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The Book of Leon

Author : Leon Black
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Everyone’s favorite houseguest who never left, Leon Black (played by award-winning comedian JB Smoove on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm) drops his wisdom and good-bad advice for the masses. Learn the secrets Larry David has gleaned from the Falstaff of television. Live your best Leon. Bring the Ruckus. Aristotle. Gandhi. Lao Tzu. Dr. Ruth. Amateurs. For centuries bespeckled dorks have pored over the scrolls of the ancients, read tea leaves, and looked to the stars for philosophy, wisdom, and advice. While some people have probably offered good advice, and others offer bad advice, Leon is here to offer his brand of good-bad advice. These are the musings of a master genius spitting out the secrets of the universe—to help you become just like him. Be forewarned: in opening this tome and Leon’s mind, you need to be prepared for straight talk. The kind of unfiltered blunt straight talk that pounds on your door, invites itself in, makes itself at home, helps itself to your food, security pass code, your expensive organic beet juice, and finally makes itself comfortable on that twin bed in your guest room. All the while you think you’re helping it—but really it’s helping you help yourself! Because that’s how this book doozit. Leon Black, he ain’t wrong...he just ain’t right.

The Book of Dignities

Author : Joseph Haydn
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The Book of Deeds of James I of Aragon

Author : Damian J. Smith
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The 'Book of Deeds' is the first known autobiography by a Christian king. Its author was James I of Aragon (1213-76), known as 'The Conqueror', one of the great political figures of 13th-century Europe and a successful crusader. In his 'Deeds', James describes the turbulent years of his minority, the thrilling capture of Majorca, the methodical conquest of the kingdom of Valencia, the reconquest of the kingdom of Murcia after Castile had failed to hold it, and many of the important events of his reign. While crusade and conquest of Spanish territory from the Muslims and Christian-Muslim relations on the frontier are central features of the account, the 'Deeds' are also a treasure trove of information on the image, power and purpose of monarchy, loyalty and bad faith in the feudal order, the growth of national sentiment, and medieval military tactics. At the same time, the book presents a unique insight into the mind of a medieval ruler, the supreme example we possess of the fears and ambitions of a man at the very centre of events.

Beatson s Political index modernised The book of dignities containing rolls of the official personages of the British empire together with the sovereigns of Europe the peerage of England and of Great Britain and numerous other lists

Author : Joseph Timothy Haydn
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The Book of Oratory

Author : Member of the Order of the Holy Cross
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Marshall The Book of Loud

Author : Nick Harper
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Marshall amplifiers go together with rock music like a Rolls-Royce with a swimming pool. Since 1962, their iconic amps have been used by just about every major artist and band in music history - from Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to Iron Maiden, Nirvana and countless others. Now, inspired by all of the bands, songs and albums they've heard and loved down the years, Marshall have created The Book of Loud - collecting together thousands of facts, figures and pieces of musical trivia on subjects across the rock spectrum, from global icons such as The Ramones, Jimi Hendrix and The Who to the cutting-edge acts that are lighting up the scene today. It is the ultimate accessory for the music-minded from one of the biggest names in rock.. Contents include: - The loudest bands of all time - Blacklisted: the records banned from the radio - The greatest beards in rock - Notable rock star tattoos - The anatomy of a Marshall amp - The most notorious riders in gig history - ... and much, much more!

Polemic in the Book of Hebrews

Author : Lloyd Kim
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The author of Hebrews is arguing that God himself has brought about the fulfillment of these institutions through his Son's priesthood, his once-for-all sacrifice, and the new covenant he inaugurated in the last days. These new institutions are never denied the Jews. In fact, the context of the epistle presumes that these are primarily for the Jews, considering that the author was speaking to a Jewish-Christian community. The author is not arguing for the abandonment by God of the Jewish people, but rather for the abandonment of the shadowy means by which God's people drew near to him. It is here we can speak of a qualified supersessionism. According to the author of Hebrews, the Levitical priesthood, the Mosaic covenant, and the Levitical sacrifices have been superseded by Jesus' priesthood, the new covenant, and Jesus' once-for-all sacrifice. However, we conclude that the polemical passages in Hebrews do not promote hatred of the Jews, nor do they advocate the destruction of the Jewish people. Rather, the author of Hebrews stresses the fulfillment of specific Jewish institutions for the benefit of the Jews. It is this idea of fulfillment that rules out the charge that the epistle promotes the supercession of the Jewish people. Because of God's great love for his people, he has provided a superior way by which his people can draw near to him. --from the Conclusion

The Book of Ser Marco Polo the Venetian

Author : Marco Polo
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The Book of the Secrets of the Faithful of the Cross

Author : Marino Sanudo
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This is the first full English translation of Marino Sanudo Torsello's Secreta fidelium Crucis, a piece of crusading propaganda following the fall of Acre in 1291, written between 1300 and 1321 and based on the translation edited by Jacques Bongars in 1611. With references to 13th-century Mediterranean history, especially Louis IX of France and Charles of Anjou, it contains a vast amount of cartographical, ethnographical, geographical and nautical information, with unique insights into events and personalities not only in Outremer, but in Western Europe.

Marino Sanudo Torsello The Book of the Secrets of the Faithful of the Cross

Author : Dr Peter Lock
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This is the first full translation of Marino Sanudo Torsello's Secreta fidelium Crucis to be made into English. The work itself is a piece of crusading propaganda following the fall of Acre in 1291, written between 1300 and 1321, but it includes much of historical relevance along with interesting observations on the early history of Jerusalem and the Crusader Kingdom. The translation is based upon the text edited by Jacques Bongars in 1611. There is an introduction that contextualises the book, its author, his sources and his audience. The notes provide essential information to clarify internal textual references and allusions, as well as the role of Biblical references in Sanudo's grand design. The index is designed to make this detailed text usable and accessible. In this, his major work, Sanudo advocated the conquest of Egypt as the means to regain Jerusalem for the Latins and worked through his points with considerable detail alongside references to 13th-century Mediterranean history, especially involving Louis IX of France and Charles of Anjou, king of Naples. Books I and II give considerable detailed discussion of the concept, plan and costs of his proposed crusade. Book III provides an outline history of the crusades and the crusader states. It is derived from a wide-reading of other sources especially of William of Tyre, and, for events after 1184 on the Eracles, the letters of James of Vitry, and Sanudo's own experiences in the east. Throughout, the work contains a staggering amount of cartographical, ethnographical, geographical, and nautical information, as well as numerous unique insights into historical events and personalities of the late 13th century, not only in Outremer but in Western Europe.