Iberian Swordplay

Domingo Luis Godinho's Art of Fencing (1599)


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In 1599, during the period when the Portuguese crown was united to the crowns of Castile and Aragon, a Portuguese master-at-arms called Domingo Luis Godinho wrote a manuscript in Spanish entitled Arte de Esgrima (The Art of Fencing). Although Godinho's live is largely a mystery and his text was never published, today his manuscript of utmost relevance in the study of Renaissance Iberian fencing, since it is the only complete treatise discovered so far describing the "Common" or "Vulgar" style of Iberian fencing, first documented in the 15th century, but by Godinho's day, displaced by the new system of La Verdadera Destreza. The work includes instructions for the single sword, a long-bladed, cut & thrust weapon taught alone and with the use of the shield, buckler, dagger, and cape, as well as paired with a second sword. Godinho's instructions also includes the longest known text on the use of the montante, or two-handed sword, a devastating weapon that was used by soldiers and body-guards, in duels and battlefields, in crowded streets and aboard galleys. Translator Tim Rivera provides a detailed introduction that explains Godinho's relationship to earlier masters of the "Common School" of swordsmanship, and a short primer on the various weapons, guards, parries, footwork and terminology of the tradition.

The History and Art of Personal Combat


Author: Arthur Wise

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A comprehensive, illustrated history of classical and historical swordsmanship, this volume details uses of the broadsword, two-hander, and rapier as well as the dagger, bayonet, and halberd.

The Academy of the Sword

Illustrated Fencing Books, 1500-1800


Author: Donald J. LaRocca

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The Art of Swordsmanship


Author: Hans Lecküchner

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Completed in 1482, Johannes Leckeuchner's 'Art of Combat with the "Langes Messer" (Messerfechtkunst)' is among the most important documents on the combat arts of the Middle Ages. The Messer was a single-edged, one-handed utility sword peculiar to central Europe, but Leckeuchner's techniques apply to cut-and-thrust swords in general. Not only is this treatise the single most substantial work on the use of one-handed swords to survive from this period, but it is the most detailed explanation of the two-handed sword techniques of the German "Liechtenauer" school dating back to the 1300s. Leckeuchner's lavish manuscript consists of over four hundred illustrations with explanatory text, in which the author, a parish priest, rings the changes on bladework, deceits, and grappling, with techniques ranging from life-or-death escapes from an armed assailant to slapstick moves designed to please the crowd in public fencing matches. This translation, complete with all illustrations from the manuscript, makes the treatise accessible for the first time since the author's untimely death less than a year after its completion left his major work to be lost for generations.0An extensive introduction, notes, and glossary analyze and contextualize the work and clarify its technical content. Jeffrey L. Forgeng is curator of Arms and Armor and Medieval Art at the Worcester Art Museum, and teaches as Adjunct Professor of History at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The Angry Man and the Weaver

Re-Imagining the Odyssey


Author: Alexander Mescavage,Eunice Taylor

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A wonderful re-telling of the Odyssey ! It is is captivating and culturally in tune. As the story unfolds the characters come alive bringing readers their worlds. The parallel narrations of Weaver and Angry Man create an empowering dynamic that keeps the reader hanging on to every last adventure. The bond that grows between the two is both captivating and heartbreaking as the gods play them as human pawns. A vividly written and entertaining piece that is a magnificent read. Genevieve Baranuk MSW- Lead Eating Disorder Therapist at the Recovery Village in Umitilla, Florida. This isnt the Odyssey you were forced to read in school! In their second novel, Alexander Mescavage and Eunice Taylor Beauchman offer a steamy and realistic reincarnation of one of the worlds first great works of literature. It shows life as it was in the Bronze Age; gritty, predatory, and full of wonder. Life is cheap. Capricious gods roam the earth and forcing their will upon mankind. The writers breathe life into the old classic and make it rip-roaring modern fiction at its very best! The yarn is visionary and yet true to the Iliad and the Odyssey. The authors have thoroughly studied Homers epics and Mycenaen Plays and have melded them into a comprehensive story between the myths. At the same time, they update the legend with searing archeological and historical exploration. The Word Politics and secrets of the Bronze Age are explored in detail and become terrifying portends of todays world. The reader is struck with how similar and yet how different the ancient people were. The Angry Man and the Weaver: Re-imagining the Odyssey is a thrilling, captivating, and a cant-put-down read. Beauchman and Mescavage easily enchant readers with their story, drawing them in from the very beginning. From the first page of the book to the last of the epilogue, the authors and characters bring readers directly into their world, packing the novel rich with education, excitement, and enjoyment.

A New and Enlarged Military Dictionary

In French and English; in which are Explained the Principal Terms ... of All the Sciences that are ... Necessary for an Officer and Engineer


Author: Charles James

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The Art of Swordsmanship by Hans Lecküchner


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English translation of one of the most significant medieval texts on fighting with swords.