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The Arya Samaj Movement in South Africa

Author : Thillayvel Naidoo
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The Arya Samaj movement is essentially a religious institution but became a significant force in India's religious and secular struggle for social and cultural self-determination. Its founding in 1875 presaged the creation of independent India in 1947. This work does not attempt a detailed examination of the movement but provides an outline of its growth and philosophy in the light of the work of its founder Swami Dayanand Sarasvati. the complex of institutions and upliftment programmes initiated by the Samaj and the major historical forces which acted to shape the movement are a cause for considerable pride. The Arya Samaj was one of several socio-religious movements which were founded in the nineteenth century. It was however responsible for constructing some of the best known educational institutions in north India. The repercussions of this were felt by emigrant Indian communities in such places as mauritius, South Africa and Guyana. What started then as a small religious sect has now grown into a religious denomination of considerable influence. In South Africa the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha is one of the best known Hindu organisations wielding influence among the north Indian segment of the Hindu population.

Religious Awakening in South Africa

Author : Nardev Vedalankar
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Religious Awakening in South Africa

Author : Nardev Vedalankar
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The rya Sam j Movement in Mauritius and South Africa

Author : Oudaye Narain Gangoo
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South Africa s Top Sites

Author : Philip Harrison
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Spiritual travel is an area of growth as more and more people seek refuge from the materialism and superficiality of life in the post-modern world. Spiritual travel includes pilgrimage to sacred sites, religious retreats, or simply visits to places associated with the great religions of the world.

New Homelands

Author : Paul Younger
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When the colonial slave trade, and then slavery itself, were abolished early in the 19th century, the British empire brazenly set up a new system of trade using Indian rather than African laborers. The new system of "indentured" labor was supposed to be different from slavery because the indenture, or contract, was written for an initial period of five years and involved fixed wages and some specified conditions of work. From the workers' point of view, the one redeeming feature of the system was that most of their workmates spoke their language and came from the same area of India. Because this allowed them to develop some sense of community, by the end of the initial five years most of the Indian laborers chose to stay in the land to which they had been taken. In time that land became the place in which they joined with others to build a new homeland. In this fieldwork-based study, Paul Younger looks at the present day descendents of these workers and their post-indenture societies in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Fiji, and East Africa. He finds that they still cling to the fact that it was an arbitrary British decision that took them there and made the society pluralistic. This plurality seems to require them to search their memory for a distinctive religious tradition that they can pass on to their children. They know that there was a loss of culture involved in their move to these locations and consider it important to recover from that loss. But they are also intensely proud of their new identity, and insist that they have established a new religious tradition in their new homeland. For generations, says Younger, these people had struggled in their situation and now they had come up with a sense of community and purpose and were prepared to make the historical claim that they had developed an appropriate religious tradition for their specific community.

Religion and Identity in the South Asian Diaspora

Author : Rajesh Rai
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Religious identity constitutes a key element in the formation, development and sustenance of South Asian diasporic communities. Through studies of South Asian communities situated in multiple locales, this book explores the role of religious identity in the social and political organization of the diaspora. It accounts for the factors that underlie the modification of ritual practice in the process of resettlement, and considers how multicultural policies in the adopted state, trans-generational changes and the proliferation of transnational media has impacted the development of these identities in the diaspora. Also crucial is the gender dimension, in terms of how religion and caste affect women’s roles in the South Asian diaspora. What emerges then from the way separate communities in the diaspora negotiate religion are diverse patterns that are strategic and contingent. Yet, paradoxically, the dynamic and evolving relationship between religion and diaspora becomes necessary, even imperative, for sustaining a cohesive collective identity in these communities. This bookw as published as a special issue of South Asian Diaspora.

Islam Hinduism and Judaism in South Africa

Author : David Chidester
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A comprehensive guide to three global religions that have established strong local communities in South Africa. A valuable resource for exploring the rich diversity of religion.

Encyclopedia of Hinduism

Author : Constance Jones
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"Encyclopedia of World Religions" explores the major religions of the world, emphasizing the living faiths and their background. Each illustrated volume provides access to the theological concepts, personalities, historical events, institutions, and movements that helped shape the history of each religion and the way it is practiced.

Gandhi s Printing Press

Author : Isabel Hofmeyr
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When Gandhi as a young lawyer in South Africa began fashioning the tenets of his political philosophy, he was absorbed by a seemingly unrelated enterprise: creating a newspaper, Indian Opinion. In Gandhi’s Printing Press Isabel Hofmeyr provides an account of how this footnote to a career shaped the man who would become the world-changing Mahatma.