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The Ancient Language of Flowers

Author : S. Okerstrom
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You've been told to say it with flowers. Do you know what you are saying?

A Victorian Flower Dictionary

Author : Mandy Kirkby
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“A flower is not a flower alone; a thousand thoughts invest it.” Daffodils signal new beginnings, daisies innocence. Lilacs mean the first emotions of love, periwinkles tender recollection. Early Victorians used flowers as a way to express their feelings—love or grief, jealousy or devotion. Now, modern-day romantics are enjoying a resurgence of this bygone custom, and this book will share the historical, literary, and cultural significance of flowers with a whole new generation. With lavish illustrations, a dual dictionary of flora and meanings, and suggestions for creating expressive arrangements, this keepsake is the perfect compendium for everyone who has ever given or received a bouquet.

The Language of Flowers

Author : Beverly Seaton
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The author traces the phenomenon of ascribing sentimental meaning to floral imagery from its beginnings in Napoleonic France through its later transformations in England and America. At the heart of the book is a depiction of what the three most important flower books from each of the countries divulge about the period and the respective cultures. Seaton shows that the language of flowers was not a single and universally understood correlation of flowers to meanings that men and women used to communicate in matters of love and romance. The language differs from book to book, country to country. To place the language of flowers in social and literary perspective, the author examines the nineteenth-century uses of flowers in everyday life and in ceremonies and rituals and provides a brief history of floral symbolism. She also discusses the sentimental flower book, a genre especially intended for female readers. Two especially valuable features of the book are its table of correlations of flowers and their meanings from different sourcebooks and its complete bibliography of language of flower titles. This book will appeal not only to scholars in Victorian studies and women's studies but also to art historians, book collectors, museum curators, historians of horticulture, and anyone interested in nineteenth-century popular culture.

The Language of Flowers

Author : Marina Heilmeyer
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"The author outlines the mythology of flowers in the ancient and early Christian worlds and explains their special significance for love and marriage, in customs and festivals and the use of flowers as status symbols, as symbols of the seasons of the year or as metaphors of human qualities. Thirty-five beautiful depictions of flowers taken from the Renaissance and Baroque periods are reproduced as full-page illustrations accompanied by descriptive texts which analyse their symbolism, mythological importance, use and meaning in our present times."--BOOK JACKET.

The Meaning of Flowers

Author : Gretchen Scoble
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A colorful primer to the symbolism and lore from around the world for over sixty flowers to help you add meaning to any floral gift. Should you send a rose of crimson or of white to the one you love? What gift of flowers best expresses thanks to a dear friend? From ancient days, long before words complicated what we say to one another, flowers have been our messengers, invested with our most cherished feelings. Illustrated with luscious collages by acclaimed artist Ann Field, this enchanting tribute to the power and symbolism of flowers offers a contemporary introduction to an age-old tradition. The text draws on botanical, historical, and mythological sources worldwide, from ancient Rome to Victorian England, from Asia to the Americas, presenting portraits of over sixty blossoms favored for all time. In Persia, for instance, the black medulla of the red tulip was said to represent the lover’s heart, burnt to a coal by love’s passion. To Victorians, lavender signified a broken trust, hollyhocks fertility, and nasturtiums a jest or whimsy. Blending fact, folktale, natural history, and original art, The Meaning of Flowers explores the language and lore of nature’s most intimate and beautiful gifts.

The Complete Language of Flowers gift Edition

Author : S. Theresa Dietz
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The Complete Language of Flowers is a comprehensive and definitive dictionary/reference presenting the history, symbolic meaning, and visual depiction of 1,001 flowers and botanicals from around the world in one volume--now in a pocket-size edition for easy, on-the-go reference.

Language and meaning of flowers

Author : Daphne & Cloe
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New Edition. Knowing the meaning and language of flowers is crucial for not giving a bad impression and never go wrong kind of flowers for every occasion. Find out which flower to give according to each context. In nature there are different languages. The most admired is certainly that of flowers, extremely symbolic species, both in the myths of the past and in more recent tradition. There are so many, in fact, the legends that feature flowers and their various and numerous meanings. Of course, the term "language" does not mean that the flowers speak, although on closer look, sometimes it seems to tell us something. With flowers, in fact, you can say without speaking, expressing emotions and feelings even unmentionable. The flowers, in fact, are assigned different meanings. Many species have flourished a sacred meaning, almost religious. This language belongs to white flowers in general, the highest expression of candor and innocence. Opposite meaning, however, for the flowers of red, where it symbolizes love and passion. There are also red flowers that do not necessarily express feelings of love or falling in love. We cite, for example, amaranth, plant leaves with dark red or amaranth, in fact. This species does not wither and that is this characteristic that in the language of flowers is considered as the plant of eternal friendship. The flowers of capricious are the snapdragon and aquileia, it also symbolizes selfishness. Discover the true language of flowers you can use them and give them away to express or to declare their emotions, either downward or upward. Of course, we hope that the flowers are always given away for positive reasons, maybe even sentimental. Saying "I love you" with a flower is worth much more than in the words. It 'so important to know a priori the flowers with a meaning of love. Index: Acanthus Achillea Aconite Agapanthus Amaryllis Anemone Anthurium Aquilegia or Columbine Azalea Begonia Beautiful Night hawthorn Bignonia Snapdragon Borage Bouganville Snowdrop Calendula or Marigold Calla Camellia Bluebell Cyclamen Clematis Imperial crown Dahlia Digital Cornflower Peach flowers Gaillardia Gardenia Carnation Jasmine Geranium Hyacinth White lily Sunflower Daffodil Gladiolus Wisteria Hibiscus Iris Lavender Lilac Lotus Magnolia Mallow Daisy Lily of the valley Narcissus Nasturtium Water lily Do not forget me Hydrangea Poppy Passionflower Peony Periwinkle Petunia Primrose Rhododendron Red Rose Dark red rose White Rose Pink Rose Yellow Rose Orange Rose Lilac Rose Violet Rose Blue rose Black Rose Wild Rose Edelweiss Tulip Veronica Violet Pansy

The Language of Flowers Dictionary

Author : Priscila Sosa Cruz
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Inspired from the language of flowers from the Victorian era, the Language of Flowers Dictionary gives a brief blast from the past and a full list of flower meanings ranging from A to Z. The list contains meanings that are commonly found with the flower, but remember, no meaning is definite.

Remembering Well

Author : Sarah York
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The Language of Flowers Ancient and Modern

Author : Mary K. Moulton
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