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Abraham Called by God

Author : Witness Lee
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A remarkable commentary on the life of Abraham from the Book of Genesis, Abraham Called by God presents Abraham as a genuine man, fallen but called by God. Like him, readers are admonished to learn the lessons of faith through trial, testing, and failure, in order to enter into the promises and blessings of God.

Thoburn called of God

Author : William Fitzjames Oldham
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Called of God

Author : Kenneth W. Hagin
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"God chose you! What do you do next? God has called you and every other believer to share the truth that He has made peace between the world and Himself through Jesus Christ. Beyond that, God has created you and chosen you to do something useful in the Body of Christ, whether in the pulpit or not. But how do you get from where you are to where God wants you to be?"--Provided by the publisher.

calling for God s love

Author :
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Called and Accountable

Author : Henry T. Blackaby
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Every believer is called by God, and His call is life-transforming. When this truth grips a person's heart, he or she is never the same again. Immediately there comes into that life a deep sense of meaning and purpose and a devoted sense of accountability to God. Authors Henry Blackaby and Norman Blackaby lead men and women to explore the life-transforming, world-changing call that God gives every follower of Christ. Just as He did throughout the Bible, God is still calling His people, at this very hour, to accomplish His eternal purposes in redeeming the lost. God has a unique plan for each of His followers to be a part of His mission. Called and Accountable thoughtfully explores these questions: Why does God call us? What is a call? Who are the called? How am I called? When am I called? How do I live out the call?

Called by God

Author : Tushar Shendre
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This booklet was designed to accompany the Rule of Life and to provide a deeper insight on our calling. There are thirty-one reflections that can be used in a monthly rotation as part of a daily time of prayer and Bible study. The Rule of Life begins with “In response to Jesus Christ’s love,” and day 1 starts with this because any service for Jesus flows out of our gratitude for his free gift of salvation and our relationship with him.

They Called Me God

Author : Doug Harvey
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The incredible memoir from the man voted one of the “Best Umpires of All Time” by the Society of American Baseball Research—filled with more than three decades of fascinating baseball stories. Doug Harvey was a California farm boy, a high school athlete who nevertheless knew that what he really wanted was to become an unsung hero—a major league umpire. Working his way through the minor leagues, earning three hundred dollars a month, he survived just about everything, even riots in stadiums in Puerto Rico. And while players and other umps hit the bars at night, Harvey memorized the rule book. In 1962, he broke into the big leagues and was soon listening to rookie Pete Rose worrying that he would be cut by the Reds and laying down the law with managers such as Tommy Lasorda and Joe Torre. This colorful memoir takes you behind the plate for some of baseball’s most memorable moments, including Roberto Clemente’s three thousandth and final hit; the heroic three-and-two pinch-hit home run by Kirk Gibson in the ’88 World Series; and the nail-biting excitement of the ’68 World Series. But beyond the drama, Harvey turned umpiring into an art. He was a man so respected, whose calls were so feared and infallible, that the players called him “God.” And through it all, he lived by three rules: never take anything from a player, never back down from a call, and never carry a grudge. A book for anyone who loves baseball, They Called Me God is a funny and fascinating tale of on- and off-the-field action, peopled by unforgettable characters from Bob Gibson to Nolan Ryan, and a treatise on good umpiring techniques. In a memoir that transcends the sport, Doug Harvey tells a gripping story of responsibility, fairness, and honesty.

I Am Called Answering the Call of God with a Life on a Mission

Author : Ryan Brooks
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What if the church were filled with men and women who truly denied themselves in order to transform the lives of others? Imagine the impact your life will have when you walk fully in your God-given identity and purpose. Our destiny begins with answering God's call to a ministry of relationship restoration--as He works through believers like you to reconnect with His lost children! Ryan Brooks, lead pastor of Vertical Church, offers an engaging exploration of the book of Jonah, in which he reveals how God's call on your life can truly change the world around you. With Jonah's story as a starting point, Brooks provides numerous practical suggestions for living a truly missional life. In this book, you'll learn: Which three types of calls to expect from God Why God expects us to go beyond sacrifice and offer Him our unconditional surrender What's in your God-given job description Why it's essential to remember the place God saved you from How to prepare your heart to receive God's call Plus, workbook sections will help you examine your heart and identify where God is leading you to live a life of obedience and compassion for Him! God reconciled you to Himself so you could point others toward Him in turn. Begin reading I Am Called today, and wake up to your ultimate responsibility--helping restore others' relationships with God through Jesus Christ!

Do You Feel Called by God

Author : Michael Bennett
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Called of God

Author : Cecelia Beckwith-Revitz
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Called of God - The Beginnings of My Story of Walking with God in His Love. This story is presented in episodic capsules of my autobiography to give glory to God but more to encourage the reader that there is nothing that can keep you from God's love and His call if you open your heart to Him. He has so much for each of us and it is good. He will use all the events of life to draw us and to turn them into blessings. It is desired as this book is published to reach those especially who feel they are unloved or have committed the unforgivable sin and let them know that God is still there waiting to receive them in His open arms.

Called by God

Author : Rachael Marie Collins
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The Riches of God s Calling in Christ

Author : J. R. Gelin
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The God of the Bible has a creative voice that he has used to create everything that exists in the universe, both visible and invisible. This all powerful God has used the same voice to call people to come to himself in his Son Jesus Christ. The Riches of God's Calling in Christ offers a comprehensive analysis of the subject of God's voice and his calling as revealed in the Scriptures. It starts with the reality of God's voice, and the reasons and methods God has used historically to call people to himself and to his service. Then the book dwells of the core aspects of God's calling in Christ as related to the Church. The English word Church comes from the Greek word Ekklezia which means a group of called out or an assembly of people called for a specific purpose. The Church is then by definition made of people who have been called by God to meet him in Jesus Christ. The author hopes this book will help to clarify some fundamental teachings of the gospel and in the process encourage people to respond positively to the calling of God made in Christ Jesus.

The Called the Chosen

Author : Ken McFarland
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A general epistle to all the Called and Chosen of God Wherein is comfort to the feeble minded etc

Author : James PARK (Quaker.)
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S dhu Sundar Singh Called of God

Author : Rebecca J. Parker
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Christian Treasury

Author :
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Ordinary Men Called by God

Author : James Montgomery Boice
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James Montgomery Boice demonstrates how God develops the extraordinary from the ordinary as evidenced by the courage, faithfulness, and humility seen in the lives of Abraham, Moses, and David.

Sadhu Sundar Singh Called of God

Author : Mrs. Arthur Parker,
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adhu Sundar Singh was a well-known Christian mystic in India during the early 20th century. He walked from place to place preaching the gospel and lived without possessions. He had many dreams and visions. He suffered much from poverty and persecution, but won many converts. He eventually traveled the world preaching and teaching and wrote several books. This biography was written after many interviews with Sundar, a few years before he disappeared in Tibet.

The Beautiful Call

Author : Brian Louis Perkins
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Does God still speak today? The resounding answer is, "Yes!" We discover that He speaks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the beginning of the world to its end. He is always speaking, but do we listen, and can we hear Him? Today is our opportunity to hear from heaven, and does God ever have something to tell us! He wants to call us something beautiful. If we cannot find the place where we fit in, then it is because we were meant for something greater. We do not have to settle for the lesser thing because we have a calling and a vital purpose, but the devil is trying to keep us from entering our time. It is critical that we hear The Beautiful Call. This is what we were born for, and we can walk into it the moment we hear God call our name. Our whole lives we have been waiting for someone to call our name, and now we are next in line. God is calling our time. Once we know who we are then we can find out what we are supposed to be doing. He knows the name you are called by in the earth, and he desires to reveal the name you are known of in heaven because once you know your identity and your purpose the gates of hell cannot hold us back anymore in our time. It is a Beautiful Call.

The Killer They Called a God

Author : Ian Ward
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