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The Art of Mid

Author : John Quarnstrom
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The second installment of the series, The Art of Mid is a 100 page, jam-packed guide that explains the complexities of Mid in it's entirety. Written by none other than Bigfatlp and edited by Pseudonaut, The Art of Mid seeks to entertain and educate. What secrets lie behind these pages? All the answers to your questions, and more - and who better to reveal their insight into the role than Bigfatlp, the uncontested god of mid-lane during Season 1. Learn from the himself as we guide you on your journey to the top.

The Museum of Modern Art at Mid century

Author :
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The Museum of Modern Art at Mid century at Home and Abroad

Author : John Szarkowski
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Studies in Modern Art, the illustrated journal published annually by The Museum of Modern Art, is devoted to the discussion of topics in modern and contemporary art. Volumes 4 and 5 in this series together present a study of the Museum's history in the period following World War II, a time of reassessment of the modern tradition in the visual arts and of the museum's own collection, exhibitions, programmes and policies.

Russian and Soviet Views of Modern Western Art 1890s to Mid 1930s

Author : Ilia Dorontchenkov
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From the first Modernist exhibitions in the late 1890s to the Soviet rupture with the West in the mid-1930s, Russian artists and writers came into wide contact with modern European art and ideas. Introducing a wealth of little-known material set in an illuminating interpretive context, this sourcebook presents Russian and Soviet views of Western art during this critical period of cultural transformation. The writings document complex responses to these works and ideas before the Russians lost contact with them almost entirely. Many of these writings have been unavailable to foreign readers and, until recently, were not widely known even to Russian scholars. Both an important reference and a valuable resource for classrooms, the book includes an introductory essay and shorter introductions to the individual sections.

A History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages

Author : Charles Oman
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Myra s threepenny mid monthly journal and childrens bazaar

Author : Myra's threepenny journal
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The Art of the West in the Middle Ages Romanesque art

Author : Henri Focillon
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The present work is more than a history of Western medieval art: it is an aesthetic exploration into the development of medieval style, particularly as it is expressed itself in architecture and architectural decoration. The illustrations which accompany the text are designed to provide a visual complement to the author's instructive analyses and stimulating ideas. -- From publisher's description.

Royal Dictionary English and French and French and English Compiled from the Dictionaries of Johnson Todd by Professors Fleming and Tibbins

Author : Charles Fleming
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The Art Journal

Author :
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Cincinnati Modern Art Design at Mid century

Author : David Lusenhop
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What it Meant to be Modern

Author : Sheryl Conkelton
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Looks at the ways in which the work of artists in Seattle was intricately intertwined with the city and explores the diverse styles that arose from a complex and wide-ranging set of ideas about modern art. Essays present modern art in the context of Seattle's social and physical growth.

The Art of Sukhothai

Author : Carol Stratton
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Sukhothai, meaning "Dawn of Happiness," is the name of a Thai city, a kingdom, and an era that stretched from the mid-13th to the mid-15th century. This generously illustrated volume brings together the major achievements in architecture, sculpture, painting, and ceramics of this period, revealing Sukhothai's unique artistic legacy and placing Thai art firmly within its historical and cultural context.

The Art of War

Author : Deana Margaret Rankin
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On the Mid ground

Author : Hanru Hou
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Hou Hanru is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and innovative curators and critics on the contemporary art scene today. Known for such ground-breaking exhibitions as Cities on the Move (co-curated with Hans Ulrich Obrist), Out of the Center, Parisien(ne)s and the Kwangju Biennial in Korea, his work addresses questions of globalization and identity, understanding contemporary art practice as it exists beyond geographical and regional boundaries. This dense, excellent collection of his writings and interviews is divided into four sections: "From China to the International," " From 'Exile' to the Global," "Global Cities and Art," and "Interviews, Dialogues, Conversations."

The Art of Teaching Arithmetic Designed to Facilitate and Improve the Teaching of Arithmetic and to Prepare Normal Students Etc for the Government Examinations in that Department of Instruction

Author : John HUNTER (Principal of Uxbridge School.)
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Art in the Cinema

Author : Steven Jacobs
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In the 1940s and 1950s, hundreds of art documentaries were produced, many of them being highly personal, poetic, reflexive and experimental films that offer a thrilling cinematic experience. With the exception of Alain Resnais's Van Gogh (1948), Henri-Georges Clouzot's Le Mystère Picasso (1956) and a few others, most of them have received only scant scholarly attention. This book aims to rectify this situation by discussing the most lyrical, experimental and influential post-war art documentaries, connecting them to contemporaneous museological developments and Euro-American cultural and political relationships. With contributors with expertise across art history and film studies, Art in the Cinema draws attention to film projects by André Bazin, Ilya Bolotowsky, Paul Haesaerts, Carlo Ragghianti, John Read, Dudley Shaw Aston, Henri Storck and Willard Van Dyke among others.

The Art Interchange

Author :
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The Art of Turkish Weaving

Author : Nevber Gürsu
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Between Art Practice and Psychoanalysis Mid Twentieth Century

Author : Beth Williamson
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The work of mid-twentieth century art theorist Anton Ehrenzweig is explored in this original and timely study. An analysis of the dynamic and invigorating intellectual influences, institutional framework and legacy of his work, Between Art Practice and Psychoanalysis reveals the context within which Ehrenzweig worked, how that influenced him and those artists with whom he worked closely. Beth Williamson looks to the writing of Melanie Klein, Marion Milner, Adrian Stokes and others to elaborate Ehrenzweig?s theory of art, a theory that extends beyond the visual arts to music. In this first full-length study on his work, including an inventory of his library, previously unexamined archival material and unseen artworks sit at the heart of a book that examines Ehrenzweig?s working relationships with important British artists such as Bridget Riley, Eduardo Paolozzi and other members of the Independent Group in London in the 1950s and 1960s. In Ehrenzweig?s second book The Hidden Order of Art (1967) his thinking on Jackson Pollock is important too. It was this book that inspired American artists Robert Smithson and Robert Morris when they deployed his concept of ?dedifferentiation?. Here Williamson offers new readings of process art c. 1970 showing how Ehrenzweig?s aesthetic retains relevance beyond the immediate post-war era.

New Art City

Author : Jed Perl
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In this landmark work, Jed Perl captures the excitement of a generation of legendary artists–Jackson Pollack, Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauschenberg, and Ellsworth Kelly among them–who came to New York, mingled in its lofts and bars, and revolutionized American art. In a continuously arresting narrative, Perl also portrays such less well known figures as the galvanic teacher Hans Hofmann, the lyric expressionist Joan Mitchell, and the adventuresome realist Fairfield Porter, as well the writers, critics, and patrons who rounded out the artists’world. Brilliantly describing the intellectual crosscurrents of the time as well as the genius of dozens of artists, New Art City is indispensable for lovers of modern art and culture.