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Civil War Ghosts at Fort Delaware

Author : Ed Okonowicz
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Ghosts at the Civil War island prison at Fort Delaware State Park.

The Apparition

Author : Wayne Greenough
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Criminals beware the night. The Apparition is stalking you. No matter where you might hide, you will be found and you will no longer be a threat to anyone. You will be dead. But who is The Apparition? Why is this nighttime hooded figure killing the city's criminals? The police suspect Bryan Sloane, a wealthy young man about town, who in a fist fight killed Nick Putty Stryker. Putty was head gangsters David Stryker's only son. So maybe Bryan Sloane disguised as The Apparition is killing David Stryker's mob before they come after him. But is he really The Apparition?

The Apparition

Author : Arthur Montagu Brookfield
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Treatise on the Apparitions of Spirits and on Vampires

Author : Antoine Augustin Calmet
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In the 18th century, the stories of witches, ghosts and vampires were taken for the true records, not for legends. In the documents of those times, the mentions of the dead risen from the tombs were often recorded alongside with the mentions of natural disasters like floods and fires. Yet, even in those times, there were doubts about the reality of such episodes. The society needed a tool to tell a true record of vampirism or witchcraft from the faked one. The Abbot Don Augustin Calmet, also known as a Black Monk, with the approval of the King of France, developed a set of rules for determining the legitimacy of such records. His rules based on the philosophical reasoning and scientific examination. This book is a "How to" manual for dealing with the cases of witchcraft, vampirism, ghost appearance or possession. Additionally, this book gives a deep look in the history of these phenomena. In its time, the work by Calmet was perceived the European society of the Age of Rason as scientific research.

Apparitions Healings and Weeping Madonnas

Author : Lisa J. Schwebel
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Mysticism and parapsychology -- Ghosts and apparitions -- Weeping icons and other unusual phenomena -- Prophecy and precognition -- Criteria for genuine visions -- Healings and miracles -- Conclusion: Some theological observations.

Dissertations upon the Apparitions of Angels D mons and Ghosts and concerning the Vampires of Hungary Bohemia Moravia and Silesia Translated from the French

Author : Augustin Calmet
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Author : Sue Heaven
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The tragic death of a young man leaving behind a wife and child whom he loved so much... The torment of a young, beautiful, women and that of her unborn child... What secrets will a neglected, stately home reveal? Who is the ghostly apparition captured on a photo... What journey will Rosie and Sarah need to travel in order to reveal the truth? Why can’t the young man ‘Rest in Peace’ until justice is done...

A History of Dreams Visions Apparitions Ecstasy Magnetism and Somnabulism

Author : Alexandre-Jacques-François Brierre de Boismont
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Hallucinations or The rational history of apparitions visions dreams ecstasy magnetism and somnambulism

Author : Alexandre Jacques François Brierre de Boismont
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Waiting for Here

Author : Jon R. W. Thomas
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Sally Mathis, A Fashion Designer, experiences cognitive and memory issues of unknown origins and when she discovers the cause, she embarks on an unanticipated 'other-world' adventure.