The Appeal of Insurance


Author: Geoffrey Wilson Clark

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442640650

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 247

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'The Appeal of Insurance is an excellent collection that reflects a growing interest in insurance research within the social sciences. Clearly written and accessible to a variety of audiences, this is a volume of world-class scholarship.'-Luis Lobo-Guerrero, School of Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy, Keele University In the marketing of its products, the insurance industry has always depended on a considerable dose of moral exhortation and enlightened appeal. The Appeal of Insurance traces the ways in which insurance over the past three centuries, perhaps more than any other business, has grown in concert with a clientele largely of its own making. Faced with a public that has preferred to avoid confronting the certainty of fatality or the probabilities of catastrophe, insurance promoters have had to create a demand for their products, first, by persuading the public to see the world as ruled less by divine judgments and more by statistical patterns, and second, by proclaiming a moral imperative of hedging against death and disaster by the prudential recourse to insurance. The essays presented here examine the history of insurance as a process of negotiation between the embedded social, legal, and cultural norms out of which the practice of insurance grew, and the new arrangements and sensibilities that insurance itself helped bring into being. Today, insurance is a global economic colossus and a fixture in the developed countries of the world. But neither the financial clout of the insurance industry nor its ubiquity conveys the full measure of its social and political influence. The insurance industry has in fact become a primary agent of discipline and control over public and private behaviours by imposing upon them the criterion of insurability. By tracing the boundaries of acceptable (and compensated) from unacceptable (and uncompensated) risk, insurers directly or indirectly govern people, products, and markets, and by this process become one of the most powerful and pervasive agents of social and economic control. Geoffrey Clark is a professor in the Department of History at the State University of New York at Potsdam. Gregory Anderson is the former Associate Head of the Business School at the University of Salford. Christian Thomann is a senior fellow at the Centre for Risk and Insurance at Leibniz University, Hanover. J.-Matthias Graf Von Der Schulenburg is the Director of the Centre for Risk and Insurance at Leibniz University, Hanover.

The Appeal of Internal Review

Law, Administrative Justice and the (non-) Emergence of Disputes


Author: David S. Cowan,Simon Halliday,Caroline Hunter,Paul Maginn,Lisa Naylor

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 1841133833

Category: Law

Page: 220

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Why do most welfare applicants fail to challenge adverse decisions despite a continuing sense of need? The book addresses this severely under-researched and under-theorized question. Using English homelessness law as their case study, the authors explore why homeless applicants did - but more often did not - challenge adverse decisions by seeking internal administrative review. They draw out from their data a list of the barriers to the take up of grievance rights. Further, by combining extensive interview data from aggrieved homeless applicants with ethnographic data about bureaucratic decision-making, they are able to situate these barriers within the dynamics of the citizen-bureaucracy relationship. Additionally, they point to other contexts which inform applicants' decisions about whether to request an internal review. Drawing on a diverse literature - risk, trust, audit, legal consciousness, and complaints - the authors lay the foundations for our understanding of the (non-)emergence of administrative disputes.

Time for the Appeal Tribunal in Investment

Arbitration Lessons from WTO and Transitioning to the New Era


Author: Ahmet Dulger


ISBN: 1612334687

Category: Law

Page: 104

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This Thesis presents a proposal for building an effective, legitimate, and transparent judicial system in the investor-state dispute settlement through an appellate review mechanism for the awards of ad hoc arbitral tribunals. Current investment dispute settlement system includes the arbitration facilities provided by institutions such as ICSID and ad hoc arbitration tribunals agreed by the disputing parties. This Thesis argues that this scheme of investment arbitration lacks the mechanisms for correcting the legal errors and securing the consistency between arbitral awards for the similar issues of investment law. As a comparable mechanism, the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism is examined to contribute to the establishment of a viable appellate mechanism in the investment arbitration. The WTO Appellate Body is the leading example for a multilateral dispute settlement mechanism. Therefore, lessons from the WTO experience and structure of the WTO Appellate Body are examined to create a transparent appellate mechanism for investment arbitration. Opposed to the EU TTIP Proposal on the establishment of a tribunal of first instance, the investment law must keep its ad hoc arbitration system in order to respond the unique needs of each dispute. With the aim of improving the dispute settlement system, the Appeal Tribunal, a standing body charged with deciding appeals of law, is at the center of the proposal. By preserving the flexibility of ad hoc tribunals, the Appeal Tribunal would be likely to achieve the goal of harmonizing international investment law.

Changing Working Life and the Appeal of the Extreme Right


Author: Dr Jörg Flecker

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409462919

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 282

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This book investigates the interplay of the recent transformation of working life and the growing appeal of political right-wing populism and extremism in Europe. It explores the individual and collective reactions and the strategies people develop in order to come to terms with socio-economic change. It raises the question of whether, and to what extent, changes in the employment system and in working life contribute to making people receptive to xenophobia, nationalism and racism. Based on an eight country study using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, this volume makes a significant contribution to the deeper understanding of the subjective reactions to socio-economic change and its political reverberations.

The Appeal to Experience in the Christologies of Friedrich Schleiermacher and Karl Rahner


Author: Allen G. Jorgenson

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9780820497228

Category: Religion

Page: 230

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Despite its controversy, experience remains a perdurable category for contemporary theology. This book explores the appeal to experience in the Christologies of Friedrich Schleiermacher and Karl Rahner, two theologians often accused of reducing theology to anthropology by allowing apologetic concerns to dictate their method in their appeal to experience. This work demonstrates that both theologians develop their hermeneutics under the tutelage of theology even while using -experience- as a category by which to provide leverage in apprehending Jesus. Both the perils and possibilities of their Christologies are explored in preparation for an account of experience construed sacramentally."

The Appeal of John Whalley Master,

B.A. of Brazen-Nose College, to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Visitor and Interpreter of the Statutes of All-Souls College, Oxford, Against the Warden and Fellows Thereof, Relative to His Right of Admission to a Fellowship in All-Souls College, as Founder's Kin. Heard in Doctors Commons, July 1792, Before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chief Baron Eyre, and Sir W.Wynne, Sitting as His Assessors..


Author: John Whalley Master

Publisher: N.A



Page: 235

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The Appeal of Iniured Innocence

Unto the Religious Learned and Ingenuous Reader : in a Controversie Betwixt the Animadvertor Dr. Peter Heylyn and


Author: Thomas Fuller

Publisher: N.A



Page: 260

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The Appeal to the Original Status

Social Justice in Anjou in the Eleventh Century


Author: H. B. Teunis

Publisher: Uitgeverij Verloren

ISBN: 9789065509048

Category: Conflict management

Page: 155

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