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The Art of the Fishing Fly

Author : Tony Lolli
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Features a foreword by President Jimmy Carter! For the millions of fly fishermen who are passionate about their sport, this gorgeous book is both a visual feast and the ultimate reference. The heart of the book comprises 75 profiles of flies--the soul of the sport--with absolutely stunning color photographs of each fly, fascinating stories behind the flies, and inspirational photographs of fly fisherman around the world in action. It's the perfect gift for every fly fisherman!

Fly fishing the Sacred Art

Author : Eric Eisenkramer
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In this unique exploration of fly-fishing as a spiritual practice, an Episcopal priest and a rabbi share what it can teach us about awe and wonder in the natural world, the benefits of solitude, the blessing of community and the search for the Divine.

Zen and the Art of Fly Fishing

Author : James Syring
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This is and is not a how to book. What I mean is that it's not the book you want to pick up to improve your roll cast (at least not directly) but it may improve your outlook on life. It may not help you find fish but it may help you find yourself and that is what I truly believe fly fishing is all about.

Art of the Fly

Author : Frank O'Leary
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Fly-fishing is a passion that takes anglers from country to country, from inland alpine rivers to coastal shores. Tying flies is one of the pleasures of the sport, and tends to become addictive - it's functional, fun and, above all, creative. Indeed, for many people, making the flies is just as satisfying, if not more so, than the fishing itself. Art of the Fly is a step-by-step guide to tying flies for both freshwater and saltwater fish. There are detailed instructions for tying 50 flies, accompanied by beautiful yet practical colour photographs, lists of the materials you'll need for each fly, and tips on choosing the right fly for particular situations. Whether you're an amateur or an old hand, just starting out or looking for a wider variety of flies or tying techniques, you'll find The Art of the Fly an invaluable handbook. And it will make a great gift for fly-fishing fanatics.

The Art of Tying the Wet Fly Fishing the Flymph

Author : James E. Leisenring
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Bowlker s Art of Angling

Author : Charles Bowlker
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Zen and the Art of Fly Tying

Author : Heather Lafontaine-Ellison
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Zen and the Art of Fly Tying, the first "why-to" fly- tying book, which evokes the magic of the great indoors to be found at the tying bench. Heather, who learned to tie from her famous father, is now a commercial fly tyer and also an avid student of philosophy. Along the way, readers will also pick up a few tips to improve their own tying, tricks and shortcuts that have enabled Heather to engage in production tying for many years, churning out countless dozens of beautiful creations that will catch anglers as well as fish. No fly fisher will want to be without this unique, inspiring, and instructive volume.

Blacker s Art of Fly Making

Author : William Blacker
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"Blacker's Art of Fly Making" was written by William Blacker more than 160 years ago. We are republishing this rare gem in its original form and format, retaining its antiquarian charm. This diamond of a book - the perfect gift for any avid fly-fisherman - covers a range of related subjects including The Art of Fly Making, An Easy Method to Make the Trout Fly, An Easy Method of Making a Plain Salmon Fly, Process of Making the Gaudy Fly, A Catechism of Fly Making, to name a few. Also features flies for the fishing season months from March to August, and informative sections on many Scottish and English rivers. Note: This edition is a perfect facsimile of the original edition and is not set in a modern typeface. As a result, some characters, illustrations and images might suffer from slight imperfections, blurring or minor shadows in the page background. This book appears exactly as it did when it was first published.

Mastering the Art of Fly Tying

Author : Richard W. Talleur
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Sit down at the tying bench with Richard Talleur as he demonstrates not only how but why traditional fly patterns work -- and how they can be improved using today's tools and materials -- in over thirty 'hands-on' lessons, fully illustrated in step-by-step photos sequences. This book goes to the heart of the fly-tying with new techniques, new patterns, and new skills that will earn it a permanent place in the modern fly-tiers library close beside his vice and materials. These pages provide several important contributions, including handling tools and basic skills with an equilibrium of rich details and fresh insights. Mastering the Art of Flytying examines each so thoroughly that no basic techniques have been ignored -- everything is here for the beginner and intermediate tier, and many who believe themselves experts should read this book.

Fish Flies

Author : Terry Hellekson
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This is the definitive book on fly-tying, with thousands of fly patterns included for the enthusiast. Expert angler, fly tier, and author Terry Hellekson addresses everything from the history of fly-fishing around the world to the history of fly tying and fly-tying materials. Hellekson shares interviews with fly-tying greats of years past, along with the fascinating history and background of some of the popular individual flies, making this a great read. His colorful recollections of people and events will intrigue and delight even the most serious fly tier. He also shares years of wisdom and knowledge on fly-tying colors; fly patterns; fly-tying tools, hooks, and materials; and fly-fishing and fly-tying methods. Hellekson' depicts hundreds of intricate patterns for dry flies, wet flies, and nymphs. Mayfly, stonefly, and caddisfly species are widely represented with simulations of the phases of their respective life cycles. Detailed patterns for terrestrials, damselflies and dragonflies, leeches and worms, midges, crustaceans, streamers, shad flies, steelhead flies, Atlantic salmon flies, Spey flies, Pacific salmon flies, and salmon and steelhead dry flies round out the book. This encyclopedia is organized into two distinct parts: the first section describes the origins of fly-fishing; the concepts of vision and perception of color; and the tools and materials from which artificial flies are created. It addresses dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, stoneflies, mayflies, and caddisflies. The second section of the book thoroughly attends to the simulation of other insect orders, such as terrestrials and crustaceans, and then delves into the specifics of streamers, shad flies, steelhead flies, and more. Even a fly-fishing novice will be enthralled with illustrations that clarify the patterns in a reader-friendly style. Line illustrations throughout, plus more than 2,950 detailed fly patterns-including 695 flies shown in full color-make this a comprehensive fly-tying encyclopedia beyond compare. Terry Hellekson was born into the world of fly-fishing and spent his early life in Happy Camp, California, where his father had a fly-fishing guide service on the Klamath and Trinity rivers during the 1940s and 1950s. Hellekson not only fly-fished and tied flies as a youth, but he developed many new fly patterns and eventually became immersed in all phases of the fly-fishing and fly-tying businesses. He founded Fly Fishing Specialties, a wholesale and retail business. He continually exchanges information with leading experts in fly-fishing and fly tying. Hellekson has traveled the world discovering sources for fly-tying materials and other products that he sold on the international market. He has also fished many of the great lakes and rivers of the world, traveling to such far off places as Kashmir to test the waters of the Himalayas. Hellekson is one of the founders of the Northern Utah Fly Fishers and the Granite Bay Fly Casters in northern California. Through fly-tying classes and fly-fishing clinics, he has taught countless numbers of fly fishers the fine points of the sporting art. Besides the many articles he has written on fly-fishing and fly tying, he has authored two books, Popular Fly Patterns (1976) and Fish Flies (1995), with this revised edition the culmination of a lifetime of work. He has also made generous contributions to the works of other authors. He now lives and fishes with his wife, Patricia, in Montana, where they have the famous Kootenai River at their doorstep.

The Art of Fly Fishing

Author : Paul Fersen
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Prepared in association with the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Vermont, this visual celebration of the equipment that shaped the popular sport contains images of collectible gear such as hand-tied flies, fly rods made of bamboo and other materials, creels, and tackle boxes. 130 color photos.

The Art of Angling Greatly Improved

Author :
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Fly Fishing

Author : Bill Mason
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Describes the tackle, techniques, and strategies used in fishing with artificial flies

The Art of Fly Tying

Author : John van Vliet
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From trout to salmon and from panfish to bass, catching fish on a fly that you have tied is exciting and rewarding. A classic for every flyfisherman's library, the easy-to-understand text and hundreds of full-color, step-by-step photographs in The Art of Fly Tying will teach you how to tie flies like an expert. This book will help you choose the right tools, select the right materials, identify aquatic insects and understand the eating habits of your intended catch, and to tie all the basic elements of any fly pattern. The book contains over 200 classic patterns from the original edition as well as 16 new saltwater fly patterns and a new section on saltwater fly tying techniques. Includes 16 new patterns and a new technique section dedicated to saltwater flies Remains the classic instruction book for beginning and novice flytiers Over 200 classic patterns for beautiful and effective flies

Fly Fishing

Author : Sally Crockett
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This book teaches the basics of rod, reel, and line selection, casting, fly selection and tying, and reeling in the big ones. It also offers secret tips on promising locations to find fish, how to "read" water, and what flies work best on what fish in what types of water and weather conditions. Safety and conservation issues are also discussed.

The Art and Science of Fly Fishing

Author : H. Lenox H. Dick
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A large, in-depth book with over 100,000 words about the equipment and techniques necessary for trout fly fishing. Many illustrations demonstrate casting techniques and reading water. Chapters written by experts Jim Green, John Gierach, Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes, Ronald Powell, Matthew Supinski, Mark Bachmann, Bill McMillan, Marty Sherman, Dale Pearson, Frank Amato, and others. Everything is covered from casting to bugs, from dries to nymphs and from trout to steelhead. This is the third edition (much revised, and expanded) of this outstanding teaching guide. All author royalties are donated to Oregon Trout for conservation.

Zen in the Art of Flyfishing

Author : Henry S. Butler
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The art of fly fishing is inherently a spiritual practice. This book explains the how and why. Zen is not philosophy, nor is it mystical. It is simply direct action in the present moment. Learn how this incredible adventure can transform your life and society as well. Fly Rod and Reel magazine calls Henry a "haiku master.'' His work has appeared in Popular Photography, Petersen's Photographic, and National Geographic Traveler. Any and all profit from the sale of this book will go directly to the cause, the fight to save a free flowing Futaleufu.

The Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing

Author : Terry Mort
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Uncommon good sense on water, food, trout flies and behavior, equipment, ethics, and manners.

Flies as Art

Author : Paul Whillock
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Nymph Fishing

Author : Terry Lawton
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Upstream nymph fishing has developed from the minor tactic of G.E.M. Skues into a universally-accepted method wherever fly fishermen fish for brown trout and grayling. The history of nymph fishing is notable for the argument between F.M. Halford, the dry-fly ultrapurist, and Skues, culminating in the debate on the legitimacy of fishing nymphs on chalkstreams and the later fallout between Frank Sawyer and Major Oliver Kite. For the first thirty years of the twentieth century, nymph fishermen were held in contempt and often considered little better than poachers on many chalkstreams. Nymph fishing started and was developed in England and then spread, along with nymph patterns, around the world through the writings of Skues and others and the travels of English anglers. Over the last fifty years, the English method has been adapted and developed to suit local conditions, particularly in the United States.