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Postharvest Technology of Fruits and Vegetables General concepts and principles

Author : L. R. Verma
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Foolproof Preserving

Author : America's Test Kitchen
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Canning perfected the America’s Test Kitchen way. The art of preserving produce by canning and preserving has come full circle from grandmother's kitchen to a whole new generation now eager to learn it. This detailed guide to home preserving is perfect for novice canners and experts alike and offers more than 100 foolproof recipes across a wide range of categories, from sweet jams and jellies to savory jams, vegetables, condiments, pickles, whole fruits, and more. Let the experts at America's Test Kitchen show you how to do it right with detailed tutorials, troubleshooting tips, equipment information, and insight into the science behind canning.

Gardening for Food and Fun

Author : United States. Department of Agriculture
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Canning Freezing Storing Garden Produce

Author :
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Yearbook of Agriculture

Author :
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Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops

Author : K. P. Sudheer
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The book post harvest technology assumes great attention during recent years since preservation of agricultural produce is a basic necessity to sustain agricultural production. It helps to add value of produce, thus having great scope for employment generation at the production catchments. In this book, the authors have attempted to consolidate different methods of post harvest technology of fruits and vegetables focusing on recent advances. This book will benefit both practicing food technologist/post harvest technologist who are searching for answers to critical technical questions of post harvest technology. Further, it will be useful to agricultural engineers, food processors, food scientist, researchers and progressive farmers and tom those who are working in relevant fields. it is intended to fill a gap in presently available post harvest technology literature

The Constance Spry Cookery Book

Author : Constance Spry
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One of the all-time great cookbooks receives a lavish update and remains an essential resource and inspiration for cooks of all levels. One of the greatest cookbooks of all time, The Constance Spry Cookery Book remains an essential kitchen bible: astonishingly informative, supremely practical, and constantly at-hand for countless home cooks and future top chefs for over fifty years. With over a thousand pages filled with recipes, cooking history, and miraculous tips, this indispensable resource has now been updated and elegantly redesigned with specially commissioned how-to line drawings. Cooks of every level will find invaluable information on kitchen processes, soups and sauces, vegetables, meat, poultry, game, cold dishes, and pastry making. This timeless treasure is “a monument to ‘civilised living’ . . . If you can’t find a recipe for something anywhere else, it will be in Constance Spry” (The Guardian). “Cookery is vast, detailed, and lovely. The purpose of the book was to take the knowledge of culinary professionals and write it in a form that British housewives could understand and use. It was, and it remains, the British cookery [and cooking] bible.” —Cooking by the Book

Food Science

Author : Edgar Charles Bate-Smith
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Jam Manufacture Its Theory and Practice

Author : William C. Jago
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Originally published in 1919, this is a wonderfully detailed book about the art of producing jam. Although it addresses larger scale production, all of its hints, tips and recipes are equally useful in the smaller kitchen. Contents Include Raw Materials-Fruits, sugars, pectinous or jelly producing bodies, Citric and tartaric acids, preservatives Apparatus and Plant-Machinery used for preliminary treatment of fruit and other raw materials, Heat producing apparatus and boiling pans, receptacles, pots and jars, etc., cleaning and sterilising plant for same Manufacturing Operations-Gooseberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, loganberries, black currants, apricots, peaches, oranges {marmalade}, plums, apples, pears, quinces, mixed fruit jams, fruit jellies. Bottled Fruits Fruit, bottles bottling, heating or sterilizing process, canned fruits Packing And General Handling of Jams Chemical And Biological Examination of Raw Materials and Finished Substances Other Preserved Fruit Products and Allied Manufactures Mince Meat, table jellies

The Joy of Jams Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves

Author : Linda Ziedrich
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A jar of jam, writes Linda Ziedrich, is a memory brought back to life - a memory of summer's bounty and abundance. With the recipes and techniques in this comprehensive, clear-cut handbook, you can enjoy the sweet taste of the season's fruit all year round. Picture your pantry shelves lined with sparkling, colorful jars of jams, jellies, and other sweet preserves, and imagine the fun and satisfaction of creating these delicious, economical treats.