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The Bettencourt Affair

Author : Tom Sancton
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An NPR Best Book of 2017 Heiress to the nearly forty-billion-dollar L’Oréal fortune, Liliane Bettencourt was the world’s richest woman and the fourteenth wealthiest person. But her gilded life took a dark yet fascinating turn in the past decade. At ninety-four, she was embroiled in what has been called the Bettencourt Affair, a scandal that dominated the headlines in France. Why? It’s a tangled web of hidden secrets, divided loyalties, frayed relationships, and fractured families, set in the most romantic city—and involving the most glamorous industry—in the world. The Bettencourt Affair started as a family drama but quickly became a massive scandal, uncovering L’Oréal’s shadowy corporate history and buried World War II secrets. From the Right Bank mansions to the Left Bank artist havens; and from the Bettencourts’ servant quarters to the office of President Nicolas Sarkozy; all of Paris was shaken by the blockbuster case, the shocking reversals, and the surprising final victim. It all began when Liliane met François-Marie Banier, an artist and photographer who was, in his youth, the toast of Paris and a protégé of Salvador Dalí. Over the next two decades, Banier was given hundreds of millions of dollars in gifts, cash, and insurance policies by Liliane. What, exactly, was their relationship? It wasn’t clear, least of all to Liliane’s daughter and only child, Françoise, who became suspicious of Banier’s motives and filed a lawsuit against him. But Banier has a far different story to tell... The Bettencourt Affair is part courtroom drama; part upstairs-downstairs tale; and part characterdriven story of a complex, fascinating family and the intruder who nearly tore it apart.

Summary of Tom Sancton s The Bettencourt Affair

Author : Everest Media,
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 Charles Schueller, the son of a shoemaker, was a French patriot who would rather die than live under German occupation. The Franco-German war of 1871 resulted in the unification of Germany under Prussian leadership. #2 Eugène Schueller, the man who would found L’Oréal, was a graduate of the Institute of Applied Chemistry in Paris, where he had excelled in his studies. He began experimenting with hair dyes in a rented space near the Tuileries Gardens. His first efforts were disappointing, but he persisted, changing formulas, and eventually selling his products to hairdressers. #3 Schueller was a restless thinker who was always probing new ideas about the organization of industry and the economy. In 1914, he was assigned auxiliary status in the French army, and he fought in the First World War. #4 Schueller was a success at L’Oréal, but he also had many failures outside of the company. He took over a soap manufacturer in 1928, Monsavon, but the French soap market was already saturated with competitors. He had to spend hundreds of thousands of francs a month out of his own pocket to keep the company afloat.

The Last Baron

Author : Tom Sancton
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A riveting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat tale about the notorious 1978 kidnapping of Baron Édouard-Jean “Wado” Empain, intertwined with the story of his famous grandfather, the first baron and builder of the Paris Métro. A multigenerational saga told against the backdrops of both Belle Époque and 1970s high-fashion Paris. What does it take to create a dynasty? What does it take to keep one going? And what does it take to save the life of the dazzling but flawed man who inherited it all? Launched in the 1880s by the first baron, the Empain industrial empire spread from Belgium and France to span more than a dozen countries. When Wado took over, he further expanded the company, became a key player in France’s nuclear sector, and, by the mid-1970s, was one of the country’s most powerful business leaders—a self-described “master of the universe.” But these were also the “years of lead,” marked by a rash of high-profile kidnappings around the globe, including the headline-grabbing seizure of American heiress Patty Hearst. Wado’s vertiginous rise caught the eye of Alain Cailloll, a small-time gangster who had grown up in a wealthy family before embracing a life of crime. On January 23, 1978, Caillol and his confederates snatched the baron off the Paris streets, sure that they’d get the 80 million francs they demanded in ransom. To show they meant business, they chopped off Wado’s little finger and warned that more body parts would follow. But nothing unfolded as the kidnappers, or Wado himself, expected. Would Empain’s company pay? Could his family afford this astronomical sum? How much was the life of a leader, a father, and a husband worth? Most important, could a determined police chief and his crack investigators outsmart the kidnappers? The answers to those questions unspooled over two months in a tangle of events leading to a bloody showdown whose consequences would prove fatal to the Empain dynasty.

The Contemporary Review

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Nicolas Sarkozy II

Author : Heinz Duthel
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Nicolas SarkozyNicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-BocsaNicolas Sarkozy one of Silvio Berlusconi's top French advocates.Sarkozy is recognised as a skilled striking populist orator.Quelqu'un m'a dit"he censors a book, or fires the chief editor of a weekly.""Get lost, then, poor dumb-ass, go."Nicolas SarkozyPresident of France Union for a Popular Movement Jacques Chirac Minister of the Interior (France) Minister of the Economy, Industry and Employment (France) Dominique de Villepin Departments of France Édouard Balladur Economy of France Entente cordiale Élysée Palace Co-Princes of Andorra List of Budget Ministers of France Neuilly-sur-Seine Cécilia Attias Guillaume Sarkozy Olivier Sarkozy Paris West University Nanterre La Défense Carla Bruni Boulogne-Billancourt Wife of the President of the French Republic Valeria Bruni Tedeschi Paul Marciano Guess (clothing) Eric Clapton Mick Jagger Quelqu'un m'a dit Louis Bertignac Silvio Berlusconi Charles Pasqua Martin Bouygues Bernard Arnault Richard Attias Anne Fulda Le Figaro Constitutional Council of France Net worth Public speaking Minister of State Minister of Worship (France) French Council of the Muslim Faith National Assembly of France Finance minister Gaullism Achille Peretti Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion French legislative election, 1997 Philippe Séguin European Parliament election, 1999 (France) Rally for France Jean-Pierre Raffarin Alain Juppé Brice Hortefeux Jean-Louis Debré Legion of Honour France Info Islam in France 1905 French law on the Separation of the Churches and the State France Télécom Nationalization Alstom Solidarity tax on wealth Alain Madelin Response to the 2005 civil unrest in France 2005 civil unrest in France Public housing Kärcher Azouz Begag French European Constitution referendum, 2005 Tax law Government budget deficit Laissez-faire DADVSI Copyright law of France Peer-to-peer French presidential election, 2007 France 2 Ségolène Royal Affirmative action Same-sex marriage Civil union Michèle Alliot-Marie French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91) Presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy Force de Frappe Bernard Kouchner Médecins Sans Frontières Rachida Dati École nationale d'administration Éric Woerth Álvaro Uribe Íngrid Betancourt Rodrigo Granda HIV trial in Libya Muammar Gaddafi MILAN MBDA EADS Terrestrial Trunked Radio Socialist Party (France) French Communist Party Rogue state François Hollande Dominique Strauss-Kahn International Monetary Fund Upper middle class Supply-side economics Biometrics Schengen Information System Late-2000s financial crisis Keynesian economics Dictatorship Dirigisme Olivier Besancenot NATO Right of asylum Guantanamo Bay detention camp Christine Lagarde Gaza War Hosni Mubarak Hamas Condoleezza Rice David Beckham Brad Pitt Censorship in France Paris Match Publicis Image editing Love handles Paparazzi The Daily Telegraph Haitian Vodou Satanism Zombie Bokor Cannes Film Festival Marianne (magazine) Airbus L'Humanité Populism Republicanism Separation of church and state Tom Cruise Church of Scientology Parliamentary Commission on Cults in France Islam Riyadh La Courneuve Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques Acquittal Iraq War François Fillon Saddam Hussein Michel Onfray Axel Kahn Peasant Thabo Mbeki Paris International Agricultural Show Laval, Mayenne Sovereign immunity Berlin Wall Bettencourt affair Liliane Bettencourt The New York Times Martine Aubry Robert Badinter Order of the Bath Order of Charles III Order of Leopold (Belgium)

The Bravo Trail

Author : Eugene Cunningham
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For ten years Lace Morrow had been running from a crime he had been convicted for - a crime he did not commit and his closest friend had dogged his trail, a man obsessed in a way Lace could not understand.


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Poetic Indulgence

Author : Sandra Bettencourt
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Born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, as a child of Portuguese immigrants, author Sandra Bettencourt was instructed to study hard and become a good person. In high school, she began to write, and soon noticed that her notes were now stories that she could tell. She won the Catholic Teachers Young Author's Award in 1993, and completed her education at Mohawk College. While working 14 years as office manager for her father's company, Bettencourt met people from many walks of life. Her experiences form the basis of her poetry. I then decided that it was time to take my scribbles and make sentences on paper. Seventeen years after I first picked up the pen, I began to write again. This book is a compilation of all my years and all my experiences. This is her book, Poetic Indulgence: Where Poetry Meets Real Life. This is her story. Author Sandra Bettencourt is grateful for memories and finds writing is something from within. She has started on another series of poetry for Poetic Indulgence. Every day is a new adventure, and I will live them to the fullest. This alone gives me the structure to a new series. Publisher's website: http: //

British Journal of Photography

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The Complete Book of the Guitar

Author : Terry Burrows
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For the first time in a single volume, The Complete Book of the Guitar brings together the history of the instrument, the music, the manufacturers and the greatest performers in the story of today's most popular and compelling musical instrument.