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The Bartimaeus Trilogy Boxed Set

Author : Jonathan Stroud
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A boxed set includes hardcover editions of the trilogy featuring magician's apprentice Nathaniel and djinni Bartimaeus.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy Book Two Golem s Eye

Author : Jonathan Stroud
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The second adventure in the Bartimaeus trilogy finds our young apprentice magician Nathaniel working his way up the ranks of the government, when crisis hits. A seemingly invulnerable clay golem is making random attacks on London. Nathaniel and the all-powerful, totally irreverent djinni, Bartimaeus, must travel to Prague to discover the source of the golem's power. In the ensuing chaos, readers will chase a dancing skeleton across London's skyline, encounter the horror of the dreaded Night Police, witness a daring kidnapping, and enter the Machiavellian world of the magician's government. Eventually, Nathaniel and Bartimaeus have to go head to head with the fearsome golem before the surprise identity of his master is finally revealed.

The Golem s Eye

Author : Jonathan Stroud
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This second volume of the brilliant, bestselling Bartimaeus sequence. Two years have passed since the events of The Amulet of Samarkand and the young magician Nathaniel is rising fast through the government ranks. But his career is suddenly threatened by a series of terrifying crises. A dangerous golem makes random attacks on London and other raids, even more threatening, are perpetrated by the Resistance. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus travel to Prague, enemy city of ancient magic, but while they are there uproar breaks out at home and Nathaniel returns to find his reputation in tatters. Can he rescue it from his Machiavellian adversaries in the government bent on his destruction? A thrilling sequel in which the relationship between the young magician and the djinni remains as teasing and complex as ever.

The Bartimaeus Sequence Gift Set

Author : Jonathan Stroud
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fall into New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Sequence in this complete e-book edition that includes: The Amulet of Samarkland, The Golem's Eye, Ptolemy's Gate, and The Ring of Solomon. Nathaniel is a young magician's apprentice, taking his first lessons in the arts of magic. But after a devious hotshot wizard named Simon Lovelace ruthlessly humiliates him in front of everyone he knows, Nathaniel seeks his revenge through magic. He pores over texts and works to perfect his skills to summon the 5,000 year old djinni Bartimaeus-but Nathaniel may have bitten off more than he can chew, and soon finds himself in a situation more dangerous and deadly than he could have ever imagined. These four spellbinding tales -- The Amulet of Samarkland, The Golem's Eye, Ptolemy's Gate, and The Ring of Solomon -- invite readers into a brilliantly imagined world that they'll never want to leave.

Portals of Power

Author : Lori M. Campbell
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Fantasy writing, like literature in general, provides a powerful vehicle for challenging the status quo. Via symbolism, imagery and supernaturalism, fantasy constructs secondary-world narratives that both mirror and critique the political paradigms of our own world. This critical work explores the role of the portal in fantasy, investigating the ways in which magical nexus points and movement between worlds are used to illustrate real-world power dynamics, especially those impacting women and children. Through an examination of high and low fantasy, fairy tales, children's literature, the Gothic, and science fiction, the portal is identified as a living being, place or magical object of profound metaphorical and cultural significance.

Bartimaeus Trilogy Book Three Ptolemy s Gate

Author : Jonathan Stroud
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Dangerous adventures continue for the djinni Bartimaeus and his master, seventeen-year-old Nathaniel, a powerful magician who is serving as England's minister of information.

Ptolemy s Gate

Author : Jonathan Stroud
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The tremendous climax of the Bartimaeus sequence. Three years on from the events in The Golem's Eye, the magicians' rule in London is teetering on a knife-edge, with strikes, riots and general unrest. The Prime Minister is largely controlled by two advisers, one of whom is 17-year-old Nathaniel. Meanwhile, living under a false identity, Kitty has been researching djinn; she has come to believe that the only way to destroy the magicians is with an alliance between djinn and ordinary people. Kitty seeks out Bartimaeus and embarks on a terrifying journey into the djinn's chaotic domain – the Other Place – which no human being has ever survived. But even as she does so, Makepeace engineers a dramatic coup d'etat. The outcome is a shattering of the magicians' control and all magical laws are turned upside down. Can Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty settle old scores to prevent the earth's destruction?

The Library Media Specialist In the Writing Process

Author : Marge Cox
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides lessons and activities to help librarians to teach writing through the process method and collaboration with classroom teachers.

Booklist s 1000 Best Young Adult Books since 2000

Author : Gillian Engberg
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With the explosion in YA publishing, it’s harder than ever to separate good books from the rest. Booklistmagazine’s editors’ deep and broad knowledge of the landscape offers indispensable guidance, and here they bring together the very best of the best books for young adults published since the start of the 21st century. Drawing on the careful judgment of expert YA librarians, this book Includes a foreword by best-selling YA lit authority Michael Cart, who demonstrates how we have entered a new golden age of books for young adults Collects reviews which showcase the most stimulating contemporary YA titles Features an essay in each section, grouped by genre, presenting an overview and examining relevant trends Indexes selections by author, title, and genre for handy reference The thoughtful professional review coverage for which ALA’s Booklist is known makes this volume an ideal tool for YA readers’ advisory and collection development.

Birthday Notebook Journal

Author : Bells Anthony
File Size : 33.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Angel Wings Divine Quote This is a blank lined journal that's a convenient size to take anywhere. Other features include: 120 pages 6x9 inches Excellent and thick binding Durable white paper Sleek, matte-finished cover for a professional look This is a perfect gift idea for your female best friend who loves to journal. We also have a journal for a male best friend, titled My Best Friend Gave Me This Journal - He is Pretty Sexy. If you would like an unlined journal or a different cover, please take a look at our other products for great gift ideas.