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The Authority of Tenderness

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This insightful and beautifully written work explores non-linear processes of recovery of the loss of Self. The inherent healing power of hard-earned, wholehearted self-acceptance is conceived through the authority of tenderness. The book is the final volume in The Fifth Principle trilogy (the second book being Scum) which chronicled, through the course of one boy's lifetime, the methods of a mind which is not a mind, in its efforts to prevail under oppressive circumstances. The Authority of Tenderness comes at the end of the journey, is written by the adult self of the child, and uses poetic vignettes, references to foundational psychoanalytic literature and analyses of critical treatment situations to convey the experiences of someone who has been both patient and analyst. The book offers a vivid psychotherapeutic perspective for clinicians, trainees, students and general readers alike.

The Infinite Tenderness of God

Author : Pope Francis
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Sit at the feet of Pope Francis as he preaches to you! This collection includes highlights of the Holy Father's homilies and addresses on Gospels texts, beginning with the birth of Jesus and ending with the resurrection appearances. Short, digestible reflections provide plenty of food for thought and prayer. Pope Francis continually urges his flock to read the Gospels in order to get to know Jesus. This book will help you do so. As always, you can count on the pope's words to both challenge and comfort you as you seek to live out your faith in concrete ways.

The Tenderness of Conscience

Author : Allan Boesak
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With this book, theologian and political observer Allan Boesak once again displays the strengths of his writings that were evident in the seventies and eighties: bringing Christian theology to bear on the political and socio-economic realities of our world. “A serious and open-hearted commentary on the African Renaissance and the spirituality of politics, but with the clarity of the deeply embedded Christian message.” – Danny Titus

The Wisdom of Tenderness

Author : Brennan Manning
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A Stirring Invitation to Accept God's Unfathomable Tenderness

The Poetics of Tenderness

Author : Robert Cantwell
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This book, a literary-critical work on love, argues that romantic love originates neither in the gratification of appetite nor in the sexual drive, but in the nurturing relation of caregiver and child. When we, distinguish between self and other, love engages our aesthetic and analytic capacities together to recognize and to create the beloved.

Suspect Tenderness

Author : William Stringfellow
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Suspect Tenderness opens with a narrative concerning the capture of Daniel Berrigan, related in his continuing friendship and pastoral relationship with Stringfellow and co-author Anthony Towne. It continues with an examination of the ethical and theological implications of the Berrigan witness, in which middle-class American piety is asked to face the fact that Jesus was a criminal. Stringfellow insists that every state feels threatened by Christ's claim to a moral authority over death, and sees the community of resistance as a community of resurrection.

Flannery O Connor and the Perils of Governing by Tenderness

Author : Jerome C. Foss
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Flannery O’Connor’s fiction continues to haunt American readers, in part because of its uncanny ability to remind us who we are and what we need. This book reveals the extent to which O’Connor was a serious reader of the history of political philosophy and why O’Connor feared that the habit to govern by tenderness would lead to terror.

The Map Of Tenderness

Author : William Wall
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Joe Lyons has never had much success with relationships until he meets Suzie, a young music teacher. Living a solitary existence as a writer, he's alienated his mother with his autobiographical first novel and has little to say to his stridently religious sister, Mary. Only his father keeps in regular touch. But now, in the warmth of this new love, the happy endings finally seem to outnumber the tragedies. So when news comes that his mother is seriously ill, he returns home, but what he finds there shocks him out of his complacency and Joe, like his father, comes to understand the true nature of love.

God s tenderness

Author : Carlos Ayxelà
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Eight articles on God’s tenderness, for the Jubilee of Mercy in the Church, published on

Tenderness is Strength

Author : Harold C. Lyon
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The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus

Author : Brennan Manning
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Undertakes the impossible task of explaining the two very different sides of the Son of God--his explosive power and his incredible tenderness--and calls us to "adopt the astonishing life of a committed disciple."

Teaching with Tenderness

Author : Becky Thompson
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Imagine a classroom that explores the twinned ideas of embodied teaching and a pedagogy of tenderness. Becky Thompson envisions such a curriculum--and a way of being--that promises to bring about a sea change in education. Teaching with Tenderness follows in the tradition of bell hooks's Teaching to Transgress and Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, inviting us to draw upon contemplative practices (yoga, meditation, free writing, mindfulness, ritual) to keep our hearts open as we reckon with multiple injustices. Teaching with tenderness makes room for emotion, offer a witness for experiences people have buried, welcomes silence, breath and movement, and sees justice as key to our survival. It allows us to rethink our relationship to grading, office hours, desks, and faculty meetings, sees paradox as a constant companion, moves us beyond binaries; and praises self and community care. Tenderness examines contemporary challenges to teaching about race, gender, class, nationality, sexuality, religion, and other hierarchies. It examines the ethical, emotional, political, and spiritual challenges of teaching power-laden, charged issues and the consequences of shifting power relations in the classroom and in the community. Attention to current contributions in the areas of contemplative practices, trauma theory, multiracial feminist pedagogy, and activism enable us to envision steps toward a pedagogy of liberation. The book encourages active engagement and makes room for self-reflective learning, teaching, and scholarship.

Lectures on Dramatic Literature

Author : Saint-Marc Girardin
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Rebirth Love Your Tenderness

Author : Lin Xiaozhai
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Painting Poetry and the Invention of Tenderness in the Early Roman Empire

Author : Herica Valladares
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This book connects the emergence of Latin love elegy and a new, tender style in Roman wall painting.

Amending the Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Works
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Author : Sarah Quigley
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A superb collection of stories from a prize-winning writer - some short, some long, set in locations that span the globe, all exploring the theme encapsulated by the title: tenderness. Meet Sadie, the high-flying divorce lawyer who ends up putting marriages back together; the Ice Cream Girl, discovered in a superette and transplanted to Hollywood; the seven-year-old Prometheus, who faces death on a daily basis. With a mix of humour and compassion, each story carries the punch of a compacted novel, highlighting those illuminating moments of human connection. Sarah Quigley has an impressive track-record as a fiction writer, and these stories will not disappoint. Stylistically assured, emotionally resonant, they are guaranteed to capture minds and hearts. Quigley has won numerous awards for her short fiction, including the Sunday Star-Times Short Story Award and the Commonwealth Pacific Rim Short Story Award. Her best-selling novel, The Conductor, has sold throughout the world. It was long-listed for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and shortlisted for the prestigious Prix Femina.

The Power of Faith Exemplified in the Life and Writings of I G of New York

Author : Isabella GRAHAM
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The Tenderness of God

Author : Daniel Bourguet
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The tenderness of God is not a theme that can be approached just to satisfy our intellectual curiosity, but is an unfathomable mystery that leads us deep into the heart of God. A deep thirst for tenderness means that many, both young and old, are prepared to do almost anything if only this thirst can be quenched. Many of us go far astray without knowing or even suspecting that the most extraordinary tenderness is that of God, and that indeed he is the source of all tenderness. This volume is the fruit of many years of prayer and thought. Throughout these meditations on lesser-known biblical texts, the reader will engage with the compassionate, merciful God, a God with all the tenderness of both mother and father. In this way, the reader will be opened up to new vistas onto the mystery of God's humble, delicate tenderness.

The Sublime

Author : Philip Shaw
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Usually related to feelings of overwhelming grandeur, irresistible power, lofty emotion or simple awe, the sublime is a term impossible to define. If it has any definition, it is that which exceeds description. In exploring this complex yet crucial concept, Philip Shaw looks in turn at: - the legacy of classical theories of the sublime - Edmund Burke's and Immanuel Kant's eighteenth-century contributions to debates around the term - romantic notions of sublimity - the postmodern and avant-garde sublime - politicisation of the concept by contemporary critical theorists. A remarkably clear study of what is in its essence a term near-impossible to pin down, this guide is essential reading for students of literature, critical and cultural theory.