The Box Man

A Novel


Author: Kobo Abe

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 030781369X

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 8929

Kobo Abe, the internationally acclaimed author of Woman in the Dunes, combines wildly imaginative fantasies and naturalistic prose to create narratives reminiscent of the work of Kafka and Beckett. In this eerie and evocative masterpiece, the nameless protagonist gives up his identity and the trappings of a normal life to live in a large cardboard box he wears over his head. Wandering the streets of Tokyo and scribbling madly on the interior walls of his box, he describes the world outside as he sees or perhaps imagines it, a tenuous reality that seems to include a mysterious rifleman determined to shoot him, a seductive young nurse, and a doctor who wants to become a box man himself. The Box Man is a marvel of sheer originality and a bizarrely fascinating fable about the very nature of identity. Translated from the Japanese by E. Dale Saunders. From the Trade Paperback edition.


A Professional Thief's Journey


Author: William J. Chambliss

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595322425

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 151

View: 5246

From stealing bikes at the age of ten to cracking safes in banks and supermarkets, Harry King's life was lived in the criminal underworld. His understanding and insights into this world give us unique insights into the making of a professional thief and the world he inhabits.

The Box Man

A Novel


Author: Kōbō Abe

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0375726519

Category: Fiction

Page: 178

View: 3315

A nameless man who chooses to exist in a small cardboard box records life in the box and his observations of the world from its small window as he wanders the streets of Tokyo. By the author of Woman in the Dunes. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

The Rhetoric of Photography in Modern Japanese Literature

Materiality in the Visual Register as Narrated by Tanizaki Jun’ichirō, Abe Kōbō, Horie Toshiyuki and Kanai Mieko


Author: Atsuko Sakaki

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004306994

Category: Photography

Page: 290

View: 549

Through close reading of photography-inspired texts by Tanizaki, Abe, Horie and Kanai, The Rhetoric of Photography in Modern Japanese Literature by Atsuko Sakaki examines the Japanese literary engagement with photography as a means of bringing forgotten subject-object dynamics to light.

Corruption at the Crossroad


Author: Raymond Benson,Paul Dale Anderson,Brian Hodge,David Niall Wilson,Monica J. O'Rourke,Richard Christian Matheson,Rick Hautala,Michael Boatman,G. Wayne Miller,Gary Braunbeck,David J. Schow

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3169

More than 160 short stories from bestselling and award-winning authors. This volume will introduce you to horror, mystery, fantasy and thrills, from the dark worlds of Lovecraft to the cutting-edge suspense of the mean streets of the cities of the world. This monster collection speaks in the voices of some of today's leading masters of the short story, with something certain to appeal to every reader. Find a new creative voice to follow. Find a new world to love. An amazing wealth of fiction and imagination. Included in Corruption at the Crossroad: 12+1: Twelve Short Thrillers And A Play — Raymond Benson The Devil Made Me Do It Again And Again — Paul Dale Anderson Seeing Red — David J. Schow Bedbugs — Rick Hautala Destinations Unknown — Gary Braunbeck The Call Of Distant Shores — David Niall Wilson Falling Idols — Brian Hodge In The End, Only Darkness — Monica J O'Rourke 13: A Collection Of Horror And Weird Fiction — Michael Boatman Vapors: The Essential G. Wayne Miller Fiction, Vol. 2 — G. Wayne Miller Scars And Other Distinguishing Marks — Richard Christian Matheson

Out of the Box

The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler


Author: Julie McSorley,Marcus McSorley

Publisher: Roaring Forties Press

ISBN: 1938901347

Category: True Crime

Page: 999

View: 9915

Reg Spiers arrived in England in 1964 as a world-class athlete. He returned to Australia in a box, but that was only the start of his adventures. Crazily impulsive, romantic, and free-spirited, Reg became a national hero for smuggling himself 13,000 miles home as air freight. But as his fame and sporting career faded, Reg decided to smuggle something very different. Soon, he was on the run with his girlfriend, playing a cat-and-mouse game with police on three continents. A wild road trip across India and Africa—idyllic beaches and prison hellholes, shady friends and shadier cops, gun-toting militias and drug-running gangsters —led to a court room in Sri Lanka and the fight of his life. Could Reg beat the death sentence he’d just been given, or was this box too big to climb out of?

Out of the Box

The Mostly True Story of a Mysterious Man


Author: Julie C. Morse

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469759852

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 148

View: 9324

Young Julianna was different from the other kids. She suffered from a strange form of arthritis that sometimes left her hurting and bedridden for days a time. But she never let it stop her from living life to the fullest - thanks largely to the secret weapon she had in her Uncle Bob. When she was little, Uncle Bob filled Juliannas head with positive thoughts - while filling her room with wild souvenirs from his exotic world travels. There was the painted wolf skull from Siberia; a jagged, blood-stained rock from Mount Everest; and a faceless voodoo doll from Africa. He whetted her appetite for adventure and convinced her that nothing was beyond her reach. Then, when she was sixteen, he invited her along on his far-flung adventures. To the teenager, Uncle Bob was Superman and James Bond combined. But even as she grew up to realize that he wasnt really magic, there was something magical about her favorite uncle. Bob Harris lived life by his own rules, and it took him on great adventures and to the heights of success. Parts of that life were also shrouded in mystery. Now nearing eighty, he reveals his true identity to his beloved Julianna - imparting wisdom, inspiration, strength, and some real surprises, too. Bobs story is a testament to the power of the American dream - and to his personal passion to live life boldly.

The Man in the Box

A Novel of Vietnam


Author: Marylois Dunn

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 147940232X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 103

View: 5026

During the Vietnam War, a Vietnamese boy must free the "Man in the Box," a captured American soldier, and bring him to safety. A powerful tale of friends in the midst of battle, "The Man in the Box" won the prestigious Oklahoma Sequoyah Children's Book Award in 1968. It remains as memorable today -- and its message of compassion and friendship as fresh -- as the day it was first published. Includes a Foreword by Ardath Mayhar from the 2006 edition, plus a new Publisher's Foreword by John Betancourt.

Man on the Box (箱子上的男人)


Author: Harold MacGrath

Publisher: Hyweb Technology Co. Ltd.


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 31

View: 4304

Compassion for an American soldier suffering from torture in a small wooden box compels a young Montagnard to give up his family, free and care for the big, blond stranger in a jungle cave, and lead him to safety through the uncertainties of his war-torn land.