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The Art of Immersion How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood Madison Avenue and the Way We Tell Stories

Author : Frank Rose
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"A broad and deep look at how electronic media are changing storytelling…Completely fascinating." —Booklist, starred review Not long ago we were spectators, passive consumers of mass media. Now, on YouTube and blogs and Facebook and Twitter, we are media. No longer content in our traditional role as couch potatoes, we approach television shows, movies, even advertising as invitations to participate—as experiences to immerse ourselves in at will. Frank Rose introduces us to the people who are reshaping media for a two-way world, changing how we play, how we communicate, and how we think.

The Multidimensional Agency

Author : Jamie Parfitt
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Why was understanding Starbucks’ purpose crucial to the coffee company’s financial health? Why did a US-based cosmetics company establish a business partnership with an Amazonian tribe? How did Bing increase the usage of its search engine by inspiring people to search offline? And how did the beverage giant Coca-Cola end up producing a chart-topping song and accompanying music video? Advertising strategist Jamie Parfitt answers all of these questions and more in The Multidimensional Agency, in which he examines the causes, implications and consequences of the latest trends in marketing and their effects on today’s advertising industry. Taking note of the rise in human-centric marketing and corporate social responsibility, the increasing disposition of businesses towards collaboration, as well as the shifting role of marketing communication, Parfitt provides guidelines for how the advertising industry can adapt its practices to meet the changing landscapes of technology, media and society at large.

Independent Filmmaking and Digital Convergence

Author : Vladan Nikolic
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Independent Filmmaking and Digital Convergence: Transmedia and Beyond offers a comprehensive analysis of the technological changes of the past few decades in independent film and media-making, and explores new strategies and practices in media production, exhibition and distribution for independent producers and content creators. The book examines how independent filmmaking concepts have merged with digital and online technologies to create new hybrid multi-platform content creations. It explores key questions like how to reach an audience at a time when media conglomerates and their products dominate the market, and simultaneously, there is an overabundance of content competing for viewer time. The book investigates what kind of stories we tell and why; how the audience has changed, and what their expectations are; what the various niche markets are for independent producers and creators in new media; and new models for media financing and distribution. The content found in this book: Bridges the gap between professional media-makers and amateurs by focusing on new and emerging media models and practices. Provides a holistic view of the new media landscape, and practical advice on producing content in the new multi-platform media environment. Demonstrates how to create financially sustainable models for independent producers and creators in a shifting and unstable environment, providing many challenges, but also opportunities for independents. The author's website ( supports this book with case studies, news and updates.

Games Game Design Game Studies

Author : Gundolf S. Freyermuth
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How did games rise to become the central audiovisual form of expression and storytelling in digital culture? How did the practices of their artistic production come into being? How did the academic analysis of the new medium's social effects and cultural meaning develop? Addressing these fundamental questions and aspects of digital game culture in a holistic way for the first time, Gundolf S. Freyermuth's introduction outlines the media-historical development phases of analog and digital games, the history and artistic practices of game design, as well as the history, academic approaches, and most important research topics of game studies. With contributions by André Czauderna, Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman.

Fast Forward

Author : Holly Willis
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Cinema, the primary vehicle for storytelling in the twentieth century, is being reconfigured by new media in the twenty-first. Terms such as "worldbuilding," "virtual reality," and "transmedia" introduce new methods for constructing a screenplay and experiencing and sharing a story. Similarly, 3D cinematography, hypercinema, and visual effects require different modes for composing an image, and virtual technology, motion capture, and previsualization completely rearrange the traditional flow of cinematic production. What does this mean for telling stories? Fast Forward answers this question by investigating a full range of contemporary creative practices dedicated to the future of mediated storytelling and by connecting with a new generation of filmmakers, screenwriters, technologists, media artists, and designers to discover how they work now, and toward what end. From Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin's exploration of VR spherical filmmaking to Rebeca Méndez's projection and installation work exploring climate change to the richly mediated interactive live performances of the collective Cloud Eye Control, this volume captures a moment of creative evolution and sets the stage for imagining the future of the cinematic arts.

Design User Experience and Usability Theory and Practice

Author : Aaron Marcus
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The three-volume set LNCS 10918, 10919, and 10290 constitutes the proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, DUXU 2018, held as part of the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2018, in Las Vegas, NV, USA in July 2018. The total of 1171 papers presented at the HCII 2018 conferences were carefully reviewed and selected from 4346 submissions. The papers cover the entire field of human-computer interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of applications areas. The total of 165 contributions included in the DUXU proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this three-volume set. The 55 papers included in this volume are organized in topical sections on design thinking, methods and practice, usability and user experience evaluation methods and tools, and DUXU in software development.

Immersive Analytics

Author : Kim Marriott
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Immersive Analytics is a new research initiative that aims to remove barriers between people, their data and the tools they use for analysis and decision making. Here the aims of immersive analytics research are clarified, its opportunities and historical context, as well as providing a broad research agenda for the field. In addition, it is reviewed how the term immersion has been used to refer to both technological and psychological immersion, both of which are central to immersive analytics research.

Interactive Storytelling

Author : Nuno Nunes
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2017, held in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, in November 2017. The 16 revised full papers and 4 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 65 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on story design, location and generation, history and learning, games, emotion and personality, posters and demos.

Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age

Author : S M A Moin
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Inextricably linked to human evolution, storytelling has always been a key element of the marketer’s toolkit. However, despite extensive practitioner interest, academic research on the topic currently falls short. This book highlights how storytelling has evolved from an ancient art to contemporary marketing science, placing it in the context of digitisation and social media. It reflects the dramatic shift in brand storytelling in which marketers are in the driving seat, leaving consumers to do the navigating. Based within the context of AI, the influence of VR, AR, big data, and new media, this book predicts a creative renaissance in brand storytelling; one that will be at the intersection of science, art and humanity. The author suggests that there will be a shift from ad to art through the use of cognition and emotion, data and fiction. It suggests that through storytelling, brands will be able to connect with their customers’ hearts and minds. Drawing upon interdisciplinary research on neuroscience, emotional attachment and narrative theory, the book critically analyses existing theories, practices and applications of storytelling, providing a platform for debate between academics, researchers and practitioners.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Author : Jason B. Ohler
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Harness digital storytelling as a powerful tool to teach traditional and 21st-century literacy skills to help students reach deeper understandings in all areas of the curriculum!