The Book of the Bitch

A Complete Guide to Understanding and Caring for Bitches


Author: J. M. Evans,Kay White

Publisher: Interpet

ISBN: 9781860540233

Category: Pets

Page: 232

View: 2858

A complete guide to caring for bitches for the experienced breeder and the novice bitch owner

The Book of Bitch


Author: Ailie Banks

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1760871311

Category: Humor

Page: 64

View: 8357

Writer and artist Ailie Banks is a self-proclaimed bitch. The word has been thrown at her, and the women around her, Ailie's entire life. A bitch is stereotypically thought to be unkind, uncaring and ultimately untrustworthy. But in Ailie's eyes, a bitch is someone who stands firm and speaks their mind in the face of sexist rhetoric. They don't filter themselves for the comfort of others and they don't give a single damn about meeting societal expectations. From Ambitious Bitch to Zealous Bitch, THE BOOK OF BITCH is an alphabetical tribute to the word sneered through clenched teeth at those who refuse to shrink in the face of oppression. This book shows once and for all that every bitch is multifaceted, every bitch is human and every bitch deserves to be celebrated. 'It's taken me a long time to embrace my inner bitch, but Ailie Banks's incredible illustrations have finally made me proud to say I'm a bitch and that's definitely NOT a bad thing!' Scarlett Curtis, curator of Feminists Don't Wear Pink 'I want to be an Ailie Banks kind of bitch. Terrorising bigots, breastfeeding in public, glam while surviving and holding a megaphone - these illustrations are badass and uncompromising. This book just put 'tenacious' back in my vocabulary and on my to-do list.' Bri Lee, author of Eggshell Skull 'As a self-identifying, all-encompassing, proud, loud and powerfully unapologetic bitch, this book speaks to me on too many levels. It has perfect descriptions for the complex narrative that is the life of a bitch, coupled with images that reflect me - chubby, strong, oft-hairy, always beautiful. I feel seen, acknowledged and understood.' Lillian Ahenkan, FlexMami

Zadig The Book of Fate


Author: Voltaire


ISBN: 1442946962

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 672

A Classic tale set in the backdrop of ancient Babylonia, it tells the story of Zadig and his arduous quest for finding true love and happiness. Zadig encounters different types of people in his adventure-packed journey, Of which some are good while others are evil. The novel handles the questions of fate, hope and life; it also portrays different sides of human nature in a philosophical manner.

The Book of Intimate Grammar

A Novel


Author: David Grossman

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1466803746

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 6525

Leading Israeli novelist David Grossman gives us the story of the greatest and most universal tragedy, the loss of the world of childhood. At twelve, Aron Kleinfeld is the ringleader among the boys in his Jerusalem neighborhood, their inspiration in dreaming up games and adventures. But as his friends begin to mature, Aron remains imprisoned for three long years in the body of a child. While Israel inches toward the Six-Day War, and the voices of his friends change and become strange to him, Aron lives in his child body as though in a nightmare. Like a spy in enemy territory, he learns to decipher the internal codes of sexuality and desire, to understand the unyielding bureaucracy of the human body. Hurled between childhood and adulthood, between the pure and the profane, he is like a volcano of emotions and impulses. But, like his hero Houdini, Aron still struggles to escape from the trap of growing up. The Book of Intimate Grammar is about the alchemy of childhood, which transforms loneliness and fear into creation, and about the struggle to emerge an artist. Funny, painful, and passionate, it is a work of enormous intensity and beauty.

The Book of the Oculus


Author: Nathan H. Fox

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475978561

Category: Religion

Page: 454

View: 1800

The Book of the Oculus is an adventure into religious satire set alongside ancient and modern esoterica. Nathan H. Fox dazzles the free-thinking audience with this immense volume. Sure to frighten and challenge the conservative audience, Fox pulls no punches. Utilizing religion as an artform, The Book of the Oculus represents a feat of powerful and uncompromising intelligence. Twisting and baffling to the mind as the Oculus may be, it is the opening of a vast dome wherefrom freedom and tremendous wit shines forth.

The Book of Monologues and Revelations

Original Contemporary Dramatic and Comedic Performance Monologues for Actors and Audiences : with Tips and Suggestions on how to Audition Effectively and Get Cast


Author: Nick C. Koroyanis

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 059546985X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 60

View: 3372

This is a unique collection of original contemporary dramatic and comedic monologues for all types of actors. Along with tips and suggestions on how to audition effectively, these true-to-life creative performance monologues cover a wide range of character theatrical circumstances in both the language and subtext that will get you cast. A review by Larry Bommer, long time theatre critic for the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Reader newspapers: "Nicholas, I finally finished your book of monologues and found it a very passionate collection of slices of life, love, hate, revenge, redemption--almost every human emotion in the spectrum of psychology. You cover all the passionate possibilities an actor could bring to an audition and the advice at the end is golden. Thanks for letting me share these confessions from the inside out, Larry B."

A Book of Songs for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York, DC and Beverly Hills


Author: Elaine Wilson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456887920

Category: Fiction

Page: 135

View: 9081

Whether you are a fan or not of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York, DC or Beverly Hills, you will enjoy this book. The author has provided insight into each character that is real as well as very revealing. She has shared information regarding the real assessment of each character. These are thoughts that most people think, but would never voice. The book is interactive whereby the reader is asked to read a song written for each of the characters and identify the actual character associated with the song.

The Book of the Wind


Author: Carrie Asai

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416503692

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 2679

When I was six months old, I dropped from the sky -- the lone survivor of a deadly Japanese plane crash. The newspapers named me Heaven. I was adopted by a wealthy family in Tokyo, pampered, and protected. For nineteen years, I thought I was lucky. I'm learning how wrong I was. I'VE LOST EVERYTHING. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR ME, BUT THE PERSON I LOVE WON'T BE IN IT. IT'S TIME TO START OVER. LAS VEGAS IS A TOWN FOR GAMBLERS AND COWBOYS. ONE GAMBLER HAS FOUND ME -- -AND HE WANTS TO RISK IT ALL. BUT MY HEART ISN'T IN THE GAME. I ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL NOW: TO STAY ALIVE. I AM SAMURAI GIRL.