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The Bobby Allison Story

Author : Ben White
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A biography which focuses on the racing career of Bobby Allison, discusses his history in NASCAR, and his struggle to cope with the loss of his sons

Bobby Allison

Author : Bobby Allison
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This special limited-edition includes actual signatures from Bobby Allison and author Tim Packman. Certificate of Authenticity included, only 500 copies available! When traveling amongst the racing circles of drivers and fans alike, the mere mention of Bobby Allison causes excitement. And rightfully so. He's not only of NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers, the 1983 Winston Cup Series champion, and tied (so they say) for third on the all-time win list at 84 victories; he is also a true legend of the sport. His accomplishments on the track are still heralded and used as reference points in many record books. Bobby is a self-made legend who earned his reputation through talent and determination. From his humble beginnings in Florida to his arrival in Alabama as part of the legendary Alabama Gang, to his many trips to Victory Lane and his adventures off the race track, Bobby Allison has some wonderful tales to tell. He shares them all in Bobby Allison: A Racer's Racer.


Author : Peter Golenbock
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While you were sitting in the stands or watching at home on TV, did you ever ask yourself what's really going on behind the scenes? Take a ride on the seat next to auto-racing legend Bobby Allison and relive the dramatic saga of the Alabama Gang in this unique look at NASCAR from the inside. Bobby Allison, who ranks third place in wins in NASCAR history, began his Grand National/Winston Cup career in 1966. After winning eighty-five races, he retired in 1988 when an accident at Pocono Raceway nearly killed him. He was severely brain injured, and it took him a full fifteen years to recover. After the accident, more tragedy struck. In 1992 his younger son, Clifford, died in a crash at the age of twenty-seven. A year later, his other son, Davey, died in a helicopter accident, and in 1994 he lost his close friend and protégé Neil Bonnet in a fatal crash. Then Bobby and his wife, Judy, separated and divorced. Through it all Bobby Allison persevered. Today Bobby's mind is as sharp, detailed, and analytical as anyone's in sports. Bobby remembers so much, in such great detail, the stories he tells leap off the page. It's all there---the feuds, the infighting, the victories, the accusations of cheating, and worse. Incredibly, Bobby, the poster boy for hard work, honesty, and integrity, holds nothing back, even when it reflects poorly on him. "It happened, and there's nothing I can do about that," is what he says. The result is raw racing history. Along with the Earnhardts, the Jarretts, and the Pettys, the Allisons are racing family royalty, and Miracle, a family saga of determination, loyalty, and love, is filled with some of the greatest racing stories of all time. If you ever wanted to read a book that puts you in the garage, in the pits, and in the boardrooms, and at the same time tugs at your heartstrings---this is the book for you.

Flying Magazine

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Encyclopedia of Stock Car Racing 2 volumes

Author : Lew Freedman
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This two-volume encyclopedia is the Daytona 500 of stock car racing books—an essential "Bible" that provides an all-encompassing history of the sport as well as an up-to-date examination of modern-day stock car racing. • Biographical features on the most important individuals in stock car racing, from Bill France Jr. and Richard Petty to Junior Johnson and Tony Stewart • Photographs that bring stock car racing to life • A comprehensive biography of stock car-related publications and sources • A handy index of stock car personalities, places, and races


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Great Athletes

Author : Rafer Johnson
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Provides biographies of individual athletes and includes information on their career, personal history, playing style, achievements and awards.

The Baseball Bibliography

Author : Myron J. Smith
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Baseball, more than any other sport, inspires widespread research and publication. The literature of baseball is vast and continues to grow at a fantastic pace. Conversely, bibliographical control in this area has, until recently, seriously lagged. With over 57,000 entries, this massive three-volume set is the largest and most comprehensive non-electronic, non-database, print bibliography on any major American sport. This second edition brings the author's 1986 book up to date with the tremendous body of baseball literature published in the last 20 years. Represented here are books and monographs; scholarly papers; government documents; doctoral dissertations; masters' theses; poetry and fiction; novels; pro team yearbooks; college and professional All-Star Game and World Series programs; commercially produced yearbooks; and periodical and journal articles, including the first-ever complete analysis of the major diamond-oriented contents of ""Baseball Magazine"", ""Baseball Digest"", ""Sport"", ""Sports Illustrated"", and ""ESPN: The Magazine"", among others. Data includes biographical references to 3,904 major league players, and an appendix offers a full list of the 1,712 journals, periodicals and magazines cited. The work is fully indexed by subject and name. The book is published as a set of two volumes. Replacement volumes can be obtained individually under ISBN.

Stock Car Drivers Tracks

Author : Ken Spooner
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Features 42 top NASCAR drivers and career highlights and details all 18 Winston Cup Tracks.

He Crashed Me So I Crashed Him Back

Author : Mark Bechtel
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On a cold February day in 1979, when most of the Northeast was snowed in by a blizzard, NASCAR entered the American consciousness with a dramatic telecast of the Daytona 500. It was the first 500-mile race to be broadcast live on national television and featured the heroes and legends of the sport racing on a hallowed track. With one of the wildest finishes in sports history -- a finish that was just the start of the drama -- everything changed for what is now America's second most popular sport. He Crashed Me So I Crashed Him Back is the story of an emerging sport trying to find its feet. It's the story of how Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison, Cale Yarborough, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, A.J. Foyt, and Kyle Petty came together in an unforgettable season that featured the first nationally televised NASCAR races. There were rivalries -- even the sibling kind -- and plenty of fistfights, feuds, and frenzied finishes. Rollicking and full of larger-than-life characters, He Crashed Me So I Crashed Him Back is the remarkable tale of the birth of modern stock-car racing.


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Over 20,000 entries: the long awaited exhaustive work. There is no aspect not covered--major, minor, defunct, college, little leagues, bat factories, ballplayer bios (over one third of the book). Every non-newspaper U.S./Canadian item published from 1840 to 1984--360 periodicals alone. Thorough subject and author indexing.

Brickyard 400

Author : Al Pearce
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All of the race action from 1994 through 1998 is covered in intimate detail, with flag-to-flag race reports and data on the races as well as profiles and stats on the drivers fortunate and skilled enough to make the starting line-up.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Great Moments in NASCAR Racing

Author : Sally Ganchy
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Explores the most unique, interesting aspects and greatest moments in NASCAR racing.

The Best of Flying

Author : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
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AB Bookman s Weekly

Author :
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Sundays Will Never Be the Same

Author : Darrell Waltrip
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"From a former NASCAR champion and current Fox Sports announcer, an intimate account of the crash that killed racing legend Dale Earnhardt, Sr"--

Racing Families

Author : Tom Gillispie
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Is it genetics? Some racing legends think so.

American Stock Car Racers

Author : Don Hunter
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The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
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