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The Apprentice and the Project Manager

Author : Kamal Manglani
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People and organizations constantly struggle with the pace of change and limited resources. This book narrates important lessons on how people and organizations can win in today’s competitive and ever changing environment through short stories sharing experiences of an apprentice in an auto workshop, who learns the various types of optimizations, and who later expands these optimizations in his corporate job. The optimizations draw upon principles from Lean.

This book expresses the importance of short review cycles that support a shift in behaviors and habits through numerous parallels drawn from an auto workshop and later at a corporate culture.

Human behaviors are used to understand what we need to do in order to make us all better performers. When we start to measure those behaviors we start to see our wasteful habits and start to understand what we need to alter or cut out completely. The Apprentice and The Project Manager will help the reader identify these and similar challenges they are sure to face in their professional fields, even outside of technology. This book will enable the reader to get started on a journey to develop an Agile Mindset that is critical for survival of today’s leaders and organizations within or outside of technology.

Real World Project Management

Author : Richard Perrin
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If you're a project manager, you need this guide to fill in the gaps in the PM canon. The Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge, fails to fully explain certain PM tools and how they work, among other failures. Real-World Project Management fills in those major gaps with irreverence, wit, and wisdom. For any kind of project you’re managing, this book presents the high-quality tools and tactics you need to succeed.

Case Studies in Project Program and Organizational Project Management

Author : Dragan Z. Milosevic
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The ever expanding market need for information on how to apply project management principles and the PMBOK® contents to day-to-day business situations has been met by our case studies book by Harold Kerzner. That book was a spin-off from and ancillary to his best selling text but has gained a life of its own beyond adopters of that textbook. All indications are that the market is hungry for more cases while our own need to expand the content we control, both in-print and online woudl benefit from such an expansion of project management "case content". The authors propose to produce a book of cases that compliment Kerzner's book. A book that offers cases beyond the general project management areas and into PMI®'s growth areas of program management and organizational project management. The book will be structured to follow the PMBOK in coverage so that it can not only be used to supplement project management courses, but also for self sudy and training courses for the PMP® Exam. (PMI, PMBOK, PMP, and Project Management Professional are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

Kitchen and Bath Business and Project Management with Website

Author : NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association)
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Kitchen & Bath Business Project Management, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to professional practice for the kitchen and bath professional. This one-stop reference is based on the real-world experiences of kitchen and bath experts to ensure success in business and professional life. Kitchen & Bath Business Project Management, Second Edition is illustrated in full color throughout with improved graphic design so that visual learners can easily absorb both technical and professional practice information. This book also includes access to a companion website with easily customizable forms for increased efficiency, and an Instructor's Manual.

Project Management Absolute Beginner s Guide

Author : Greg Horine
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Succeed as a project manager, even if you’ve never run a project before! This book is the fastest way to master every project management task, from upfront budgeting and scheduling through execution, managing teams through closing projects, and learning from experience. Updated for the latest web-based project management tools and the newest version of PMP certification, this book will show you exactly how to get the job done, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time. Project management has never, ever been this simple! Who knew how simple Project Management could be? This is today’s best beginner’s guide to modern project management… simple, practical instructions for succeeding with every task you’ll need to perform! Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn: • Master the key skills and qualities every project manager needs • Lead projects, don’t just “manage” them • Avoid 15 most common mistakes new project managers make • Learn from troubled, successful, and “recovered” projects • Set the stage for success by effectively defining your project • Build a usable project plan and an accurate work breakdown structure (WBS) • Create budgets and schedules that help you manage risk • Use powerful control and reporting techniques, including earned value management • Smoothly manage project changes, issues, risks, deliverables, and quality • Manage project communications and stakeholder expectations • Organize and lead high-performance project teams • Manage cross-functional, cross-cultural, and virtual projects • Work successfully with vendors and Project Management Offices • Make the most of Microsoft Project and new web-based alternatives • Get started with agile and “critical chain” project management

The Project Management Institute Project Management Handbook

Author : Jeffrey K. Pinto
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Table of Contents

What It Takes Speak Up Step Up Move Up

Author : Amy Henry
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Amy Henry, a formidable businesswoman and the last woman standing on NBC's hit reality show The Apprentice, shares her experiences, tips, and in-your-face advice for moving up in today's workplace. Yes, men have written the rules for a long time---in What It Takes, Amy Henry shows young businesswomen how to make those rules work for them. With a ten-year career in business, Amy has shown she has what it takes---determination, brains, creativity, professionalism, and charm---to thrive in today's business world. What It Takes is an in-depth look at the strategies and tactics Amy uses to make the workplace work for her. With examples from Amy's and other businesswomen's real-life experiences, as well as advice from experts, What It Takes is the most honest guide for women in the workplace available today. Hip, frank, and controversial, What It Takes is the ultimate guide to the reality of today's business world---and Amy Henry is the new model for young businesswomen.

Dialogue Skill and Tacit Knowledge

Author : Bo Goranzon
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Everyone in an organization, from cleaner to CEO, has expert knowledge. Yet only a fraction of it can be codified and expressed explicitly as facts and rules. A little more is visible implicitly as accepted procedures, but even this is only the beginning. Submerged beneath the explicit and implicit levels is a vast iceberg of tacit knowledge that cannot be reliably accessed by traditional analytical approaches. And yet, without it, organizational learning means little. Interweaving theory with practical guidance, this book looks at the importance of tacit knowledge and shows how it is now being put in motion through groundbreaking analogical thinking methods. Chief among these is the Dialogue Seminar, developed by the editors, in which learning is seen as arising from encounters with differences. There can be no consensus on the value of corporate knowledge until what is meant by that knowledge is discussed and defined. Based on two decades of research and a host of practical cases, this book offers a way forward. "Göranzon argues that the question of whether machines can think is not the right question to ask. The more important question, he believes, is the impact of automation on work and human skills, and he is looking for a way of describing skills that allows us to discuss this question." —Janet Vaux, New Scientist "A Swedish initiave to rethink the relationship between learning and work." —Rolf Hughes, The Times Higher Education

Construction Quantity Surveying

Author : Donald Towey
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The modern quantity surveyor (QS) plays a central role in the management of construction projects, although the exact nature of the role depends on who employs the QS. The Professional Quantity Surveyor engaged by the client and the Contractor's Quantity Surveyor have different roles to play in any construction project, with the contractor's QS role extending beyond measurement to the day-to-day running of building projects, estimating, contract administration and construction planning, as well as commercial, cost and project management. This book aims to provide readers with a practical guide into quantity surveying from a main contractor's perspective. Readers will acquire an understanding of the skills and competencies required by the contractor’s quantity surveyor. Following a brief introduction, the book's early chapters cover measurement methodology and the contractor's business, with the rest of the chapters discussing commercial and contractual management of a construction project, including day-to-day running from commencement through to completion, in a highly practical way.

Business Driven PMO Setup

Author : Mark Price Perry
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Featuring contributions from more than 20 distinguished executives and subject matter experts, this unique reference challenges various traditional approaches and strategies for the PMO and explains how to set up a business-driven PMO using an extensively proven roadmap adaptable to any type or size organization.

I Want to Change My Life

Author : Barrie Gunter
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Competition talent shows have been among the most popular on television in the 21st century. The producers of these shows claim to give ordinary people extraordinary opportunities to change their lives by showcasing a specific skill leading to a new career trajectory. Most participants will claim that they entered to get a big break and to develop a career they have always dreamed of. To what extent do these shows deliver on such promises? Following through what happens to leading contestants in singing, entertainment, modelling, cooking and business entrepreneur competitions, this book shows that few go on to achieve lasting success in their chosen career. Many return to obscurity or to their previous lives. Some enjoy a low level career in the new direction delivered by the competition they entered. Just a few become truly successful. The pop and entertainment themed contests have discovered just a handful of major pop stars and entertainers out of many hundreds who have taken part after the initial auditions. Turning to the cookery or business franchises, there are few who go on to achieve lasting success in their chosen career. In these it is equally likely that the winners go on to enjoy success with media careers rather than as chefs or entrepreneurs. The most successful franchise of all is the fashion model competition (Next Top Model), which has yielded a high hit rate in terms of career success. What the analysis here also reveals is that it isn’t only the winners who ultimately benefit the most from their appearances in these shows. Moreover, television picks its own stars by recruiting contestants because they are telegenic or have a good backstory as much as for their relevant talents. In this way, a talent hungry medium has co-opted these franchises to replenish its own needs.

Gartner Group Symposium ITxpo

Author :
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Frank Lloyd Wright

Author : Ada Louise Huxtable
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Pulitzer Prize?winning critic Ada Louise Huxtable?s biography of America?s greatest architect Renowned architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable?s biography Frank Lloyd Wright looks at the architect and the man, from his tumultuous personal life to his long career as a master builder. Along the way she introduces Wright?s masterpieces? from the tranquil Fallingwater to Taliesin, rebuilt after tragedy and murder?not only exploring the mind of the man who drew the blueprints but also delving into the very heart of the medium, which he changed forever.

The Labour Gazette

Author :
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The Apprentice

Author : Gordon Houghton
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Open Forum

Author :
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The Labour Gazette

Author : Canada. Dept. of Labour
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Res Gestae

Author :
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10 Secrets I Learned from the Apprentice

Author : Anthony Parinello
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on Donald Trump's hit reality TV show The Apprentice, the competition is ruthless and only the most savvy, aggressive and confident contenders make it to the top. By carefully observing the behaviour and actions of the contestants and of Trump himself, Anthony Parinello has unearthed ten valuable tips about how to succeed in the cutthroat world of big business. What worked for Bill Rancic - leading him to fame, fortune and what's sure to be an extraordinary career - can also work for you.

Reality TV

Author : Misha Kavka
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This book is a study of the 'Reality TV' format which, in less than a decade, has transformed network programming schedules, branded satellite and digital stations, become a favourite target for anti-television campaigners, and turned viewers into savvy r