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The Best Little Baseball Town in the World

Author : Gaylon H. White
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This book tells the fun, quirky, story of a minor league baseball town in Louisiana that was the talk of the baseball world in the 1950s. Written by respected minor-league baseball historian Gaylon White, this book will be of interest to baseball and Louisiana historians alike.

The Best Little Baseball Town in the World

Author : Gaylon H White
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This book tells the fun, quirky, story of a minor league baseball town in Louisiana that was the talk of the baseball world in the 1950s. Written by respected minor-league baseball historian Gaylon White, this book will be of interest to baseball and Louisiana historians alike.

St Louis Cardinals

Author : Rob Rains
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The St. Louis Cardinals are a team steeped in history and a winning tradition. For proof look no further than the epic 2011 World Series! The secret to their success? It’s those special players who have been lucky enough to don the Birds at Bat. But whatever happened to those players once the bright stadium lights were dimmed and the cleats were hung up for good? St. Louis Cardinals: Where Have You Gone? provides the fascinating answer as veteran sportswriter Rob Rains catches up with over thirty-five former Redbirds in this one-of-a-kind volume. Fans will delight in hearing about the post-baseball careers of stars from every era. Dick Groat shares his return to the sport closest to his heart: basketball; Bob Tewksbury hits the books and learns to write papers again as he completes his master’s degree in sport psychology; and Vince Coleman shares his playing skills with a new generation as a minor league coach and celebrity golfer. Life after baseball can be an unforeseen business venture, a few rounds of charity golf, 788 acres of seclusion, a minor league dugout, a PhD, or a blessing in disguise—whatever the outcome, it’s always an adventure any true Cardinals fan would love to share.

Williamsport s Baseball Heritage

Author : James P. Quigel Jr.
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Though renowned as the Birthplace of Little League Baseball and the host of the annual Little League World Series, the city of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, has also been heir to a minor-league legacy that few cities of comparable size possess. In this engaging tribute to the memories of Williamsports halcyon professional baseball era, discover an integral part of the citys civic identity and social fabric during the past century. Williamsports Baseball Heritage includes the citys landmark ballparks, including Athletic Park, the West Third Street Field, and Bowman Field, and features rare snapshots of prominent players and influential boosters. A charter member of the old New York-Penn League in 1924 (later renamed the Eastern League), Williamsport enjoyed one of the longest periods of affiliation with the league, despite its small size relative to other member cities. Historic Bowman Field, constructed in 1926 and once considered the gem of the of the Eastern League, remains the second-oldest operating minor league ballpark in the country. It has been visited by countless barnstorming Major League and Negro League teams, Hall of Fame players such as Jim Bunning, and famous baseball personalities such as Connie Mack, Branch Rickey, and Casey Stengel. An authoritative and comprehensive view of the era, Williamsports Baseball Heritage will rekindle fond memories among fans and players alike. Images in this collection were culled from The Grit, formerly Williamsports longest-running Sunday newspaper, the D. Vincent Smith and Putsee Vannucci photograph collections, and the private collections of many Williamsport residents.

The Hall A Celebration of Baseball s Greats

Author : The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
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A deluxe baseball treasury unlike any other, complete with essays, photos, and player bios from The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Everyone dreams of Cooperstown. It's a hallowed name in baseball, for players as well as their fans. It's a house where legends live; it's everything that's great about the game. Never before has the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum published a complete registry of inductees with plaques, photographs, and extended biographies. In this unique, 75th anniversary edition, read the stories of every player inducted into the Hall, organized by position. Each section begins with an original essay by a living Hall of Famer who played that position: Hank Aaron, George Brett, Orlando Cepeda, Carlton Fisk, Tommy Lasorda, Joe Morgan, Jim Rice, Cal Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan, and Robin Yount.

Yeah What Else

Author : C.W. Spooner
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Packed with insight, humor, and emotion, Yeah, What Else? offers a collection of author C.W. Spooner’s previously published memoirs, essays, poems, and reviews. Spanning sixty-five years, from 1950 until the present, the works touch on a variety of universal themes. In the story “Shake Hands with Mr. Jolley,” Spooner shares a fond memory at a baseball field in the summer of 1950 right before his eighth birthday. “Sam: Memories of a Good Dog,” tells about a difficult decision Spooner and his wife had to make about their German Shepherd. Spooner closes with “Bro. Dick,” a heartfelt tribute to his late brother. From memories of friends and family and growing up in Vallejo, California; to tales of his schooling experiences at different institutions; to special eulogies; and more, Yeah, What Else? shares a compilation of reflections that examine one man’s life and its special moments.

Ozzie Smith

Author : Ozzie Smith
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Limited Leatherbound Edition. Limited to 1000 copies. Signed by Ozzie Smith and Rob Rains. Includes certificate of authenticity. Ozzie Smith has lived a legendary life of baseball, capped by the ultimate honor - induction into Cooperstown. The Wizard of Oz, best known for his on-field acrobatics and his ability to make the impossible play from shortstop, played in the major leagues for 19 years, the final 15 in St. Louis. He retired in 1996, was voted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, ans was named to the All-Century team as one of the 100 best players in the 20th century. The brilliant, full-color photography in this book is the perfect complement to Ozzie Smith's sensational and colorful career.

101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out

Author : Josh Pahigian
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A brand new edition of the finalist for the 2008 Casey Award, presented annually to the best baseball book, 101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out profiles America’s greatest baseball museums, shrines, sports bars, pop culture landmarks and ballpark sites. From sandlots and skyboxes to TV rooms and sports bars, America’s love for baseball has inspired countless memories, discussions, and tributes. Josh Pahigian takes us across America to explore the places where the game’s history, culture, and lore come to life. Whether we travel by car or sit in the comfort of our favorite armchair, the book guides us to 101 amazing baseball places—including Ted Williams’ boyhood home, the Field of Dreams movie site, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Chicago bar where the Cubs’ “Curse of the Billy Goat” was born, Babe Ruth’s grave, and scores of other captivating landmarks and curios. Replacing the now-extinct sites from the previous edition, updating entries for attractions that have moved, re-assigning coveted chapters to more inspiring baseball venues that have since opened, and including stunning color photos for nearly all of them, Josh Pahigian has created the perfect gift for any baseball fan.

The Detroit Tigers

Author : Patrick Joseph Harrigan
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A vivid portrait of a team, a sport and its far-reaching influence. The Detroit Tigers are a curious reflection of America's post-war urban society and this book illustrates the inextricable links between this team and its hometown.

Blackball the Black Sox and the Babe

Author : Robert C. Cottrell
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Nineteen-twenty was a crucial year not just for the Chicago White Sox but for the game of baseball, in the aftermath of the 1919 World Series scandal. This work is both a collective biography of four individuals whose careers in baseball were forever altered in 1920 and an examination of the 1920 baseball season as a whole. It highlights four legendary personalities--Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the longtime commissioner of Major League Baseball; Babe Ruth, the great pitcher and slugger who changed the game forever; Buck Weaver, the true lone innocent among the Black Sox players who threw the 1919 World Series; and Rube Foster, the fine pitcher, imaginative manager, and great administrator of blackball who founded the Negro National League. Key events that affected the season and the history of baseball are discussed. Nineteen-twenty was the year that Ruth shattered his own home run record and began a hitting spree that brought in record numbers of fans to the ballparks. It was the year that Rube found a way for large numbers of African-Americans to play the game meaningfully, before loyal crowds, despite Jim Crow laws that kept them out of the majors and minors. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

The Cardinals and the Yankees 1926

Author : Paul E. Doutrich
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The two pennant winners in 1926, the National League’s Cardinals and the American League’s Yankees, were a study in contrasts. The Yankees were heavily composed of first- and second-generation Americans and based in New York, the epicenter of baseball; the Cardinals, on the other hand, were mostly a collection of farm boys playing at the western fringe of the major leagues. But both teams arrived battle-tested, as St. Louis had fought a long, close race with Cincinnati and New York had survived a dramatic late-season run by Cleveland. Their classic World Series meeting went seven games and produced one of the legendary pitcher-batter confrontations of baseball history.

A Prophecy Through Time

Author : W. C. Hart
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SUPERANNO Compelling book depicts one clan's struggle to maintain their unpopular values in the midst of prevailing bigotry and political machinations of the government, the church, and the society through the times each generation lives in, and to somehow, in spite of it all, discover a way to see their family's prophecy to conclusion. Original.

The Baseball 100

Author : Joe Posnanski
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A magnum opus from acclaimed baseball writer Joe Posnanski, The Baseball 100 is an audacious, singular, and masterly book that took a lifetime to write. The entire story of baseball rings through a countdown of 100 greatest players in history, with a foreword by George Will. The Baseball 100 is a one-of-a-kind work by award-winning sportswriter and lifelong student of the game Joe Posnanski that tells the story of the sport through the remarkable lives of its 100 greatest players. In the book’s introduction, Pulitzer Prize–winning commentator George F. Will marvels, “Posnanski must already have lived more than 200 years. How else could he have acquired such a stock of illuminating facts and entertaining stories about the rich history of this endlessly fascinating sport?” Baseball’s legends come alive in these pages, which are not merely rankings but vibrant profiles of the game’s all-time greats. Posnanski dives into the biographies of iconic Hall of Famers, unfairly forgotten All-Stars, talents of today, and more. He doesn’t rely just on records and statistics—he lovingly retraces players’ origins, illuminates their characters, and places their accomplishments in the context of baseball’s past and present. Just how good a pitcher is Clayton Kershaw in the twenty-first- century game compared to Greg Maddux dueling with the juiced hitters of the nineties? How do the career and influence of Hank Aaron compare to Babe Ruth’s? Which player in the top ten most deserves to be resurrected from history? No compendium of baseball’s legendary geniuses could be complete without the players of the segregated Negro Leagues, men whose extraordinary careers were largely overlooked by sportswriters at the time and unjustly lost to history. Posnanski writes about the efforts of former Negro Leaguers to restore sidelined Black athletes to their due honor, and draws upon the deep troves of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and extensive interviews with the likes of Buck O’Neil to illuminate the accomplishments of players such as pitchers Satchel Paige and Smokey Joe Williams; outfielders Oscar Charleston, Monte Irvin, and Cool Papa Bell; first baseman Buck Leonard; shortstop Pop Lloyd; catcher Josh Gibson; and many, many more. The Baseball 100 treats readers to the whole rich pageant of baseball history in a single volume. Chapter by chapter, Posnanski invites readers to examine common lore with brand-new eyes and learn stories that have long gone unheard. The epic and often emotional reading experience mirrors Posnanski’s personal odyssey to capture the history and glory of baseball like no one else, fueled by his boundless love for the sport. Engrossing, surprising, and heartfelt, The Baseball 100 is a magisterial tribute to the game of baseball and the stars who have played it.

The Hunt for a Reds October

Author : Charles F. Faber
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In 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first all-professional baseball club. The history, geography, demography and economy of the area made Cincinnati a baseball town par excellence. During pro ball’s early years, the city was almost always represented by a club called the Reds. In 1903 Reds owner Garry Hermann helped broker peace between the National and American leagues and became known as the “Father of the World Series.” The Reds won the Series in 1919, 1940, 1975, 1976 and 1990. Under the ownership of the controversial Marge Schott and managed by the mercurial Lou Piniella, the 1990 Reds led the National League West, defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NL Championship Series and swept the Oakland Athletics in the World Series. Stars such as Barry Larkin and Eric Davis—along with pitcher Jose Rijo and the trio of relievers known as the Nasty Boys—deserve much of the credit that year but lesser knowns like Billy Hatcher and Glenn Braggs made significant contributions. They have come close but the Reds have not won another pennant since.

Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns

Author : Bonita Kolb
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Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns provides thorough and succinct coverage of marketing theory specific to the tourism industry. It focuses on developing the branded destination with special emphasis on promotional planning. In addition, it contains numerous international examples, discussion questions, and strategic planning worksheets.

Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns

Author : Bonita M. Kolb
File Size : 69.85 MB
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Provides coverage of marketing theory specific to the tourism industry. This work focuses on developing the branded destination with emphasis on promotional planning. It contains international examples, discussion questions, and strategic planning worksheets. Comienzo página.

One Day at Fenway

Author : Steve Kettmann
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Saturday, August 30, 2003 -- Yankees versus Red Sox, Fenway Park. Not just a special day in a great rivalry but also a unique one in the long tradition of baseball writing. For on that day, Steve Kettmann worked with a team of top reporters to chronicle everything that happened, from the point of view of everyone involved. So here are Red Sox owner John Henry and CEO Larry Lucchino, privately second-guessing Grady Little's managing moves during the game; here is Joe Torre, the Yankees skipper, worrying on the bench about his closer, Mariano Rivera, who can't find home plate; here's Theo Epstein, Red Sox General Manager, playing guitar until his fingers bleed the night before the game; here's Hideki Matsui, Yankees slugger, surprised that no Japanese reporters turn up to greet him at the ballpark; and here's Bill Mueller, Red Sox third baseman, driving to the game, hoping he can get a hit to help Boston win. But it's not just the famous voices we hear. Let One Day at Fenway introduce you to Theo Gordon, who's told his girlfriend, Jane Baxter, forty-five lies, and watch as Marty Martin does what all good Red Sox fans should do, only to find himself thrown out of the ballpark. Taken together, these and a myriad of other voices reveal a day in the life of baseball unlike ever before, showing in this unique project the human side to America's pastime.

Moon Baseball Road Trips

Author : Timothy Malcolm
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Sunshine, hot dogs, friends, and the excitement of the game: Baseball is called America's pastime for a reason. Experience the best of the MLB cities and stadiums with Moon Baseball Road Trips. Flexible Itineraries: Explore the 30 major league cities with a variety of road trip options, including a Boston to DC route, a loop through the Midwest, a dip into Toronto, a cruise along the West Coast, and more Visit all the Ballparks: From the ivy walls of Wrigley to Fenway's Green Monster and Dodger Stadium's gorgeous mountain views, experience every ballpark in the league and dive into local fan culture Catch a Game: Find valuable tips for snagging tickets and get the inside scoop on the best places to park or catch public transit, where to eat and drink nearby, and events like music festivals, the Hall of Fame Weekend, Fourth of July celebrations, and more Explore the Major League Cities: Get to know the MLB hometowns with full chapters on each city. Pay respects to Babe Ruth in Baltimore, visit Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and stroll through the Boston Common. Find the best local craft breweries, and chow down on chili dogs, barbecue, fresh crab, and more foodie specialties. Hold back a tear at the Field of Dreams, grab a seat for a Spring Training game, or rent a kayak on the bay and try to catch a fly ball from San Francisco's Oracle Park Expertise and Know-How: Former baseball writer and avid Phillies fan Timothy Malcolm shares his advice for planning the perfect baseball road trip Maps and Driving Tools: Easy-to-use maps, along with mileages, driving times, and directions, with full-color photos throughout Helpful resources on COVID-19 Planning Tips: Where to stay, when and where to get gas, how to avoid traffic, and tips for driving in different road and weather conditions, plus suggestions for seniors, families with kids, and more With Moon Baseball Road Trips' practical tips, local expertise, and flexible itineraries, you're ready to step up to the plate and hit the road.

Out at First

Author : Charles Smith
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Erik Mitchell, a Little League baseball star on Long Island, must build his reputation anew after his family moves to Ohio. His reputation is no longer an asset in his new high school so he must prove himself to his coaches, peers, and himself. It does not go well.

Heart of the Game

Author : S.L. Price
File Size : 89.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“Genuine and raw…a heartfelt work of despair, triumph, and redemption.” —Boston Globe The critically acclaimed Heart of the Game—subtitled “Life, Death, and Mercy in Minor League America”—explores the pure roots of a sport that is stained by scandal at its highest level. S.L. Price, award-winning writer for Sports Illustrated and author of Pitching Around Fidel, gives a tragic but ultimately uplifting account of the death of minor league baseball coach Mike Coolbaugh, and in doing so, illustrates the many reasons and myriad ways in which baseball still has a hold on America. A Friday Night Lights for baseball fans, Heart of the Game reveals the classic heart of small-town America.