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The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

Author : John Boyne
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When Pierrot becomes an orphan, he must leave his home in Paris for a new life with his Aunt Beatrix, a servant in a wealthy household at the top of the German mountains. But this is no ordinary time, for it is 1935 and the Second World War is fast approaching; and this is no ordinary house, for this is the Berghof, the home of Adolf Hitler. Quickly, Pierrot is taken under Hitler's wing, and is thrown into an increasingly dangerous new world: a world of terror, secrets and betrayal, from which he may never be able to escape.

The Precious Years

Author : Jacqui Couper
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Although child development may seem automatic, each phase of it is unique and builds on what has gone before, linking together like an intricate puzzle. Professionals agree that developmental difficulties are best identified and dealt with as early as possible. With this in mind, in The Precious Years, vastly experienced occupational therapist Jacqui Couper equips parents with the knowledge they will need to properly monitor the developmental progress of their children and to seek help when they are concerned about any aspect of it. Information based on years of research and experience is presented in an accessible and readable way, and the author’s profound insights into all phases of child development and the needs of parents in caring for children who may be different are clearly and unambiguously expressed. The Precious Years is a book for modern parents who do not have the luxury of growing up in extended families, and who want to be the best parents they can be.

The Boy from Altheimer

Author : William H. Bowen
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Bill Bowen’s memoir deals with many of the most important events and years in Arkansas history in the twentieth century. Bowen was born and raised in Altheimer, in the Arkansas Delta, a section of the country that was among the most impoverished in the nation during the Depression. His adolescence was shaped by the Depression, and as a young adult he enlisted in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and served in the U.S. Naval Reserve until 1963. After the war, Bowen became a tax attorney. He used his unique skills to refine the legal aspects of investment banking in Arkansas and became so proficient at it that he moved into the banking field to serve first as president then board chairman of one of Arkansas’s largest banks. Legal and banking experience led naturally to politics, and he became chief of staff for Gov. Bill Clinton. After Clinton announced his candidacy for president, it became Bowen’s task to protect the interests and programs of Governor Clinton in the face of intense pressure from then Lt. Gov. Jim Guy Tucker to become de facto governor. Even in retirement he continued to lead an energetic, productive life as he prepared himself for yet another career, this one in education, serving two years as dean of the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Law School, which now bears his name.

The Boy from Hollow Hut

Author : Isla May Mullins
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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Boy from Hollow Hut" (A Story of the Kentucky Mountains) by Isla May Mullins. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

The Boy From Shenkottai

Author : Stuart Blackburn
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Shenkottai, a small town in south India. Vanchi, shy but imaginative, absorbs cultural lore from his herbalist grandfather. Defying his mostly-absent father he goes far away to attend college, where he is introduced to radical politics – though he remains a different bystander. At the same time, Robert Ashe, a British officer, is posted to Tinnevelly, a town near Shenkottai. Ashe earns the ire of the anti-colonial movement when he suppresses a riot and jails its leader. Having witnessed the riot, Vanchi joins a revolutionary cell that sends him to Pondicherry, a French colonial town near Madras, where he is transformed into an assassin. Using coded telegrams, the assassination plot is fixed. As Ashe’s luxury train waits at an isolated station, will Vanchi raise his gun and shoot for Indian independence?

The Boy From Meadow Lake

Author : J. Elmer Benoit
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In this book the author traces his life and that of his family from his parents arrival in 1917 in Meadow Lake, Sask., ranching and farming, his childhood and education, and then his progression through many jobs and careers spanning nearly five decades. He also recounts in detail his three marriages and his three children and their very important roles in making his life worthwhile. His wife of 37 years, Phyllis, was the quiet force that kept the family calm and maintained high standards for morals and manners, learning and loving. His story mixes events from his life and work experiences, many happy, some sad, but mostly interesting and often funny.

The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart

Author : Mathias Malzieu
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Edinburgh, 1874. On the coldest night the world has ever seen, Little Jack is born with a frozen heart and immediately undergoes a life-saving operation. But Dr Madeleine is no conventional medic and surgically implants a cuckoo-clock into his chest. Little Jack grows up different to other children: every day begins with a daily wind-up. At school he is bullied for his 'ticking', but Dr Madeleine reminds him he must resist strong emotion: anger is far too dangerous for his cuckoo-clock heart. So when the beautiful young street-singer, Miss Acacia, appears - pursued by Joe, the school bully - Jack is in danger of more than just falling in love... he is putting his life on the line.

Finny and the Boy from Horse Mountain

Author : Andrea Young
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Against the backdrop of the high-stakes and intensely competitive equestrian sport of show jumping, Finny, a fifteen-year-old girl in California, adopts an emaciated, untrained horse without her parents' knowledge. Soon after adopting Sky, Finny meets Joe, a sixteen-year-old, who has run away from his cruel uncle in Montana. His love for horses and desire to be a trainer matches Finny's dream of competing in the show jumping arena—against rich girls on fancier horses—and together, they train Sky to become a first-rate show jumper.But the path is fraught with danger. Sky is not like other horses and is so destructive and difficult he gets them kicked out of the barn where Finny has been working and training. Helped by a kind woman who owns a horse rescue, Joe is able to prove both his and Sky's incredible talents. When Joe is kidnapped by his violent uncle, Finny and Sky are the only ones who can save him. In a breathtaking finale, Sky and Finny must enter the underworld of the rodeo circuit, an after-hours, illegal race, where they will risk their lives to save the boy they love. Young demonstrates a masterful ability to set a breakneck pace and keep it up until the end of the novel. Finny and Joe are enduring characters who are sure to appear in upcoming sequels.

El ni o en la cima de la monta a The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

Author : John Boyne
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Boyne nos hace reflexionar, a través de los ojos de un niño, sobre la fragilidad de la juventud, la atracción del poder, y la culpa. De padre alemán y madre francesa, Pierrot ha tenido una infancia no muy distinta de la de cualquier niño de su época. Sin embargo, nos hallamos en París, corre el año 1935 y la guerra que se avecina trastocará el destino de millones de personas. Tras la muerte prematura de sus padres, Pierrot deberá separarse de su íntimo amigo Anshel y abandonar Francia para vivir con su tía Beatrix, que trabaja de ama de llaves en una mansión imponente erigida en lo alto de una montaña. Pero no es una casa cualquiera; se trata nada menos que del Berghof, la enorme residencia que Adolf Hitler posee en los Alpes de Baviera. Así, a sus siete años, alojado de manera involuntaria en el entorno íntimo del todopoderoso Führer, Pierrot se verá inmerso en un mundo tan extrañamente seductor como peligroso. En él no hay lugar para la inocencia, y cuando al final de la guerra es capturado por los aliados, Pieter #como ahora se llama# llevará un peso insoportable en su conciencia. A su regreso a París, abrumado por la culpa, un aspecto clave de la historia surgirá como una tabla de salvación, y el inesperado desenlace será una muestra más de la insondable dimensión del perdón y la amistad. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION The Boy at the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne, the author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, is another extraordinary historical fiction about World War II and innocence in the face of evil. When Pierrot becomes an orphan, he must leave his home in Paris for a new life with his aunt Beatrix, a servant in a wealthy Austrian household. But this is no ordinary time, for it is 1935 and the Second World War is fast approaching; and this is no ordinary house, for this is the Berghof, the home of Adolf Hitler. Pierrot is quickly taken under Hitler's wing and thrown into an increasingly dangerous new world: a world of terror, secrets, and betrayal from which he may never be able to escape. "With skill and emotional detachment, Boyne tells Pieter’s story through descriptions and dialogue that are concise, spare, and vivid . . . . Pieter’s traumatic childhood, infatuation and interactions with Hitler, adolescent angst, and destructive choices will captivate teens and prompt thought-provoking discussion." ―School Library Journal, starred review

A Boy from the Valleys

Author : Raymond Hicks
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Life was difficult for a young boy growing up in the South Wales Valleys, in the 1920's. The future of anyone at that time, lead in one way or another, to mining. Working away the daylight hours in a musky, dank hole in the ground was not all it was crack up to be. It was much worse than today’s generation could ever imagine, especially when someone managed to slip the miners laxative chocolate. The reaction that an aeroplane instilled in people, when it flew over the valleys for the first time, made me want to join the Air Force. A boy could only dream of what the future held in store, but fate had different adventures set aside for me. I travelled around the valleys with a band, playing at social evenings and not just for the notoriety. Music would remain a constant through my life, no wonder I'm a Disk Jockey at the age of 76. I play anything from Strauss to Six Inch Nails, which give me the reputation of being able to play any type of venue.