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The Art of Inquiry

Author : Nancy Lee Cecil
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Asking questions is one of the most essential functions of teaching. In this book, the authors Nancy Lee Cecil and Jeanne Pfeifer show teachers how to develop both their own questioning skills and those of their students. The authors explain how to model provocative, open-ended questions, and provides many useful teacher- and student-directed questioning strategies. From these strategies, children learn how to ask questions that enable them to construct their own meaning from what they read and experience. This revised edition includes several new questioning strategies. In addition, many of the strategies found in the original edition have been updated and/or expanded to reflect today's best practices in educaiton. The Art of Inquiry is divided into two sections. Part I identifies the many types of questions and the thinking skills they promote (such as knowledge, comprehesion, analysis, and evaluation), and discusses how to foster the free flow of questions and anwers. Part II provides practical questioning strategies and activities (for example, Polar Opposite, Think Aloud, and Self-Instruction) that stimulate the highest critical and creative thinking skills. The authors also show how asking the right questions can help children to understand content, learn to ask effective questions of themselves, and make clear connections between diverse thoughts.

The Art of Inquiry

Author : Elizabeth Nelson
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In this clear and readable book, the authors show that research guided by the soul is rich, passionate, and meaningful. Borrowing from their expertise as scholars and teachers, they blend philosophy and practice to describe what scholarly research undertaken from the perspective of the soul might look like and to account for the exceptional experience of psychological inquiry at its best. The third, expanded edition includes two new chapters. The new second chapter offers a basic introduction to depth psychology for thoughtful, inquisitive readers, one that follows its connections to myth, religion, and indigenous practices of healing. A new seventh chapter on deep writing explores qualities such as beauty, craft, the fluidity and precision of language, and soulful communion between author and reader. This edition also enlarges the scope of the conversation by including more expert voices, including philosophers, poets, and novelists as well as scholars of religion, anthropology, mythology, and neurobiology.

The Art of Inquiry

Author : Joseph Coppin
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What is the relationship between the psyche and the inquiring mind? In this clear and readable book, authors Coppin and Nelson show that research guided by the soul is rich, passionate and meaningful. Borrowing from their expertise as scholars and teachers, they blend philosophy and practice to describe what scholarly research undertaken from the perspective of the soul might look like and to account for the exceptional experience of psychological inquiry at its best. The Art of inquiry is destined to become a new standard text in depth psychology.

Vonnegut s Art of Inquiry

Author : Ira Shor
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The Art of Poetic Inquiry

Author : Ardra Linette Cole
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This anthology builds on and extends the work of the Second International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry held in October 2009 on Prince Edward Island. The collection includes chapters of poetry, poetry as a part of prose-based essay, and prose pieces about poetry and inquiry as sites of experimentation, ritual and performance, witness, resistance and resilience in diverse socio-cultural, political, and historical contexts.

Art as Inquiry

Author : Marga Bijvoet
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Art as Inquiry presents an alternative approach to the history of art and technology and art in the environment since the mid-sixties. Focusing on the search for a new concept of art, and a different function for the artist, this book discusses recent developments in Art in Public Places and Media Art in terms of new modes of interdisciplinary production and collaboration. In addition, Marga Bijvoet argues, the nature of inquiry of these art works requires a 'field' interpratation, which perceives art as a set of relations in context. She suggests that this 'movement' might eventually bear the seed for a new paradigm of the visual arts.

Art and Inquiry

Author : Karl Hunter
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Handbook of Inquiry in the Arts Therapies

Author : Helen Payne
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The first book to embrace all the arts therapies, this is a ground-breaking examination of the effects of arts therapies interventions in health, education, community and social services settings. It is written by specialists addressing themes which are relevant to all arts therapists exploring the relationship between research and practice.

The Pursuit of Inquiry

Author : Jay Schulkin
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In an age of over specialization, The Pursuit of Inquiry is a book that bridges the disciplines of speculative philosophy and ongoing empirical research in psychology, biology, and neuroscience.

Eight Essentials of Inquiry Based Science K 8

Author : Elizabeth Hammerman
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Examines the goals of teaching inquiry-based techniques in science and uses sample lessons to illustrate ways to achieve those goals.

The Scenes of Inquiry

Author : Nicholas Jardine
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The Scenes of Inquiry advocates a radical shift of concern in philosophical, historical, and sociological studies of the sciences, from answers and doctrines to questions and problems, and explores the consequences of such a shift. In his Conclusion Nicholas Jardine writes: 'The time has come for scientists to break with science. What started life as a creative programme, liberating inquirers from limited scenes of inquiry, has become itself a limitation on scenes of inquiry. Freed of the mythology of science, scientistsmight become more perceptive of their varied practices and of the workings of their own social and political institutions. They might recover their lost literary and aesthetic consciousness. They might re-engage in historical reflection. Then we should surely see a wonderful proliferation andenrichment of the sciences and of the lived experience of all who partake in them.' Professor Jardine has expanded the book considerably for this paperback edition, adding a substantial preface, an extensive bibliography, and three new essays which develop its themes and pursue its aims further. These renew the book's interest and value for anyone interested in the workings ofscience and its role in our world.

The Art of Classroom Inquiry

Author : Ruth Hubbard
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The Art of Classroom Inquiry shows teachers how they can carefully and systematically pursue their wonderings through research.

The Art of Classroom Inquiry

Author : Ruth Shagoury
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This book continues to show teachers how they can carefully and systematically ask and answer their own questions about learning.

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Author : [Anonymus AC10343482]
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Humble Inquiry

Author : Edgar H. Schein
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From one of the true giants in organizational development, career development and organizational psychology comes a simple and effective technique for building more positive relationships-particularly between people of different status-that will lead to more honest and open interactions and stronger organizations.

Revised Statutes of the United States Passed at the First Session of the Forty third Congress 1873 74

Author : United States
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The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education

Author : Clifton F. Conrad
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The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education: Engaging Ideas and Enriching Inquiry, edited by Clifton F. Conrad and Ronald C. Serlin, invites and stimulates students, faculty, and policymakers to become more self-reflective in their inquiry. Placing the pursuit of ideas at the epicenter of research, distinguished K–12 and higher education scholars advance myriad ideas for enhancing educational inquiry, relying extensively on narratives, vignettes, and examples of key episodes in inquiry. These exemplars illuminate past, present, and emerging approaches across fields and domains of inquiry to research in education.

Islands of Inquiry

Author : Geoffrey Richard Clark
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"Many of the papers in this volume present new and innovative research into the processes of maritime colonisation, processes that affect archaeological contexts from islands to continents. Others shift focus from process to the archaeology of maritime places from the Bering to the Torres Straits, providing highly detailed discussions of how living by and with the sea is woven into all elements of human life from subsistence to trade and to ritual. Of equal importance are more abstract discussions of islands as natural places refashioned by human occupation, either through the introduction of new organisms or new systems of production and consumption. These transformation stories gain further texture (and variety) through close examinations of some of the more significant consequences of colonisation and migration, particularly the creation of new cultural identities. A final set of papers explores the ways in which the techniques of archaelogical sciences have provided insights into the fauna of the islands and the human history of such places."--Provided by publisher.

In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp

Author : Maughn Rollins Gregory
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In close collaboration with the late Matthew Lipman, Ann Margaret Sharp pioneered the theory and practice of ‘the community of philosophical inquiry’ (CPI) as a way of practicing ‘Philosophy for Children’ and prepared thousands of philosophers and teachers throughout the world in this practice. In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp represents a long-awaited and much-needed anthology of Sharp’s insightful and influential scholarship, bringing her enduring legacy to new generations of academics, postgraduate students and researchers in the fields of education, philosophy, philosophy of education, Philosophy for Children and philosophy of childhood. Sharp developed a unique perspective on the interdependence of education, philosophy, personhood and community that remains influential in many parts of the world. This perspective was shaped not only by Sharp’s work in philosophy and education, but also by her avid studies in literature, feminism, aesthetic theory and ecumenical spirituality. Containing valuable contributions from senior figures in the fields in which Sharp produced her most focused scholarship, the chapters in this book present a critical overview of how Sharp’s ideas relate to education, philosophy of education, and the Philosophy for Children movement as a whole. The historical and philosophical nature of this collection means that it will be a vital resource for philosophers and educators. It should also be of great interest to teacher educators and those involved in the study of pragmatism and feminism, as well as the history of education across the globe, particularly in the United States of America.

A Moving Inquiry

Author : Beth Pettengill Riley
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Is it possible to remain connected to the wholeness of embodied experience, as modern life becomes increasingly disembodied, fragmented and fast-moving? Many people hunger for a meaningful movement practice, but struggle to find it. The movement practice offered in this book is an inquiry into the nature of human flourishing. Our lives are made of movements, and bringing an organizing consciousness to our moment-by-moment experience opens a flow of intelligence from the natural world through our senses and tissues. Instead of living "on the surface," we can know ourselves as part of nature's body, connected to nature's life force. This book is a guide to establishing a personal movement practice that can serve as the foundation of daily life, with the body itself as teacher.