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The Anthropology of Development and Globalization

Author : Marc Edelman
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The Anthropology of Development and Globalization is a collection of readings that provides an unprecedented overview of this field that ranges from the field’s classical origins to today’s debates about the “magic” of the free market. Explores the foundations of the anthropology of development, a field newly animated by theories of globalization and transnationalism Framed by an encyclopedic introduction that will prove indispensable to students and experts alike Includes readings ranging from Weber and Marx and Engels to contemporary works on the politics of development knowledge, consumption, environment, gender, international NGO networks, the IMF, campaigns to reform the World Bank, the collapse of socialism, and the limits of “post-developmentalism” Fills a crucial gap in the literature by mingling historical, cultural, political, and economic perspectives on development and globalization Present a wide range of theoretical approaches and topics

The Anthropology of Globalization

Author : Ted C. Lewellen
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Globalizing anthropology. Globalization and migration. Global/Local.

New Media Development and Globalization Making Connections in the Global South

Author : Don Slater
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New media, development and globalization are the key terms through which the future is being imagined and performed in governance, development initiatives and public and political discourse. Yet these authoritative terms have arisen within particular cultural and ideological contexts. In using them, we risk promoting over-generalized and seemingly unchallengeable frameworks for action and knowledge production which can blind us to the complex global patterns and promise of social reality. This compelling book forces us to look at these terms afresh. Drawing on more than ten years of ethnographic fieldwork in Latin America, West Africa and South Asia, Don Slater seeks to challenge these terms as voicing specific northern narratives rather than universal truths, and to see them from the perspective of southern people and communities who are equally concerned to understand new machines for communication, new models of social change and new maps of social connection. The central question the book poses is: how we can democratize the ways we think and practise new media, development and globalization, opening these terms to dialogue and challenge within North-South relations? Rooted in sociological debates, New Media, Development and Globalization will also be a provocative contribution to media and cultural studies, studies of digital culture, development studies, geography and anthropology.

Ethnographies of Development and Globalization in the Philippines

Author : Koki Seki
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The contributors to this volume examine the actual workings and on-the-ground effects of contemporary political economic shifts in the Global South, and implications for reconfiguring social networks, conceptions and practices of governance, and burgeoning social movements. How do various groups in the Global South respond to and manage chronic states of insecurity and precarity concomitant with contemporary globalization processes? While drawing on diverse ethnographic viewpoints in the Philippines, the authors analyze the impact of these processes through the conceptual framework of "emergent sociality," a purported connectedness among individuals fostered through interactions, copresence, and conviviality within a community over a long duration. In so doing, the case studies in this volume suggest, illuminate, and debate insecurities that may be commonly shared among populations in the Philippines and throughout the Global South. This anthology will be of great interest to students and scholars of cultural anthropology, globalization and Philippines society.

Organizations Markets and Imperial Formations

Author : Subhabrata Bobby Banerjee
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This edited collection is an extraordinarily welcome text for those of us teaching international management in the US while observing with dismay the lack of critical awareness about the rest of the world in extant disciplinary scholarship. Rather than giving us the view from the rest , the collection advances a temporal and spatial relational approach to understanding globalization and compels its audience to bridge the gap between the west and the rest by bringing to visibility the cultural and material encounters co-constructing them. In this context, the various contributions deconstruct international management as market-based activity, exposing its mode of existence within complex power relations networks extending over time and space. Marta B. Calás, University of Massachusetts, US Organizations, Markets and Imperial Formations offers a set of innovative critiques of contemporary economic globalization. A major theme of the book is that our imperialist histories have resulted in a globalization process that replicates exploitative colonialist patterns. Chapter authors provide insights on a variety of subjects, including a critique of mainstream international management textbooks and the simplistic toolkits they offer to managers; an analysis of how a universalistic view of capitalism and economic organization results in exploitative patterns of resource appropriation; and documentation of the negative consequences of globalization, specifically, patterns of inequality and class segregation. Alison M. Konrad, University of Western Ontario, Canada This authoritative book explores the nexus between organization theory, globalization and imperialism and examines the effects of a global order organized around development and markets. The authors explore how interconnections between organization theory and the global political economy have led to the perpetuation of inequality and active reconfigurations of life, labour and the economy. They contend that cultural ethnocentrism and Western ideologies of development continue to inform the field of organizational studies and offer an alternate mode of theorizing. Through theoretical and empirical reflections, the authors produce a patchwork quilt of innovatively critical approaches to globalization. Graduate students, academics and scholars in the fields of management and organizational sciences, as well as postcolonial, development and globalization studies will find this book of particular interest. It is also an invaluable read for international management and strategy scholars, including those focused on multinational operations in the Third World.

Cultural Transformations and Globalization

Author : Alexander M Ervin
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Change is the most significant factor of contemporary society and humanity s past. This book represents the first substantial attempt since the 1970s to synthesize and critique sociocultural change theories in anthropology and relate them to trends in the social and physical sciences. It emphasizes the most recent contributions especially complexity and emergence theory, social movements, network analysis, and globalization. Ervin presents a rich legacy of theories and case studies accessible to both the established scholar and the beginning student. He considers how theories and insights can inform policy as humanity faces crises of globalization.Key Features of the Text Designed for scholars and students seeking a comprehensive analysis of the relation between anthropological theory and practice. Assesses big questions facing the social sciences: Do cultures and societies change or is it really individuals, families, and social networks? Are there prime movers of change environment, technology, economics, ideas, powerful leaders, or cultural contacts? Are there structures embedded within changes and changes built into structures? Original contribution of the book is the integration of sociological and anthropological theories, including networks, social movements, complexity, world systems, etc. Online appendices include resources for students on applied and practice anthropology."

Global Development and Social Justice

Author : Ann El Khoury
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Are there existing alternatives to corporate globalization? What are the prospects for and commonalities between communities and movements such as Occupy, the World Social Forum and alternative economies? Globalization Development and Social Justice advances the proposition that another globalization is not only possible, but already exists. It demonstrates that there are multiple pathways towards development with social justice and argues that enabling propositional agency, rather than oppositional agency such as resistance, is a more effective alternative to neoliberal globalization. El Khoury develops a theory of infraglobalization that emphasizes creative constitution, not just contestation, of global and local processes. The book features case studies and examples of diverse economic practice and innovative emergent political forms from the Global South and North. These case studies are located in the informal social economy and community development, as well as everyday practices, from prefigurative politics to community cooperatives and participatory planning. This book makes an important contribution to debates about the prospects for, and practices of, a transformative grassroots globalization, and to critical debates about globalization and development strategies. It will be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, globalization, social movement studies, political and economic geography, sociology, anthropology and development studies.

Petty Capitalists and Globalization

Author : Alan Smart
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Examines how small firms, like large ones, are mobilizing to compete in a global economy.

The Routledge Handbook of Religions and Global Development

Author : Emma Tomalin
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This Handbook provides a cutting-edge survey of the state of research on religions and global development. Part one highlights critical debates that have emerged within research on religions and development, particularly with respect to theoretical, conceptual and methodological considerations, from the perspective of development studies and its associated disciplines. Parts two to six look at different regional and national development contexts and the place of religion within these. These parts integrate and examine the critical debates raised in part one within empirical case studies from a range of religions and regions. Different religions are situated within actual locations and case studies thus allowing a detailed and contextual understanding of their relationships to development to emerge. Part seven examines the links between some important areas within development policy and practice where religion is now being considered, including: Faith-Based Organisations and Development Public Health, Religion and Development Human rights, Religion and Development Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Religion Global Institutions and Religious Engagement in Development Economic Development and Religion Religion, Development and Fragile States Development and Faith-Based Education Taking a global approach, the Handbook covers Africa, Latin America, South Asia, East and South-East Asia, and the Middle East. It is essential reading for students and researchers in development studies and religious studies, and is highly relevant to those working in area studies, as well as a range of disciplines, from theology, anthropology and economics to geography, international relations, politics and sociology.

A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East

Author : Soraya Altorki
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A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East presents a comprehensive overview of current trends and future directions in anthropological research and activism in the modern Middle East. Featuring contributions from a wide range of distinguished contemporary scholars of Middle East anthropology, chapters encompass the entire breadth of the region’s cultural, social, political, and religious diversity. Numerous issues covering various aspects of Middle Eastern anthropological concerns are addressed—topics drawn from religion, the arts, language, and politics to political economy, the law, human rights, multiculturalism, and globalization. Within each topic explored, individual authors focus on the most pressing methodological and theoretical concerns raised by contemporary scholars, along with key conceptual breakthroughs, gaps in the literature, and fruitful areas for further research. Timely and thought-provoking, A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East is an invaluable resource for anthropologists and other social scientists seeking a better understanding of the complex relationship between the East and West in our new global environments.

The Making of a Modern Kingdom

Author : Ann T. Jordan
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This timely and relevant case study presents an unparalleled anthropological overview of Saudi Arabia, a nation-state of prime importance, while it builds a vital understanding of globalizationthe connectedness of the world. In its beautifully written pages, Jordan describes how a country with no modern education system and no modern technology or infrastructure developed all of these and became a first-rate world player in economics, education, and medicine in just a few short decades. After situating the work in current anthropological theory, Jordan presents a summary of the unique geography, history, and traditional cultures of the Arabian Peninsula. From there readers land in a world of traffic jams, skyscrapers, and marble shopping malls. They learn the steps of the modernization process, its effects on peoples lives, and the reasons for its success through examples from education, the oil industry, and a mini case study of a hospital. This fast-moving, eye-opening account casts a wide net. It includes multifaceted discussions of international politics and political organization, the position of women and the role of religion, the global importance of the oil industry, and the impact of the 9/11 tragedy on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to introductory cultural anthropology and Middle East survey courses, The Making of a Modern Kingdom serves as an ideal casebook with modern applicability in political and economic anthropology courses.

A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology

Author : Riall Nolan
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An essential career-planning resource, A Handbook ofPracticing Anthropology presents a comprehensive account ofcontemporary anthropological practice written primarily byanthropological practitioners Engagingly written and instructive accounts ofpractice by anthropological professionals working in corporations,governmental, entrepreneurial, and educational settings Provides essential guidance on applying anthropologicalprinciples on the job: what works well and what must belearned Emphasizes the value of collaboration, teamwork, and continuouslearning as key elements to success in non-academic careers Highlights the range of successful career options forpractitioners , describes significant sectors of professionalactivity, and discusses key issues, concerns, and controversies inthe field Chapters examine key practice sectors such as freelancing,managing a consulting firm, working for government, non-profits,and corporations, and the domains of health, industry, education,international development, and the military

Bewitching Development

Author : James Howard Smith
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These days, development inspires scant trust in the West. For critics who condemn centralized efforts to plan African societies as latter day imperialism, such plans too closely reflect their roots in colonial rule and neoliberal economics. But proponents of this pessimistic view often ignore how significant this concept has become for Africans themselves. In Bewitching Development, James Howard Smith presents a close ethnographic account of how people in the Taita Hills of Kenya have appropriated and made sense of development thought and practice, focusing on the complex ways that development connects with changing understandings of witchcraft. Similar to magic, development’s promise of a better world elicits both hope and suspicion from Wataita. Smith shows that the unforeseen changes wrought by development—greater wealth for some, dashed hopes for many more—foster moral debates that Taita people express in occult terms. By carefully chronicling the beliefs and actions of this diverse community—from frustrated youths to nostalgic seniors, duplicitous preachers to thought-provoking witch doctors—BewitchingDevelopment vividly depicts the social life of formerly foreign ideas and practices in postcolonial Africa.

The Anthropology of War Peace

Author : Paul R. Turner
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Drawing parallels between tribal behavior and international relations to demonstrate that societies are not inherently aggressive but are led into conflict when pride or in-group pressures push people to fight, this profound look at the chilling reality of cold war and its arsenal of nuclear destruction offers valuable new insights into how prejudices and stereotypes contribute to what may seem like an inexorable drift to war. Yet the authors conclude that war is not inevitable, as they offer suggestions for an end to the arms race in the nuclear age. Based on original research, this is a long overdue contribution to the study of war and peace in our time and a text for newly emerging courses on the subject.

ICTs for Global Development and Sustainability Practice and Applications

Author : Steyn, Jacques
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"This book unites the theoretical underpinnings and scientific methodology of an approach of deploying ICT in marginalized communities to bridge the so-called digital divide. This book contains case studies of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean that demonstrate which approaches work and which do not in deploying public access to information sources"--Provided by publisher.

Economic Development

Author : Jeffrey Harris Cohen
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Economic development is an important focus of anthropological work in rural and urban communities around the world, and in this volume the contributors offer expert analyses on the theory and practice of development. Chapters cover the key topics of market systems, agricultural knowledge, modernization, population growth, participatory development, conservation strategies, culturally sustainable development, globalization and privatization, tourism, urban development, and financial markets. The cross-cultural focus of the volume provides original data on development processes in many countries, including the Philippines, Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Kazakstan, and the United States. The book will be a welcome source of comparative research for anthropologists, development specialists, agricultural researchers, environmentalists, and geographers. Published in cooperation with the Society for Economic Anthropology. Visit their web page.

Globalization and Development

Author : Don Kalb
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This book is a collective effort by researchers affiliated with the CERES Research School in Development Studies in the Netherlands. These experts discuss themes and concepts crucial to the overlapping fields of globalization and development research. Individual chapters examine the notions and issues of globalization, livelihood, identity, governance, transnationalism, and knowledge.

Tourism and Ethnodevelopment

Author : Ismar Borges de Lima
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Ethnodevelopment is a well-established concept in the field of development studies. Despite its relevance to tourism initiatives and processes in the Global South, it continues to be an underutilised concept in the field. This book bridges this gap, presenting an original conceptual framework to study the relationship between tourism and ethnodevelopment. It focuses on the processes of inclusion, empowerment, self-expression and self-determination to explore the effects of tourism initiatives on the identities, cultural resilience, livelihoods and economic opportunities of ethnic minority communities. Chapters explore a range of concepts and issues such as gender, authenticity, indigenous knowledge, tradition, the commodification of culture, community-based tourism, local entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, and tourism and the environment. Drawing on rich primary research conducted across South East Asia and South and Central America the book offers detailed evaluations of the successes and failures of various tourism policies and practices. This book makes a valuable contribution for students, scholars, practitioners and policy-makers alike interested in tourism, development studies, geography and anthropology.


Author : Thomas Hylland Eriksen
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Globalization: The Key Concepts presents an accessible and provocative guide to the way we live now.

Commodities and Globalization

Author : Angelique Haugerud
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Today's growing fascination with flows of people, commodities, technology, capital, images and ideas across national and other boundaries poses fresh theoretical and methodological challenges to anthropology. Commodities offer a particularly useful window on globalization because they, unlike electronically conveyed capital, transport cultural messages. These ideological or symbolic transfers are of particular interest to economic anthropology. This collection considers how conceptions and roles of commodities may change in response to widening spheres of economic interaction and exchange. The essays in this volume are ordered under two themes. Those included in the first section, "Commodities in a Globalizing Marketplace," address historically and culturally defined variations in meanings and practices associated with commodities in globalizing markets. In Part Two, "The Circulation and Revaluation of Commodities", contributors analyze how commodity producers' experiences are informed by colonial and post-colonial history, state directives in the marketplace, and locations in dependent or marginalized regions. The chapters all focus on the production process as it responds to, is distorted by and increasingly is controlled by the determination of the value of those commodities outside a "locality".