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The Bible and Social Justice

Author : Cynthia Long Westfall
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Although the cry for justice in human society is an important theme in the Bible, in many church and academic circles action for and discourse about social justice is carried on without a thorough exploration of this theme in Scripture. This volume brings together chapters by experts in the various sections of the Old and New Testaments to give a full spectrum of what the Bible has to say about social justice, and to point to ways forward for Christians seeking to think and act in harmony with God in pursuing social justice in the world today.

Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible

Author : Bruce V. Malchow
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Malchow demonstrates that Israel did not originate the concept of social justice. Rather, it drew its resources for overcoming injustice from Near Eastern thought on the subject. By combining its own ideas of social justice with those of its neighbors, Israel's people fought injustice with what was "new" and what was "old".

Social Justice and the Hebrew Bible Volume One

Author : Norman K. Gottwald
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CONTENTS PART 1: METHODS, MODELS, AND COMPARATIVE STUDIES What Does Sociology Have to Do with The Bible? The Bible and Economic Ethics Social Class as an Analytic and Hermeneutical Category in Biblical Studies Social Class and Ideology in Isaiah 40-55: An Eagletonian Reading Ideology and Ideologies in Israelite Prophecy Periodization, Interactive Power Networks, and Teleogical Constraints in Hebrew Bible Studies Icelandic and Israelite Beginnings: A Comparative Probe Structure and Origin of the Early Israelite and Iroquois "Confederacies" PART 2: TRIBUTES TO COLLEAGUES James Muilenburg: Superlative Teacher David Jobling: Fearless Frontiersman Marvin L. Chaney, Master Social Critic Jack Elliott: Breacher of Boundaries

The Social Justice Bible Challenge

Author : Marek Zabriskie
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"The poor are on God's heart and should be on ours. We are called to fight poverty and injustice wherever we find it." --The Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie, Founder, The Bible Challenge

Humanitarian Jesus

Author : Christian Buckley
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A resurgence of the Social Gospel is energizing many evangelicals, but what does the Bible say about the role of humanitarian works in the Christian life? As new covenant believers, Christians are called to a specific central task: to be ministers of God's message of salvation for sinners. At the same time, the New Testament justifies nearly every concern of the revitalized Social Gospel. Care for the poor and needy, reconciliation of social and racial divisions, and nurture for the sick and abused -- all can be biblical and Christ-honoring activities. Ryan Dobson and Christian Buckley have a message for believers on either side of the battle lines hardening around today's Social Gospel. To those on the Religious Left, they say: "Don't forget that Jesus Christ died to save sinners, not to bring about political change." To those on the Religious Right, they say: "Don't forget that Jesus spent much of his time helping the sick, the poor, and the needy." A corrective and a call to action all in one, Humanitarian Jesus shows that evangelism and good works coexist harmoniously when social investment is subservient to and supportive of the church's primary mission of worship, evangelism, and discipleship. In accessible and non-academic style, Dobson and Buckley outline the biblical case for humanitarian concern. They also engage the topic through interviews with leading Christian thinkers, activists, and humanitarian workers -- including Franklin Graham, Gary Haugen, Ron Sider, Tony Campolo, and many more -- seeking to define a broadly biblical approach to good works that all Christians can join hands around.

Scepticism and Social Justice

Author : Thomas Horlock Bastard
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Social Justice in the Bible

Author : Herman Hendrickx
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Social Justice

Author : Daniel C. Juster
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Social Justice, as a concept, mostly refers to all members of a society getting a just deal in provision and opportunity. As contrasted to legal justice before courts, where there is just restitution for crimes, resolution of conflicting claims for pay, inheritance and punishment for crimes, social justice is very connected to economic justice. Deuteronomy 17:10, affirms, Justice and only justice you are to pursue. (From the introduction)

Clothed with the Sun

Author : Joyce Hollyday
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A contributing editor for Sojourners magazine introduces readers to women in the Bible--many of them unfamiliar--in 50 meditations that are grounded in the lives of biblical women. The meditations are designed to be used throughout the year, and questions for group discussion are included.

Informing the Future

Author : Joseph A. Grassi
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The roots of social justice run deep -- right back to the Bible. Now, in Informing the Future, scripture scholar, writer and teacher Joseph A. Grassi takes readers back to the New Testament to explore the place of social justice -- the just distribution of economic, social and cultural resources to all people -- as envisioned and practiced in its pages. It is there, the author demonstrates, that we will find the inspiration that challenges us, sustains us and brings hope to our world today. Book jacket.

Social Justice

Author : Westel Woodbury Willoughby
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The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Law

Author : Pamela Barmash
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Major innovations have occurred in the study of biblical law in recent decades. The legal material of the Pentateuch has received new interest with detailed studies of specific biblical passages. The comparison of biblical practice to ancient Near Eastern customs has received a new impetus with the concentration on texts from actual ancient legal transactions. The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Law provides a state of the art analysis of the major questions, principles, and texts pertinent to biblical law. The thirty-three chapters, written by an international team of experts, deal with the concepts, significant texts, institutions, and procedures of biblical law; the intersection of law with religion, socio-economic circumstances, and politics; and the reinterpretation of biblical law in the emerging Jewish and Christian communities. The volume is intended to introduce non-specialists to the field as well as to stimulate new thinking among scholars working in biblical law.

Social Justice in the Ancient Near East and the People of the Bible

Author : Léon Epsztein
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This book is one of a series of supplementary volumes published alongside the Jerusalem Bible in France and intended to provide a general introduction to the world in which the Bible is set; the series includes such famous titles as Jeremias' jerusa/em in the time of enis and de Vaux's Ancient Israel. It is an exhaustive study of the legal and sociological background of texts dealing with social justice, first in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and then in pre-exilic Israel. The author is a specialist in modern ethics, but has made himself thoroughly familiar with the relevant secondary literature. The book also contains an excellent bibliography on social ethics in ancient Israel and its environment, and a valuable historical survey of the development of scholarly study in this field, up to and including recent Marxist interpretations. The orientation of the book is basically sociological, which makes it a valuable corrective to an excessively theological view of biblical ethics, and anchors the ethical teaching of the biblical writers firmly in social reality. Why Israel should be the society where a call for social justice should be expressed so keenly in law and prophets is a fascinating historical and sociological question, and the author's answer is interesting and controversial. Welcoming the French edition in the Journal of Jewish Studies, John Barton said that an English edition would be invaluable as a student textbook in a surprisingly neglected field. Here it is.

Liberating Biblical Study

Author : Laurel Dykstra
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Liberating Biblical Study is a unique collaboration of pioneering biblical scholars, social-change activists, and movement-based artists. Well known and unknown, veterans and newcomers, these diverse practitioners of justice engage in a lively and critical conversation at the intersection of seminary, sanctuary, and street. The book is divided into eight sections; in each, a scholar, activist, and artist explore the justice issues related to a biblical text or idea, such as exodus, creation, jubilee, and sanctuary. Beyond the emerging themes (e.g., empire, resistance movements, identity, race, gender, and economics), the book raises essential questions at another level: What is the role of art in social-change movements? How can scholars be accountable beyond the academy, and activists encouraged to study? How are resistance movements nurtured and sustained? This volume is an accessible invitation to action that will appeal to all who love and strive for justice--whatever their discipline, and whatever their familiarity with the Bible, scholarship, art, and activist communities.

The Arden Research Handbook of Shakespeare and Social Justice

Author : David Ruiter
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The Arden Research Handbook of Shakespeare and Social Justice is a wide-ranging, authoritative guide to research on Shakespeare and issues of social justice and arts activism by an international team of leading scholars, directors, arts activists, and educators. Across four sections it explores the relevance and responsibility of art to the real world ? to the significant teaching and learning, performance and practice, theory and economies that not only expand the discussion of literature and theatre, but also open the gates of engagement between the life of the mind and lived experience. The collection draws from noted scholars, writers and practitioners from around the globe to assert the power of art to question, disrupt and re-invigorate both the ties that bind and the barriers that divide us. A series of interviews with theatre practitioners and scholars opens the volume, establishing an initial portfolio of areas for research, exploration, and change. In Section 2 'The Practice of Shakespeare and Social Justice' contributors examine Shakespeare's place and possibilities in intervening on issues of race, class, gender and sexuality. Section 3 'The Performance of Shakespeare and Social Justice' traces Shakespeare and social justice in multiple global contexts; engaging productions grounded in the politics of Mexico, India, South Africa, China and aspects of Asian politics broadly, this section illuminates the burgeoning field of global production while keeping as a priority the political structures that make advocacy and resistance possible. The last section on 'Economies of Shakespeare' describes socio-economic and community issues that come to light in Shakespeare, and their potential to catalyse ongoing discussion and change in respect to wealth, distribution, equity, and humanity. An annotated bibliography provides further guidance to those researching the subject.

Educational Politics for Social Justice

Author : Catherine Marshall
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"Using an innovative social justice framework, Educational Politics for Social Justice provides a comprehensive examination of educational politics at all levels of the system, how inequities are embedded in democratic practices, and ways to "work the system" to move toward greater justice and equity"--


Author :
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Monthly current affairs magazine from a Christian perspective with a focus on politics, society, economics and culture.

Social Justice

Author : Isidore Singer
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Locating the Social in Social Justice

Author : Joseph Martin Palacios
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Christian Faith and Social Justice Five Views

Author : Vic McCracken
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The Judeo-Christian tradition testifies to a God that cries out, demanding that justice "roll down like waters, righteousness like an ever-flowing stream" (Amos 5:24). Christians agree that being advocates for justice is critical to the Christian witness. And yet one need not look widely to see that Christians disagree about what social justice entails. What does justice have to do with healthcare reform, illegal immigration, and same-sex marriage? Should Christians support tax policies that effectively require wealthy individuals to fund programs that benefit the poor? Does justice require that we acknowledge and address the inequalities borne out of histories of gender and ethnic exclusivity? Is the Christian vision distinct from non-Christian visions of social justice? Christians disagree over the proper answer to these questions. In short, Christians agree that justice is important but disagree about what a commitment to justice means. Christian Faith and Social Justice makes sense of the disagreements among Christians over the meaning of justice by bringing together five highly regarded Christian philosophers to introduce and defend rival perspectives on social justice in the Christian tradition. While it aspires to offer a lucid introduction to these theories, the purpose of this book is more than informative. It is purposefully dialogical and is structured so that contributors are able to model for the reader reasoned exchange among philosophers who disagree about the meaning of social justice. The hope is that the reader is left with a better understanding of range of perspectives in the Christian tradition about social justice.