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Images of Joshua in the Bible and Their Reception

Author : Zev Farber
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The central theme of the book is the relationship between a hero or cultural icon and the cultures in which he or she is venerated. On one hand, a hero cannot remain a static character if he or she is to appeal to diverse and dynamic communities. On the other hand, a traditional icon should retain some basic features in order to remain recognizable. Joshua son of Nun is an iconic figure of Israelite cultural memory described at length in the Hebrew Bible and venerated in numerous religious traditions. This book uses Joshua as a test case. It tackles reception and redaction history, focusing on the use and development of Joshua’s character and the deployment of his various images in the narratives and texts of several religious traditions. I look for continuities and discontinuities between traditions, as well as cross-pollination and polemic. The first two chapters look at Joshua’s portrayal in biblical literature, using both synchronic (literary analysis) as well as diachronic (Überlieferungsgeschichte and redaction/source criticism) methodologies. The other four chapters focus on the reception history of Joshua in Second Temple and Hellenistic Jewish literature, in the medieval (Arabic) Samaritan Book of Joshua, in the New Testament and Church Fathers, and in Rabbinic literature.

Made in Her Image

Author : Carol Castle
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Subjects Themes and Images of the Bible

Author : Dominic Breeze
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More than just a completely new index, this book is sure to kindle fresh interest in the Bible without any superstitious overtones. It is divided into broad categories which together paint an accurate picture of the life of those ancient people.

Progressive Creation and the Struggles of Humanity in the Bible

Author : Zoltan Dornyei
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Why does the Christian walk often feel like an ongoing struggle and why does God’s creation include imperfection, let alone forces that are intent on thwarting God’s creative work? In seeking a response to these questions, this book argues that the biblical accounts describe creation in terms of a progressive transformation process whereby the initially incomplete created order will reach perfection only in the fulfillment of new creation. The following discussion then outlines a comprehensive framework for the biblical theology of humanity’s struggles, centered on three key themes: corporeal temptation, deficient social structures, and the much-debated notion of spiritual warfare. The book presents an overarching canonical narrative that threads together a series of diverse biblical topics, from Job's temptation to the Atonement. The final part surveys biblical teaching on how human conduct can be aligned with God’s creative purpose, and discusses three “assignments” from Jesus to believers: to celebrate the Eucharist, to pray the Lord’s Prayer, and to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Image and the Book

Author : K. van der Toorn
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The Image and the Book is a richly documented and provocative collection of studies and essays dealing with the historical background of biblical ban on religious images. It describes the role and theology of the divine image in the civilizations surrounding Israel, and shows that there has been long-standing worship of images in Israel. Though the Bible intimates that Israelite religion was aniconic from the very beginning, the archaeological evidence and the dispassionate analysis of the available texts shows otherwise. The iconographical remains yield a fascinating view of the development and varieties in the cult of religious images. The iconoclasm of influential currents in the late Israelite and early Judaic religion went in tandem with the promotion of the Book of the Law as a substitute of the image. In the case of the Bible, the rise of book religion must be seen in conjunction with the battle against images.

Israel s Messiah in the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Author : Richard S. Hess
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Images of Intolerance

Author : Sara Lipton
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Around the year 1225, an illuminated Bible was made for the king of France. That work and a companion volume, the two earliest surviving manuscripts of the Bible moralisée, are remarkable in a number of ways: they are massive in scope; they combine text and image to an unprecedented extent; and their illustrations, almost unique among medieval images in depicting contemporary figures and situations, comprise a vehement visual polemic against the Jews. In Images of Intolerance, Sara Lipton offers a nuanced and insightful reading of these extraordinary sources. Lipton investigates representations of Jews' economic activities, the depiction of Jews' scriptures in relation to Christian learning, the alleged association of Jews with heretics and other malefactors in Christian society, and their position in Christian eschatology. Jews are portrayed as threatening the purity of the Body of Christ, the integrity of the text of scripture, the faith, mores, and study habits of students, and the spiritual health of Christendom itself. Most interesting, however, is that the menacing themes in the Bible moralisée are represented in text and images as aspects of Jewish "perfidy" that are rampant among Christians as well. This innovative interdisciplinary study brings new understanding to the nature and development of social intolerance, and to the role art can play in that development.

The 50 Most Important Teachings of the Bible

Author : Jim George
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What you know about the Bible affects how you live. Yet the Bible is a big book—where do you begin? In 50 Most Important Teachings of the Bible, bestselling author Jim George highlights key teachings every believer should know. With great clarity and simplicity, this book focuses on the most essential elements of the faith, with entries such as... the Bible is the ultimate handbook for life God is here and is not silent the Holy Spirit is the secret weapon of every Christian Satan is not as powerful as you think he is once God has a hold on you, He'll never let go Learn the great truths of the Bible and make them real in your life. You'll be strengthened and encouraged as you do!

The Bible and the Ballot

Author : Tremper Longman
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How to read the Bible on matters of public policy Christians affirm the Bible as our standard of faith and practice. We turn to it to hear God’s voice. But what relevance does the Bible have for the contentious public policy issues we face today? Although the Bible does not always speak explicitly to modern issues, it does give us guiding principles as we think about how we might vote or act as political figures ourselves. The Bible and the Ballot demonstrates the proper use of Scripture in contemporary political discussions. Christians regularly invoke the Bible to support their positions on many controversial political topics—gay marriage, poverty, war, religious liberty, immigration, the environment, taxes, etc.—and this book will help facilitate those conversations. Tremper Longman provides a hermeneutical approach to using the Bible in this manner, then proceeds topic by topic, citing important Scriptures to be taken into consideration in each case and offering an evangelical interpretation. Longman is careful to suggest levels of confidence in interpretation and acknowledges that often there are a range of possible applications. Each chapter includes questions to provoke further thought in individuals’ minds or for group discussion. The Bible and the Ballot is a ready guide to understanding the Bible on issues that American Christians face today as we live within a pluralistic society.

The Word and the Image

Author : Susan Glyn
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Beauty and the Bible

Author : Richard J. Bautch
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These seven essays offer fresh perspectives on beauty’s role in revelation. Each essay features a hermeneutical approach informed by the contemporary study of aesthetics. Covering a series of texts in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, from Adam and Eve in the garden to Jesus on trial in the Fourth Gospel, the authors engage beauty from three overarching perspectives: modern philosophy, contextual criticism, and the postcritical return to beauty’s primary qualities. The three perspectives are not harmonized but rather explored concurrently to create a volume with intriguing methodological tensions. As this collection highlights beauty in the narratives of scripture, it opens readers to a largely unexplored dimension of the Bible. The contributors are Richard J. Bautch, Jo-Ann A. Brant, Mark Brummitt, David Penchansky, Antonio Portalatín, Jean-François Racine, and Peter Spitaler.

Great Themes of the Bible Volume 1

Author : W. Eugene March
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This first volume in an exciting new series for laity provides an accessible study of some of the Bible's most important themes. Respected author W. Eugene March traces the understanding of key themes through the Old and New Testaments, such as God, covenant, and sin, and demonstrates their importance for Christian life today. Discussion questions are included in each chapter to enhance the usefulness of this book for church study groups.

Gods and Humans in the Ancient Near East

Author : Tyson L. Putthoff
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In this book, Tyson Putthoff explores the relationship between gods and humans, and between divine nature and human nature, in the Ancient Near East. In this world, gods lived among humans. The two groups shared the world with one another, each playing a special role in maintaining order in the cosmos. Humans also shared aspects of a godlike nature. Even in their natural condition, humans enjoyed a taste of the divine state. Indeed, gods not only lived among humans, but also they lived inside them, taking up residence in the physical body. As such, human nature was actually a composite of humanity and divinity. Putthoff offers new insights into the ancients' understanding of humanity's relationship with the gods, providing a comparative study of this phenomenon from the third millennium BCE to the first century CE.

The Bible

Author : La Salle Colleg. Art Gallery
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Imago Dei

Author : Steven Yong
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The question of what it means to be human is a perplexing one. Indeed, one of the most cited and referred concept to shed light on the meaning of becoming human is the notion of צלם אלהים divine image. However, the history of interpretation shows that the three major views, such as structural, functional, and relational, on the concept yielded some discrepancies, both biblical and practical. The purpose of this study is to give an alternative solution consistent with the biblical witness. This writing comes with strategies. It starts with the effort to reread the locus classicus of the divine image text to find some neglected aspects. It yielded to comparable elements between messengers and humans as a representative agent of God in the physical world since humans are created in the image of אלהים, i.e., God and his heavenly court. Observation of the texts of Hagar, Moses, and Jacob narrative show that humans, mimicking messengers, represent God’s presence both by their actions and their very beings. The term פּנים, which is closely representing the notion of presence, then will be observed concerning the concept of צלם. It will be argued that as צלם אלהים, thus, humans represent God’s invisible פּנים presence in the visible world.

The Images of God

Author : Sterling T Clifton
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Human communication is often difficult and confusing, and never more so than when we consider the Holy Bible. Written by a series of human writers across thousands of years, many find it difficult and confusing as well. But God in His wisdom gave a key to understanding within the text itself. God used the biblical writers to paint word pictures or images to help us more fully understand His message of love and His plan for our salvation. This book is about those images, which can help readers find fresh tools to deepen and enrich their Christian walk. Take the journey and experience The Images of God.

In His Image

Author : Jen Wilkin
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Sometimes we ask What is God’s will for my life? when we should really be asking Who should I be? The Bible has an answer: Be like the very image of God. By exploring ten characteristics of who God is—holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise—this book helps us understand who God intends for us to be. Through Christ, the perfect reflection of the image of God, we will discover how God’s own attributes impact how we live, leading to freedom and purpose as we follow his will and are conformed to his image.

The Saints Conformity to the Image of the Son by Comparing Spiritual Things with Spiritual Being a Reply to the Writings of J Stevens on Human Pre existence

Author : Frederick SILVER (a Minister of Christ's Gospel.)
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The Bible s First History

Author : Robert B. Coote
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This is a book about an ancient writer, the J writer—the Yahwist—who produced a work of political imagination. This work is embedded mainly in the first four books of the Bible, best known for some of the most popular and influential biblical stories in Genesis and Exodus. The purpose of the book is to represent the whole of the original story with attention to its own meaning, without the influence of the other literary strands with which it was later supplemented. Therefore the work includes a fresh, complete translation of the text of the J writer, who produced the Bible’s first history. The translation itself helps to establish more clearly than ever the integrity of the J writer. The concern here is WHEN and WHY this history was written, especially in light of the concerns for justice and prosperity. Throughout it is demonstrated HOW and WHY this history comes from the court of David; it is a royal history of David’s subjects as though they were descended from pastoral nomads such as Abram, Isaac, and Jacob. It is argued that the intended audience of the history was probably those bedouin who regularly visited the court of David in Hebron and Jerusalem. Here is a bold and brilliant representation of the J writer’s composition, perhaps as it was originally intended to be read or heard. This ancient tour de force takes on new life in the hands of these skilled interpreters.

The Bible Doctrine of Man

Author : John Laidlaw
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