situating College English

Author : Evan Carton
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This book addresses the urgent need for rigorous and creative examination of how new theoretical principles, sociocultural investments, and pedagogical technologies inform classroom teaching. Written by current and former graduate and faculty instructors of English at the University of Texas at Austin, this collection constitutes a uniquely situated engagement with the most contemporary questions in English studies.

American Book Publishing Record

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Antebellum Irish Immigration and Emerging Ideologies of America

Author : Robert Dunne
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This study argues that the confrontation between antebellum Irish immigrants and mainstream Americans helped reshape American ideology and, in particular, the American Dream myth. As Irish immigrants became a growing presence in the United States, American society reacted in what Dunn calls a Protestant backlash: clerical and lay interests banded together and attempted to codify the very definition of America and thereby relegate Irish immigrants to society's margins.

The Academy and Literature

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Hunting Captain Ahab

Author : Clare Spark
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Spark's assertions are based on her exploration of either newly opened or previously unexplored archival materials of leading Melville scholars - Raymond Weaver, Charles Olson, Henry A. Murray, and Jay Leyda."--BOOK JACKET.

Bibliographic Guide to Womens Studies 1998

Author : New York Public Library Staff
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Author : Linda Brannon
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This book provides a balanced approach to gender study- providing research related to both men and women's issues and encouraging critical thinking about topics that are relevant to all people. This book examines the topic of gender - the behaviors and attitudes that relate (but are not entirely congruent with) biological sex. Research and scholarship form the basis of this book, providing the material for a critical review and an attempt at an overall picture of gender from a psychological perspective. To accent the relevance of research findings in vivid detail, Brannon supplements the review of scholarly research with personal, narrative accounts of gender-relevant aspects of people's lives as well as highlights from a cross-cultural perspective of gender. The personal narrative and diversity highlights help to balance the research-based scholarship with the personal experience of gender. For anyone with an interest in gender studies.

Australian Literary Studies

Author : L. T. Hergenhan
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Author : Emily J. McMurray
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Alfabetisk ordnet opslagsværk over naturvidenskabsmænd og -kvinder fra hele verden; med angivelse af egne værker og værker om

Insights and Bearings

Author : Juan Sebastián Amador Bedford
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