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The Anger Alphabet

Author : Tina Rae
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The 26 elements of this programme help children understand anger and to see that it is linked with other feelings such as fear, loss and jealousy etc. They will begin to realize that anger is not always harmful and negative but should be managed effectively. There are complete teacher instructions, including discussion, circle time activities, photocopiable posters and worksheets, and ideas for plenary and follow-up work. At the end of the programme pupils will: " distinguish between behaviours " develop anger management strategies " express strong feelings in an assertive way " learn to recognize anger in its early stages " develop an understanding of others' perspectives.

An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy The archaic inscriptions and the Greek alphabet ed by E S Roberts 1887

Author : Ernest Stewart Roberts
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Library of Universal Knowledge

Author :
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The Alphabet Garden

Author : Pete Ayrton
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Originally published in twelve countries in eleven languages, these stories demonstrate that the fear of bland homogeny in European culture is far from realized; on the contrary, writers are creating in their different styles and languages works with a very distinct sense of time and place.

A New Concordance to the Holy Scriptures in a Single Alphabet

Author : John Butterworth
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Bible Alphabet Book

Author : Cook Communications Ministries
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Features a delightful rhyming alphabet of Bible characters. Includes Bible references to the stories.

The Alphabet of Buddhism

Author : T. Tansanguan
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Author :
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The Alphabet of Birds

Author : Sitakant Mahapatra
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The worship of lord Jagannatha, the rituals, his temple, his rathyatra and the many legendds surrounding him, all form the subject matter of some of the most exquisite poetry over composed in oriya.This selection for the first time brings to you about 40 such poems composed by some of the greats of oriya poetis tradition from 15 to 19 century.

Reform of the Hebrew Alphabet

Author : Michael Landmann
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A Cook s Alphabet of Quotations

Author : Maria Polushkin
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Alphabet Year

Author : Devon Miller-Duggan
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These poems started with a bag of children's beach toys--primary-colored alphabet sand-molds--and a quiet afternoon. They ended up needing a spreadsheet to keep track of the first words. "Love" is the "L" word for all the disorderly abecedarians because it creates a thread with which to gather all the ribbons of art, religion, human cruelty, anger, and the infinite intrusions by the random that both buffer us from a frequently distressing world and buffet us with that same world's constant noise. Because the proper abecedarians have a more orderly arrangement with the universe simply by virtue of progressing through the alphabet the way it's supposed to line up, the "L" words shift and wiggle even as the poems fun-house-mirror each other. Ultimately, the poems reach for peace without demanding either understanding, or patience, deciding that it is not only necessary, but lovely to dance with the monsters underneath our beds.

Small Press Record of Books in Print

Author :
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Sequoyah Father of the Cherokee Alphabet

Author : David Petersen
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A biography of the native American who gave his people the gift of reading and writing by creating the Cherokee syllabary.

The Typal Use of the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet in the Psalms c c

Author : Edward Dingle
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Shatterproof Alphabet

Author : Ivan J. Casson
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Russian English Dictionary of Proverbs and Sayings

Author : Alexander Margulis
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This dictionary contains 2,375 Russian sayings and proverbs and their English counterparts. Variants of each saying are included, and careful attention is given to the differences in British and American versions. For example, the Russian saying that is interpreted as "Children behave in a childish way, and they cannot be expected to act like grown-up people," is first given in Russian (in the Cyrillic alphabet) and then in English, and is then followed by the nearest English-language equivalent sayings in Britain and the United States: "Young colts will canter" (British) and "Boys will be boys" (American). The proverbs and sayings are arranged alphabetically by the first Russian word (in the Cyrillic alphabet) and are cross-referenced so the reader can find analogous Russian versions of English sayings. There is a keyword index for each language (one in English, one in Russian in the Cyrillic alphabet), which allows the reader to find a proverb or a saying without knowing the first word. Proverbs and sayings are current and include those popular in both spoken Russian and literature. The prefatory matter is in both English and Russian, for readers who have a command of either language.

Religious Emblems and Allegories

Author : William Holmes
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Everyone and Everything in Trollope The complete nonfiction and the topicon

Author : George Newlin
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Alphabets and Design

Author : Marybelle S. Bigelow
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