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The Art of Marriage

Author : Isella Jones
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This book is written and designed to allow couples to focus on each other. I want people to understand that there is hope, and to bring back the passion that generates a loving and successful marriage. I hope and pray that it will restore there love for each other that they once had. sadly it does take two willing people that want to save there marriage. There are people that have a disire to be so selfish, that you may not have a choice in the matter. I know from experience to have a great marriage, loving marriage, wonderful marriage, God must be present in the marriage.

The Art of Marriage

Author : Jesse F. Hayden
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The Art of Marriage Maintenance

Author : Sylvia R. Karasu
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Given the fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce, you would think marriage wouldn't be so popular, but getting married is one of the most popular of all life events. In fact, many new couples are willing to face considerable debt for the wedding ceremony alone! It seems that many people spend more time on planning the wedding than on thinking about marriage and what it entails. The Art of Marriage Maintenance is about marital life after the wedding. It is about psychological and biological difficulties between men and women that make marriage so challenging. It is about why passion is in danger of fading within marriage, how hormones exacerbate behavior, and how the brain confounds us. It is about how pregnancy and having young children and adolescents often catapult a marriage to its breaking point and how the stresses of mid-life contribute to marital discord. It is, in effect, how to ensure a happy enduring marriage. It is the art of marriage maintenance.

The Art of Love Connection and Marriage

Author : Adriana Cara
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Testimonials: “What an amazing book. A perfect guide for understanding the importance of communication in a relationship.” Karlowa Sharik, author of the book “Tiempo sin Limites” “The book is a must read; witty, funny, full of personality and passion. My clients love it.” Mia Babes, owner of Mia Wagner Hair Salon, Manhattan. “This book is perfect read for a Sunday afternoon with a glass of Prosecco.” Francine Cruz, actress starring in “Faith through the Storms’, available on Amazon Prime.

The Art of Marriage

Author : Wilferd Arlan Peterson
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The most frequently recited English-language wedding poem and one of the greatest odes to matrimony, "The Art of Marriage" embodies the sentiments, the ideals, and the love to which any marriage aspires. The memorable simplicity of its language makes the poem a touchstone for all couples, both at the start of a relationship and after the blessing of a lifetime in love. The poem is accompanied by inspiring illustrations, making it a wonderful gift for wedding day guests, a couple celebrating an anniversary, or a partner.

The Art and Science of Marriage

Author : Esther Bogen Tietz
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Living The Mystery of Marriage

Author : Perry J. Cahall
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The Physiology of Marriage and Pierre Grassou

Author : Honore De Balzac
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Who is the husband who can now sleep quietly beside his young and pretty consort, after learning that at least three bachelors are on the lookout to rob him; that, if they have not already encroached upon his property, they regard his bride as their legitimate prey, who, sooner or later, will fall victim to them, whether by force, by ruse, or by her own free will, and that it is impossible that, some day, they will not be victorious!-from "Meditation IV: On the Virtuous Woman""I am not deep," Honor de Balzac is reported have quipped, "but very wide." His satiric width is on full display in The Physiology of Marriage, a sociological essay on matrimony masquerading as a novel... or is it a novel masquerading as a sociological essay on matrimony? Bold and cynical-or so his contemporaries perceived-this 1829 work is startling modern in its spirit and approach, a dryly witty expose of the underlying tensions of the enduring battle of the sexes.Also in this volume: Balzac's short tale "Pierre Grassou," an 1840 story about a terrible painter who uses marriage to the daughter of a wealthy art collector as a stepping stone to success.French writer HONOR DE BALZAC (1799-1850) is generally credited with the invention of realism in fiction, and his novels are considered among the greatest ever written in any language. His grand La Com die Humaine consists of a vast array of novels and short stories depicting French society of his time, among them Louis Lambert (1832), Les Illusions perdues (1837), and La Cousine Bette (1847).

The Physiology of Marriage Complete

Author : Оноре де Бальзак
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The Art of Logick Or the Entire Body of Logick in English Unfolding to the Meanest Capacity the Way to Dispute Well and to Refute All Fallacies Whatsoever The Second Edition Corrected and Amended By Zachary Coke

Author : Zachary Coke
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