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The Black Prince of Baseball

Author : Donald Dewey
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As America lurched into the twentieth century, its national pastime was afflicted with the same moral malaise that was enveloping the rest of the nation. Players regularly bet on games, games were routinely fixed, and league politics were as dirty as the base paths. Against this backdrop, Hal Chase emerged as one of the game's greatest players and also as one of its most scandalous characters. With charisma and bravado that earned him the nickname The Prince, Chase charmed his way across America, spinning lies in the afternoon, dealing high-stakes poker at night, and gambling with beautiful women until dawn. Most notoriously of all, he undermined his stature as the era's greatest first baseman by conniving with gamblers to fix games and draw teammates into his diamond conspiracies. But as Donald Dewey and Nicholas Acocella reveal in their groundbreaking biography, The Black Prince of Baseball, Chase was also a scapegoat for baseball notables with hands even dirtier than his. These included league officials who ignored facts in an attempt to pin the 1919 Black Sox scandal on him and--a previously unknown twist--the fabled John McGraw, who perjured himself on a witness stand against the first baseman. Although Chase, contrary to popular belief, was never banned from the major leagues, meticulous research by the authors implicates him in other shady enterprises as well, not least an attempt to blackmail revivalist Aimee Semple McPherson. As The Black Prince of Baseball makes clear, in his protean talents and larcenies, Hal Chase personified all the excesses of Ragtime.

Double Plays and Double Crosses

Author : Don Zminda
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The gripping story of how one of the most infamous scandals in American history—the Black Sox scandal—continued for nearly a year following the fixed World Series of 1919 until the truth began to emerge. The Black Sox scandal has fascinated sports fans for over one hundred years. But while the focus has traditionally been on the fixed 1919 World Series, the reality is that it continued well into the following season—and members of the Chicago White Sox very likely continued to fix games. The result was a year of suspicion, intrigue, and continued betrayal. In Double Plays and Double Crosses: The Black Sox and Baseball in 1920, Don Zminda tells the story of an unforgettable team and an unforgettable year in baseball and American history. Zminda reveals in captivating detail how the Black Sox scandal unfolded in 1920, the level of involvement in game-fixing by notable players like Shoeless Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver, and the complicity of White Sox management in covering up details of the scandal. In addition, Zminda provides an in-depth investigation of games during the 1920 season that were likely fixed and the discovery during the year of other game-fixing scandals that rocked baseball. Throughout 1920, the White Sox continued to play—and usually win—despite mistrust among teammates. Double Plays and Double Crosses tells for the first time what happened during this season, when suspicion was rampant and the team was divided between “clean” players and those suspected of fixing the 1919 World Series.

Burying the Black Sox

Author : Gene Carney
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New insight on baseball's most famous scandal


Author : Charles C. Alexander
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Charles C. Alexander's fact-filled biography of Tris Speaker chronicles the twenty-two-year career of arguably the greatest centerfielder ever to play the position. It follows the colorful ballplayer through his years with the Boston Red Sox, the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Senators, and the Philadelphia Athletics, and on into his later years as manager of a professional ball club and promoter of the national pastime. Alexander examines both the highs and lows of Speaker's illustrious career, including his bitter contract dispute with the Red Sox in 1915, the death of his close friend Ray Chapman from a pitched ball in 1920, and the game-fixing scandal Speaker found himself embroiled in, along with Ty Cobb, late in his playing career. Despite the fact that Speaker was in the inaugural induction class when the National Baseball Hall of Fame opened in 1939, compiled a lifetime .345 batting average, and accumulated more doubles than anyone in baseball history, he is today not a household name like Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth, both of whom were Speaker's peers. Renowned baseball historian Alexander makes the case that Speaker, a fiery competitor and an immensely popular figure in his day, deserves to be known to a wider audience. Alexander details not only every significant major league game in which Speaker played, but also describes the careers of his teammates and opponents, the baseball of their day, and the way it changed within the context of the larger world around them. Tris Speaker's reputation receives new luster in Charles C. Alexander's even-handed biography of one of baseball's greats.

The Baseball Bibliography

Author : Myron J. Smith
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Baseball, more than any other sport, inspires widespread research and publication. The literature of baseball is vast and continues to grow at a fantastic pace. Conversely, bibliographical control in this area has, until recently, seriously lagged. With over 57,000 entries, this massive three-volume set is the largest and most comprehensive non-electronic, non-database, print bibliography on any major American sport. This second edition brings the author's 1986 book up to date with the tremendous body of baseball literature published in the last 20 years. Represented here are books and monographs; scholarly papers; government documents; doctoral dissertations; masters' theses; poetry and fiction; novels; pro team yearbooks; college and professional All-Star Game and World Series programs; commercially produced yearbooks; and periodical and journal articles, including the first-ever complete analysis of the major diamond-oriented contents of ""Baseball Magazine"", ""Baseball Digest"", ""Sport"", ""Sports Illustrated"", and ""ESPN: The Magazine"", among others. Data includes biographical references to 3,904 major league players, and an appendix offers a full list of the 1,712 journals, periodicals and magazines cited. The work is fully indexed by subject and name. The book is published as a set of two volumes. Replacement volumes can be obtained individually under ISBN.

Scandinavian Review

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Baseball s Radical for All Seasons

Author : David Stevens
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The first biography of one of the most adventurous and influential figures in baseball history.


Author : Henry Robinson Luce
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George Bush Dark Prince of Love

Author : Lydia Millet
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An uproarious, biting political satire about one ex-con’s obsession with the 41st president, from the author of A Children's Bible—a finalist for the 2020 National Book Award for Fiction and one of the New York Times Book Review’s ten best books of the year. "Some women like muscle. Brute strength, or the illusion of it. Their idea of an attractive man is a craggy meatpacker with a squirrel brain, who likes to crush vermin with his bare fist. I call these women Reaganites....Personally, I've always preferred the underdog." Rosemary is an ex-con with no viable career prospects, a boyfriend old enough to be her grandfather, and a major obsession with our nation's forty-first president, whom she fondly refers to as "G.B." Unexpectedly smitten during his inaugural address, Rosemary is soon anticipating G.B.'s public appearances with the enthusiasm she once reserved for all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets. As her ardor and determination to gain G.B.'s affection grow, Rosemary embarks on an increasingly outrageous campaign that escalates from personal letters to paid advertising, until at last she reaches the White House. What happens next is nothing like how Rosemary imagined it would be. Written with razor-sharp satiric wit and packed with wry observations of our times, our presidents, and our electorate, George Bush, Dark Prince of Love is a hilarious antidote to the hype and hypocrisy of America's most hallowed institutions.

Sports and Society

Author : Robert Lipsyte
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New York oddly Enough

Author : Charles Green Shaw
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New Pseudonyms and Nicknames

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American History

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Early Black Baseball in Minnesota

Author : Todd Peterson
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Though they played in the years before Rube Foster formed the first Negro League, the St. Paul Gophers and their bitter crosstown rivals, the Minneapolis Keystones, had the talent, bench depth, and determination to rival many of those later, better known teams. (The Gophers, in fact, beat Chicago’s celebrated Leland Giants in 1909, laying claim to blackball’s western championship.) Focusing on these two clubs, author Peterson lays out the early history of African American baseball in the Upper Midwest. Included are new statistics and more than 50 rarely seen photographs.

Tales from the Deadball Era

Author : Mark S. Halfon
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The Deadball Era (1901û1920) is a baseball fanÆs dream. Hope and despair, innocence and cynicism, and levity and hostility blended then to create an air of excitement, anticipation, and concern for all who entered the confines of a major league ballpark. Cheating for the sake of victory earned respect, corrupt ballplayers fixed games with impunity, and violence plagued the sport. Spectators stormed the field to attack players and umpires, ballplayers charged the stands to pummel hecklers, and physical battles between opposing clubs occurred regularly in a phenomenon known as ôrowdyism.ö At the same time, endearing practices infused baseball with lightheartedness, kindness, and laughter. Fans ran onto the field with baskets of flowers, loving cups, diamond jewelry, gold watches, and cash for their favorite players in the middle of games. Ballplayers volunteered for ôbenefit contestsö to aid fellow big leaguers and the country in times of need. ôJoke gamesö reduced sport to pure theater as outfielders intentionally dropped fly balls, infielders happily booted easy grounders, hurlers tossed soft pitches over the middle of the plate, and umpires ignored the rules. Winning meant nothing, amusement meant everything, and league officials looked the other way. Mark Halfon looks at life in the major leagues in the early 1900s, the careers of John McGraw, Ty Cobb, and Walter Johnson, and the events that brought about the end of the Deadball Era. He highlights the strategies, underhanded tactics, and bitter battles that defined this storied time in baseball history, while providing detailed insights into the players and teams involved in bringing to a conclusion this remarkable period in baseball history.

The Illustrated American

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A Prince at First

Author : Ed Dinger
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Nicknamed Prince Hal, first baseman Hal Chase was the first captain of the New York Yankees in the early years of the twentieth century (when the team was known as the Highlanders). Widely regarded as one of the most gifted first basemen ever to play the game, he is also regarded as the most corrupt individual to play. Prince Hal's charismatic personality, however, helped him overcome repeated accusations of throwing games, bribing players, betting against his own team and various other misbehaviors. At the time of the 1919 World Series fix--the so-called Black Sox scandal--he was thought to have been the mastermind and was banned from organized ball. He died penniless in a state hospital after World War II, the victim of beriberi brought on by years of alcoholism and poor diet. This is a fictional but carefully factual "autobiography." Based on extensive research, it chronicles Chase's many exploits. Even more revealing, it also traces the corruption of the man's soul.

AB Bookman s Yearbook

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Recreation and Leisure Service for the Disadvantaged

Author : John Arthur Nesbitt
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Basic Catalogue of Plays and Musicals

Author : Samuel French, Inc
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