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The Bible Parenting Code

Author : John Rosemond
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The Bible "code" of the title refers not to a cryptogram, but to a set of standards - biblical standards for the proper raising of children. Best-selling author and psychologist John Rosemond examines forty Bible verses and passages that make no overt mention of parenting matters and explains their relevance to a proper understanding of children and parental responsibilities. How does, for example, "love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:39) apply to raising children? The Bible Parenting Code contains a wealth of guidance for parents regardless of faith orientation. In the final analysis, what the Bible has to say about children confirms commonsense, which is Rosemond's stock-in-trade.

Cracking the Parenting Code

Author : Laura Lee Heinsohn
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Why do some children grow up and then abandon the Christian values and convictions of their parents? What can parents do to prevent this all-too-common tragedy? Laura Lee Heinsohn's search for answers led to startling conclusions. Through interviews with more than 1,000 individuals about their own childhood and parenting experiences, she discovered consistently common themes. This book identities six critical needs of children and the six corresponding “clues” to meeting those needs and keeping the connection strong. Special features include questionnaires to help parents understand themselves and their children. Questions throughout will help parents understand the strengths and weaknesses of their parenting. Author shares inspirational thoughts of her own experiences as a parent.

Bible Code Bombshell

Author : R. Edwin Sherman
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Explosive evidence that Bible codes point to the life of Christ! When Ed Sherman, a mathematician with 30 years of experience, and Nathan Jacobi, an Israeli physicist, set out to debunk claims that there were mysterious codes in the Hebrew Old Testament, they could not have envisioned the startling conclusions they would reach. As Dr. Jacobi, an agnostic Jew, looked for lengthy Hebrew codes about Christ, repeatedly he discovered compelling excerpts from the life of the man from Nazareth. Time and again Dr. Jacobi found that one-or two-word codes were actually part of much longer encoded sentences that echoed the Gospel accounts. Moreover, these encoded sentences were extensively embedded in two passages most widely regarded as prophecies of the crucifixion of Christ (Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22). Bible Code Bombshellsets forth startling new evidence that code sequences in Scripture are irrefutable evidence of a Divine hand. In this highly readable book, Sherman offers both skeptics and believers a gold mine of information that will prompt much thinking about the origins of the Bible. Unlike other Bible code books, this unique book features codes that are phrases and sentences, and not just one-or two-word codes. The only code book by researchers that are internationally recognized mathematicians and statistical experts Responds directly and accurately to Bible code critics

The Life and Faith Field Guide for Parents

Author : Joe Carter
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Learn How to Teach Your Kids the Skills They Need “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 As a Christian parent, you want your children to develop good character and godly wisdom. But how do you go beyond hoping and praying to teaching them ethical knowledge, practical skills, and virtuous habits? This innovative guide provides practical, effective ideas you can use to help your children build their faith and character in 50 ways, including... engaging with the Bible and culture interacting with God and others making good decisions becoming better learners managing conflict Once you grasp these concepts and discover how to teach them, you will be able to successfully shape the character and worldview of your child or teenager.

Pre legislative Scrutiny

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Education Committee
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This report welcomes the overall direction of the Government's proposed legislation to reform provision for children with special educational needs (SEN), but warns that the NHS Constitution cannot be allowed to prevent the imposition of much stronger duties on commissioning boards to ensure that adequate, joined-up services are put in place. Draft legislation relies too heavily in its current form on the duty of joint commissioning between Health and local authorities to ensure co-operation throughout the system. It will be essential that the forthcoming regulations commit Health providers to specific timetables when conducting SEN assessments and that responsibilities for Health and local authorities in providing certain therapy services are substantially clarified. The Committee also calls for all current protections afforded by a Statement of SEN to be maintained and recommends that the Code of Practice should also remain a statutory document. The Committee notes how the 'pathfinder projects' set up to test the approaches described in the 2011 Green Paper on SEN have not had time to report back in order to advise on the development of the legislation. MPs welcome the Minister's decision to extend the Pathfinders for a further 18 months, but point to several aspects of the new legislation where learning from the Pathfinders will be particularly important, not least how to ensure the 'Local Offer' put in place is sufficient to ensure the needs of young people with SEN, as identified in an Education Health and Care Plan, can be met.

History of Criminal Justice

Author : Mark Jones
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Covering criminal justice history on a cross-national basis, this book surveys criminal justice in Western civilization and American life chronologically from ancient times to the present. It is an introduction to the historical problems of crime, law enforcement and penology, set against the background of major historical events and movements. Integrating criminal justice history into the scope of European, British, French and American history, this text provides the opportunity for comparisons of crime and punishment over boundaries of national histories. The text concludes with a chapter that addresses terrorism and homeland security. * Spans all of western history, and examines the core beliefs about human nature and society that informed the development of criminal justice systems. The fifth edition gives increased coverage of American law enforcement, corrections, and legal systems * Each chapter is enhanced with supplemental "Timeline," "Time Capsule," and "Featured Outlaw" boxes as well as discussion questions, notes and problems * Contains discussion questions, notes, learning objectives, key terms lists, biographical vignettes of key historical figures, and "History Today" exercises to engage the reader and encourage critical thinking

The Quiver

Author :
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V. 12 contains: The Archer...Christmas, 1877.

Bible Codes Messages

Author : William Schlegl
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The Child in the Bible

Author : Marcia J. Bunge
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In this volume nineteen biblical scholars collaborate to provide an informed and focused treatment of biblical perspectives on children and childhood. Looking at the Bible through the "lens" of the child exposes new aspects of biblical texts and themes. Some of the authors focus on selected biblical texts -- Genesis, Proverbs, Mark, and more -- while others examine such biblical themes as training and disciplining, children and the image of God, the metaphor of Israel as a child, and so on. In discussing a vast array of themes and questions, the chapters also invite readers to reconsider the roles that children can or should play in religious communities today. Contributors: Reidar Aasgaard David L. Bartlett William P. Brown Walter Brueggemann Marcia J. Bunge John T. Carroll Terence E. Fretheim Beverly Roberts Gaventa Joel B. Green Judith M. Gundry Jacqueline E. Lapsley Margaret Y. MacDonald Claire R. Mathews McGinnis Esther M. Menn Patrick D. Miller Brent A. Strawn Marianne Meye Thompson W. Sibley Towner Keith J. White

Popular Education for the Use of Parents and Teachers and for Young Persons of Both Sexes

Author : Ira Mayhew
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New Collegeville Bible Commentary Old Testament

Author : Daniel Durken
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Concise and accessible, this one-volume edition of the New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Old Testament draws together the individual contributions to the Old Testament series and offers them to readers in a convenient and attractive format. Written by an array of respected scholars, the individual commentaries collected here bring expert insight into the Old Testament to Bible study participants, teachers, students, preachers, and all readers of Scripture. A first-rate, reliable resource for Bible study and reflection, the New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Old Testament answers the Second Vatican Council’s call to make access to Scripture “open wide to the Christian faithful.”

Bible Background Commentary

Author : John H. Walton
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John H. Walton and Victor H. Matthews provide an accessible passage-by-passage commentary on the archaeological and cultural background of the first five books of the Bible.

ILLUMINATI BIBLE Hidden Wisdom of Alpha Omega

Author : Michael Cage
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Read today what your friends will be reading tomorrow.... because you'll tell them about it. The Illuminati Bible is a treasure of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. Track the secrets of the Christian Bible with a book that is full of cross-references as well as Hebrew and Greek breakdowns. Locate the encrypted message of the Christian Bible with easy to follow footnotes. Find out who the ancient Hebrew's really were, what the Tree of Life really represents, and why the Tree of Knowledge bore forbidden fruit. The Illuminati Bible also takes the reader step by step through the history of religion showing when, where, and why the three Abrahamic religions were created. Look into the mind of the Illuminati and explore their doctrine and plans of world dominance through a New World Order. Follow the sacred bloodline as it ruled in history and reigns today through the British Monarch and the Committee of Three Hundred.

Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible Exodus

Author : William D. Johnstone
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The Eeerdmans Commentary on the Bible presents, in nontechnical language, the best of modern scholarship on each book of the Bible, including the Apocrypha. Reader-friendly commentary compliments succinct summaries of each section of the text and will be valuable to scholars, students, and general readers. Rather than attempt a verse-by-verse analysis, these volumes work from larger sense units, highlighting the place of each passage within the overarching biblical story. Commentators focus on the genre of each text—parable, prophetic oracle, legal code, and so on—interpreting within the historical and literary context. The volumes also address major issues within each biblical book—including the range of possible interpretations—and refer readers to the best resources for further discussions.

The Dictionary Of The Bible

Author : John L. Mckenzie
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A standard reference work, providing concise descriptions of biblical characters, terms, and places, as well as pertinent illustrations and charts

The Bible s Many Voices

Author : Michael Carasik
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The most common English translations of the Bible often sound like a single, somewhat archaic voice. In fact, the Bible is made up of many separate books composed by multiple writers in a wide range of styles and perspectives. It is, as Michael Carasik demonstrates, not a remote text reserved for churches and synagogues but rather a human document full of history, poetry, politics, theology, and spirituality. Using historic, linguistic, anthropological, and theological sources, Carasik helps us distinguish between the Jewish Bible's voices--the mythic, the historical, the prophetic, the theological, and the legal. By articulating the differences among these voices, he shows us not just their messages and meanings but also what mattered to the authors. In these contrasts we encounter the Bible anew, as a living work whose many voices tell us about the world out of which the Bible grew--and the world that it created.

Finding the Soul Uncracking the Personality Code and Understanding the Basic s to your Design

Author : Katrina Stradford
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If your suffering from chronic emotional pain, misunderstandings, aggression, personality disorder, deviant behavior, diabetes, highblood pressure, mental illness, and physical illness than this book is a great fit for you. The intention was to give an offering that would benefit the quality of your life for years to come. I've developed a useful tool that makes learning about the self all the more enjoyable. This book comes from an emotional standpoint about the development of a cell. Have you ever wondered how and why you function completely as a whole? or why you behave in a particular way? Well learn about the Personality Traits and Types which are the root to your design. Listed are the 7 stages of design for a single cell. Gain insight of your soul today.

North Dakota Century Code

Author : North Dakota
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Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality

Author : Jim Burns
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"Experienced family authority Jim Burns provides a simple and practical guide for parents to help their children develop a healthy and biblical perspective regarding their bodies and sexuality"--Provided by publisher.

Feminist Companion to Reading the Bible

Author : Athalya Brenner-Idan
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A Feminist Companion to Reading the Bible: Approaches, Methods and Strategies forms a conclusion to the series of 10 volumes published in the groundbreaking Feminist Companion to the Bible since 1993. Not only is this the companion to the Companion, but, it is at the same time the forerunner and companion to a second series of nine volumes of the Feminist Companion. In all, there will be a unique collection of 20 volumes representing the enormous range of influence that feminist criticism has come to have in biblical studies. Anchored always in particular biblical texts, the essays in this multi-authored Companion to Reading the Bible have a distinct methodological slant, reflecting the numerous developments in feminist criticism that have occurred since the first books in the series were published, and forming an indispensable handbook for every biblical scholar and student today.