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The Blood Study Guide

Author : Benny Hinn
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DIVClaim the power that expects miracles! In this powerful Spirit-led study, you will discover new spiritual strength as you learn about great grace and mercy that God wants to bestow upon you. Get ready for one of the most exhilarating eight-week studies yo/div

In the Blood

Author : Suzan-Lori Parks
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THE STORY: In this modern day riff on The Scarlet Letter , Hester La Negrita, a homeless mother of five, lives with her kids on the tough streets of the inner city. Her eldest child is teaching her how to read and write, but the letter A is

Washed in the Blood

Author : Shelton L. Williams
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"Washed in the Blood" is a page-turning read about the the rowdy oil boom days of the early 1960s in Odessa, Texas, when violence often rode the range. It is at once an examination of local mores and foibles, piety and hypocrisy, and an inside-look at the famed Kiss and Kill murder of a 17-year old would-be actress, Betty Jean Williams.

The Blood brain Barrier

Author : Sukriti Nag
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A first-time collection of cutting-edge morphologic, permeability, transport, in vitro, and molecular techniques to study the workings of the blood-brain barrier in health and disease. Described in step-by-step detail, each readily reproducible method includes an explanation of the theoretical basis of the method, a discussion of its advantages and limitations, notes on avoiding pitfalls, and examples of results obtained using the technqiue. These powerful tools can be used to isolate undiscovered molecules, deepen our understanding of their role in health and disease, and identify targets for future gene therapy and therapeutic intervention.

In the Blood

Author : Scott Miller
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An unlikely romance between a hematologist and a vampire in the early years of the AIDS pandemic is the focus of Scott Miller’s genre-defying riff on vampire legends, American pop culture, and contemporary horror fiction. Part romance, part gothic horror, part bawdy comedy, and part steamy eroticism, In the Blood crosses all boundaries and serves up an entertaining roller coaster ride you’ll never forget. In the Blood tells the story of the vampire Zachary Church and Adam Graham, a gay hematologist with HIV, and their budding relationship in the early era of AIDS. If vampires are the only ones who can't be affected by the AIDS virus, do they have some responsibility to pass on their immunity? And for someone with AIDS, what price is too high for acquiring that immunity? When Adam asks Zach to turn him so he won't die, Zach is torn. He has vowed never to make another vampire, never to subject anyone else to the horrific loneliness he has known for so long. Ultimately, Zach has to choose between condemning Adam to the tormented life of vampirism or watching him die, knowing he could've saved him, knowing that he will be utterly alone once more.

The Blood and Its Third Anatomical Element

Author : Antoine Béchamp
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Health Research Books reprint (with new foreword) of the 1912 translation which was published in London by John Ouseley Limited.

The Blood and the Glory

Author : Billye Brim
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Discover the power in the blood of Jesus to protect and save.

The Circulation of the Blood

Author : William Harvey
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If the pulsations of the arteries fan and refrigerate the several parts of the body as the lungs do the heart, how comes it, as is commonly said, that the arteries carry the vital blood into the different parts, abundantly charged with vital spirits, which cherish the heat of these parts, sustain them when asleep, and recruit them when exhausted? and how should it happen that, if you tie the arteries, immediately the parts not only become torpid, and frigid, and look pale, but at length cease even to be nourished?-from the IntroductionThis seminal work of medical literature, first published in 1628, spells out in clear, lucid language how the human heart pumps blood around the body via its own exclusive circulatory route. What seems like an obvious concept to us today was in fact quite revolutionary at the time: Harvey's defiance of the medical "common knowledge" of his time laid the groundwork for all modern investigations of the circulatory system, and may be the most momentous discovery of 17th-century medicine.This important volume also includes a series of letters from Harvey to his medical colleagues in which he defends his then-astonishing theories, plus Harvey's "The Anatomy of Thomas Parr," a fascinating 1635 report on the dissection of the corpse of "a poor farmer of extremely advanced age."OF INTEREST TO: readers of scientific history, medical studentsBritish naturalist, anatomist, and doctor WILLIAM HARVEY (1578-1657) was educated at Cambridge, Canterbury, and Padua, and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1607. He served as court physician to both King James I and King Charles I.

An Introduction to the Blood brain Barrier

Author : Davson
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This book is devoted to exploring the complexities of the blood-brain barrier. The book begins by reviewing the historical experiments that led to the concept of a barrier protecting the brain from variations in the blood. Transport kinetics and carrier-mediated processes are described, and the mechanism by which molecules can cross the barrier is discussed. Ways in which the barrier can be disrupted and opened are covered as well. Subsequent chapters in the book describe the transport of glucose and amino acids into the central nervous systems, cover recent findings by which peptides and proteins are able to gain entry or are excluded from the brain, and analyze models that can be used for investigating how the blood-brain barrier can be disordered in neurological disease processes.

The Blood is the Life

Author : Leonard G. Heldreth
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The essays in this volume use a humanistic viewpoint to explore the evolution and significance of the vampire in literature from the Romantic era to the millennium."--BOOK JACKET.

Allergies Fight Them with the Blood Type Diet

Author : Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo
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A targeted plan for fighting allergies, one of the world’s most common chronic conditions, from Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, author of the Eat Right 4 (for) Your Type series—with more than two million copies in print! With specific tools unavailable in any other book, Allergies: Fight Them with the Blood Type Diet has four battle plans—individualized for your needs—for preventing and treating environmental and food allergies, chronic sinus infections, asthma, and related allergy conditions. Dr. D’Adamo’s battle plan includes: • A diet tailored to your blood type that attacks allergies at their source, reducing inflammatory activity, and pinpointing dietary factors that trigger allergic reactions. • A new category of Super Beneficials highlighting powerful allergy-fighting foods for your blood type. • Blood type-specific protocols for vitamins, supplements, and herbs to target allergies and related conditions. • A four-week plan for getting started with practical strategies for eating, exercising, and living right to fight allergies.

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Blood of Jesus Christ

Author : Rudolph K. Roberts
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This book covers the blood of Jesus Christ from the very beginning of creation. It shows that the entire Bible is about Jesus Christ and his blood that purchased man's redemption. The reader will not only be introduced to important aspects of the significance of His blood but also to the significance of the very lineage from which He came. The summation of these facts is that contrary to how it may often seem, there is still Power in the Blood of Jesus. Reverend Rudolph K. Roberts has dedicated his life to the work of the Lord. With more than three decades of preaching and singing and with five recorded musical CD's to his credit, Pastor Roberts has traded his initial talents well to now possess a stockpile of spiritual weapons...ready to destroy the enemy's kingdom. He is married to Enid Diane Roberts for over twenty-six years. They are blessed with six lovely children Rudeco, Zonovia, Rhema, Rumah, Reuel, Rudiel and one grand son, Kaden. A former schoolteacher, track athlete and coach, this motivator has continued to expand his borders in all facets of his life. A reward of such pursuits is his Doctorate Degree in Theology, which he earned at United Christian International Bible Institute in Cleveland, Tennessee. Rev. Roberts currently pastors the Whole Man Christian Center, and has been doing so for the past nineteen years. He is also the founder and President of the Rev. Rudolph K. Roberts International Faith Ministries.

THE BLOODFORCE Understanding The Mystery of The Blood

Author : Temitope Olodo
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Introduction to the Blood Brain Barrier

Author : William M. Pardridge
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A comprehensive introduction to the blood-brain barrier and methodology of its study from international authorities.

Power in the Blood

Author : David Warren Sabean
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This book is based on a series of episodes from village or small town life in the duchy of WÜrttemberg in southwest Germany between 1580 and 1800, in which state authorities conducted a special investigation into local events. The cases and characters involved include peasants' refusal to celebrate church rituals; a self-proclaimed prophet who encountered an angel in his vineyard; a thirteen-year-old-witch; a paranoid pastor; a murder; and live burial of a village bull.

Fatigue Fight It with the Blood Type Diet

Author : Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo
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From the author of the Eat Right 4 (for) Your Type® blood type diet series, with more than two million copies in print, comes a brand-new tool you can’t live without. Find your battle plan for preventing and treating the conditions that cause fatigue. Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's bestselling blood type diet plan that helps conquer debilitating fatigue. With specific tools unavailable in any other book, Fatigue: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet® has four battle lans-individualized for all needs—for preventing and treating fatigue, and for alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other fatigue-causing conditions.

The Blood Pressure Miracle

Author : Frank Mangano
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Mangano discusses a unique, all-natural system for lowering blood pressure that is not based on a single approach such as stress reduction, herbs or special foods, or exercise. It's based on a combination of methods that have been scientifically proven to work.

The Blood Pressure

Author : Paul Johnson
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Cancer Fight It with the Blood Type Diet

Author : Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo
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America’s most feared health problem just got dealt a major blow. Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, the creator of the Blood Type Diet®, which has forever changed the way people approach health, now brings readers a targeted plan for fighting cancer. This volume of Dr. D’Adamo’s Health Library has specific tools not available in any other book, for preventing, treating, and reversing some of the many complications of cancer. Dr. D’Adamo’s battle plan includes: • A diet tailored to your blood type to help strengthen your immune system and maximize your health • A new category of Super Beneficials, highlighting powerful cancer-fighting foods for your blood type • Blood type-specific protocols for vitamins, supplements, and herbs to help keep you strong while you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for cancerous conditions • A four-week program to get started, offering practical strategies for eating, exercising, and living right to fight cancer

HIV and the Blood Supply

Author : Institute of Medicine
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During the early years of the AIDS epidemic, thousands of Americans became infected with HIV through the nation's blood supply. Because little reliable information existed at the time AIDS first began showing up in hemophiliacs and in others who had received transfusions, experts disagreed about whether blood and blood products could transmit the disease. During this period of great uncertainty, decisionmaking regarding the blood supply became increasingly difficult and fraught with risk. This volume provides a balanced inquiry into the blood safety controversy, which involves private sexual practices, personal tragedy for the victims of HIV/AIDS, and public confidence in America's blood services system. The book focuses on critical decisions as information about the danger to the blood supply emerged. The committee draws conclusions about what was done--and recommends what should be done to produce better outcomes in the face of future threats to blood safety. The committee frames its analysis around four critical area Product treatment--Could effective methods for inactivating HIV in blood have been introduced sooner? Donor screening and referral--including a review of screening to exlude high-risk individuals. Regulations and recall of contaminated blood--analyzing decisions by federal agencies and the private sector. Risk communication--examining whether infections could have been averted by better communication of the risks.