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The Miracles Answer Book

Author : Lee Strobel
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In The Miracles Answer Book, Christian apologist Lee Strobel explores the exciting, sometimes perplexing topic of miracles, answering people's most pressing questions about them with profound, astonishing, and faith-building insights, as well as real-life examples, that satisfy the mind and heart.

The Miracle Question

Author : Linda Metcalf
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In this groundbreaking volume, Metcalf offers a step-by-step approach for people who feel stuck and overwhelmed by their life, and provides methods for tapping into sources and resources they already have in order to change whats happening in their lives.

Miracle Solution and System

Author : Insa Sparrer
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Solution-focused systemic structural constellations for therapy and organisational change. Constellation work is an effective way of externalising and working with problems in family and organisational life. Solution focused practice is the art of building solutions as simply as possible. The author combines the two and sets out a radical yet gentle form of practice. The pioneering work of the author and her partner Matthias Varga von Kibed is highly influential in Europe and appears here in English for the first time.

Miracles and the Miraculous

Author :
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The Miracle Pill

Author : Peter Walker
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We are bombarded with images of fitness and sport, everything from the sculpted torsos of reality TV shows to stories about cycle races and ultra-marathons. But at the same time, four in ten British adults, and 80% of children, are so sedentary they don’t meet even the minimum recommended levels for movement. What’s going on? The answer is simple: activity became exercise. What for centuries was universal and everyday has become the fetishised pursuit of a minority, whether the superhuman feats of elite athletes, or a chore slotted into busy schedules. Yes, most people know physical activity is good for us. And yet 1.5 billion people around the world are so inactive they are at greater risk of everything from heart disease to diabetes, cancer, arthritis and depression, even dementia. Sedentary living now kills more people than obesity, despite receiving much less attention, and is causing a pandemic of chronic ill health many experts predict could soon bankrupt the NHS. Scientists call activity 'The Miracle Pill' - if you could turn incidental daily movement into a drug, it would be the most valuable pill in the world. How did we get here? Daily, constant exertion was an integral part of humanity for millennia, but in just a few decades movement was virtually designed out of people’s lives through transformed workplaces, the dominance of the car, and a built environment which encourages people to be static. In a world now also infiltrated by ubiquitous screens, app-summoned taxis and shopping delivered to your door, it can be shocking to realise exactly how sedentary many of us are. A recent study found almost half of middle-aged English people don’t walk continuously for ten minutes or more in an average month. At current trends, scientists forecast, the average US adult will expend little more energy in an average week than someone who spent all their time in bed. This book is a chronicle of this very modern and largely unexplored catastrophe, and the story of the people trying to turn it around. But it also offers readers an empowering individual template for change – as well as, for some, a wake-up call that their lifestyle might not be quite as healthy as they believe.

Concerning the Answer of Prayer

Author : Alexander YULE (Minister of the Free Church, Aberdeen.)
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Miracle Secretary s Guide

Author : Executive Reports Corporation
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Touched by God s Miracles

Author : David Stone
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In a world racked with so many challenges, Touched by God's Miracles is a book that will fill your heart with hope and optimism. It will lift your spirits and cause you to pause and look at life in a new way that brings an added measure of gratitude and joy. This book answers the question, "What do people of all faiths and nationalities have in common?" The answer is that we are all God's children and God hears and answers our prayers--often in miraculous ways. Discover the true, modern miracles occurring in the lives of men and women around the world in our day--over thirty stories across five continents and over a dozen countries. This book will strengthen your faith and confidence that God hears your prayers and is watching over you and your loved ones, and it will boost your desire to reach out and help others in need.Touched by God's Miracles contains thrilling and inspiring stories such as:*Angels on the Streets of New York*Prayer and a Miracle in Copenhagen*A Marriage Saved!*Escape to Safety*Rescued on the High Seas*Healing in Nigeria*Guided by the Spirit*...and over 25 more!This book will uplift and fortify you--it has already received acclaim from readers around the world:"A stirring collection of stories about God's hand working miraculously in the lives of men and women of different faiths around the world."Ricardo ErnstManaging Director of the Global Business Initiative and the Latin American Board The McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University "So inspiring! A perfect revelation that God is watching over us and that miracles can happen to anyone, anywhere."Remy NepomucenoEnglish TeacherWinnipeg, Canada"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of," said Alfred, Lord Tennyson and this is so true. This book recounts such inspiring stories and leaves you with a deep feeling of hope."Sanjay DubeDirector & CEO, Nelito Systems LimitedMumbai, India"It is satisfying and heartwarming to read these stories of survival, strength and faith - because in times of doubt, we need to believe that we are not alone in the world. Call it a coincidence or the hand of God, this collection of short stories will inspire you! The stories are relatable to everyone as they range from everyday scenarios to life and death situations. They will fortify you with hope."Jeanne WangWife, Mother and Community VolunteerMcLean, Virginia"David brings to life modern miracle stories that are usually hidden from the world. Reading them is like having warm chicken soup for my soul. Thank you!"Nayesom LeeMother and BusinesswomanSeoul, South KoreaTouched by God's Miracles will give you hope and remind you that God knows you and loves you, and cares about you, your family, and your friends. A great read for a Sunday afternoon or a perfect gift for the holidays. Enjoy the book!

The Miracle of Prayer

Author : Rosemary Guiley
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A beautiful keepsake book by the author of Angels of Mercy. Guiley offers fascinating true stories of people whose prayers have been answered --including prayers answered by angels and dreams--and looks at the nature of prayer through history. 8 pages of photos.

The Miracles of Our Saviour Expounded and Illustrated

Author : William Mackergo Taylor
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Miracle Living

Author : Glenn Foster
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Miracle Moments

Author : Rachel Burchfield
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DIV A practical guide to listening to the whispers, warnings, power, and presence of the Holy Spirit—and expecting the miraculous every day./div

The Miracle of Brasstown Valley

Author : Zell Miller
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A true story of the miraculous creation of a college in a remote mountain valley at the turn of the 19th century and the captivating characters who, with the grace of God, made it happen: The Methodist circuit rider, still in his 20s, who came into the valley on a mule, bringing only a dream and the fierce faith of an Old Testament prophet. The wise, resourceful, soft-spoken widow who breathed life into the infant school not once but twice. The wealthy Methodist laymen whose generosity for Christian education was so great that his kin sued him because they felt left out. The college president, a Shakespearean scholar, who was more at home on the farm with his britches rolled up and shirt tail flapping.

The Five Minute Miracle

Author : Tara Springett
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The basics of The Five-Minute Miracle came to Tara Springett, a psychotherapist, in meditation one day. The system is a pleasurable self-help method that is designed to overcome all sorts of psychological problems, as well as easing chronic pain and tiredness. The method only takes five minutes each day and is so simple that it can be used by anyone, anywhere, even by children. A synthesis of Tibetan Buddhist principles and humanistic psychology, the core of the practice is to make contact with our Higher Consciousness (in whatever form we perceive it) and receive a healing symbol to overcome our problems. This symbol will be visualized (or sensed) in our heart, radiating loving light to ourselves and to everyone who is involved in the problem. It's a system that can be used over and over again -- for a new problem, ask for a new symbol. This system, which the author calls Higher Consciousness Healing, has brought extremely impressive and reliable results -- within days or a few weeks of beginning the practice -- to hundreds of individuals and families. Now everyone can learn and practice these principles through this extraordinary and miraculous book.

The Diabetes Miracle

Author : Diane Kress
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The breakthrough 3-step program to conquer type 2 diabetes with little to no medication. If you've been diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, it's easy to think, "How did this happen? I watched what I ate. If only I had tried harder, eaten fewer calories and burned more." But you're not alone, and it's not your fault. Many traditional diets can actually promoteinsulin resistance over time because they don't take into account your different metabolism. You may be one of the millions who have Metabolism B (metabolic syndrome), an inherited condition that can cause your body to overreact to carbohydrate foods, release excess insulin, and gain body fat--and eventually develop type 2 diabetes. The good news is that you can take control of your diabetes, starting today. When registered dietician Diane Kress herself developed this condition over a decade ago--despite following the ADA-recommended dietary guidelines--she realized that the "status quo" nutrition plans just don't work for everyone. In The Diabetes Miracle, she identifies the reason why. Now, she shares the groundbreaking 3-step program that she has created for the prevention and management of this progressive, potentially fatal condition. It's the miracle diet and lifestyle plan that thousands of her patients have been successful with--and that Kress personally adheres to today, controlling her diabetes without medication. Now you can get the facts and eat to treat the root cause of type 2 diabetes. With The Diabetes Miracle, you can expect to: Correct your body's insulin imbalance naturally and stop the progression from Metabolism B to prediabetes to diabetes "Rest, reset, and retrain" your pancreas to process carbs and react more normally to blood glucose changes Lose weight and keep it off--especially the love handles and excess back fat Get the best blood sugar readings you have experienced since your diagnosis on the least amount of medication Have more energy, sleep great, look younger, and feel healthier Gain control of type 2 diabetes on an easy, livable program This diabetes bible provides clear details about the disease itself, the newest parameters for diagnosis, and preventing complications. Kress also gives you the most up-to-date information on blood glucose testing, medications, the use of insulin, and tricks of the trade for great blood sugar control. With helpful Q&A throughout and a fresh, compassionate approach, The Diabetes Miracle takes the frustration out of living with type 2 diabetes so that you can take control...permanently. Get ready for better health and a brand new lease on life!

Case for Miracles for Kids

Author : Lee Strobel
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Format : PDF, ePub
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From bestselling author Lee Strobel’s well-renowned, bestselling series exploring the life of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian, The Case for Miracles for Kids tackles the tough questions kids ask about God, Jesus, and miracles, as well as providing information for kids who want to learn more so they can share their faith and knowledge with others. Mixing light-hearted prose and a conversational style with historical facts, research, and true stories, this book brings the miracles and ministry of Jesus to life and shows why they still matter today.

In Those Days at this Time

Author : Gideon Weitzman
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Miracles of Our Lord in Relation to Modern Criticism

Author : Franz Ludwig Steinmeyer
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The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature Science and Art

Author :
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The Daily Miracle

Author : David Conley
File Size : 51.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Daily Miracle: An Introduction to Journalism is a comprehensive guide to all types of journalism, providing a hands-on guide as well as a theoretical base. It has been extensively revised and updated in this new edition to reflect the rapid changes occurring due to the impact of ne electronic media forms, techniques and working practices in the world of journalism today.