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The Analysis of Time Series Theory and Practice

Author : Christopher Chatfield
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Time-series analysis is an area of statistics which is of particular interest at the present time. Time series arise in many different areas, ranging from marketing to oceanography, and the analysis of such series raises many problems of both a theoretical and practical nature. I first became interested in the subject as a postgraduate student at Imperial College, when I attended a stimulating course of lectures on time-series given by Dr. (now Professor) G. M. Jenkins. The subject has fascinated me ever since. Several books have been written on theoretical aspects of time-series analysis. The aim of this book is to provide an introduction to the subject which bridges the gap between theory and practice. The book has also been written to make what is rather a difficult subject as understandable as possible. Enough theory is given to introduce the concepts of time-series analysis and to make the book mathematically interesting. In addition, practical problems are considered so as to help the reader tackle the analysis of real data. The book assumes a knowledge of basic probability theory and elementary statistical inference (see Appendix III). The book can be used as a text for an undergraduate or postgraduate course in time-series, or it can be used for self tuition by research workers. Throughout the book, references are usually given to recent readily accessible books and journals rather than to the original attributive references. Wold's (1965) bibliography contains many time series references published before 1959.

The Analysis of Time Series

Author : Chris Chatfield
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Since 1975, The Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction has introduced legions of statistics students and researchers to the theory and practice of time series analysis. With each successive edition, bestselling author Chris Chatfield has honed and refined his presentation, updated the material to reflect advances in the field, and presented interesting new data sets. The sixth edition is no exception. It provides an accessible, comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of time series analysis. The treatment covers a wide range of topics, including ARIMA probability models, forecasting methods, spectral analysis, linear systems, state-space models, and the Kalman filter. It also addresses nonlinear, multivariate, and long-memory models. The author has carefully updated each chapter, added new discussions, incorporated new datasets, and made those datasets available for download from A free online appendix on time series analysis using R can be accessed at Highlights of the Sixth Edition: A new section on handling real data New discussion on prediction intervals A completely revised and restructured chapter on more advanced topics, with new material on the aggregation of time series, analyzing time series in finance, and discrete-valued time series A new chapter of examples and practical advice Thorough updates and revisions throughout the text that reflect recent developments and dramatic changes in computing practices over the last few years The analysis of time series can be a difficult topic, but as this book has demonstrated for two-and-a-half decades, it does not have to be daunting. The accessibility, polished presentation, and broad coverage of The Analysis of Time Series make it simply the best introduction to the subject available.

The Analysis of Time Series Theory and Practice

Author : Christopher Chatfield
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Spectral Analysis of Time series Data

Author : Rebecca M. Warner
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This book provides a thorough introduction to methods for detecting and describing cyclic patterns in time-series data. It is written both for researchers and students new to the area and for those who have already collected time-series data but wish to learn new ways of understanding and presenting them. Facilitating the interpretation of observations of behavior, physiology, mood, perceptual threshold, social indicator variables, and other responses, the book focuses on practical applications and requires much less mathematical background than most comparable texts. Using real data sets and currently available software (SPSS for Windows), the author employs extensive examples to clarify key concepts. Topics covered include research design issues, preliminary data screening, identification and description of cycles, summary of results across time series, and assessment of relations between time series. Also considered are theoretical questions, problems of interpretation, and potential sources of artifact.

Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems

Author : K.W. Hipel
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This is a comprehensive presentation of the theory and practice of time series modelling of environmental systems. A variety of time series models are explained and illustrated, including ARMA (autoregressive-moving average), nonstationary, long memory, three families of seasonal, multiple input-single output, intervention and multivariate ARMA models. Other topics in environmetrics covered in this book include time series analysis in decision making, estimating missing observations, simulation, the Hurst phenomenon, forecasting experiments and causality. Professionals working in fields overlapping with environmetrics - such as water resources engineers, environmental scientists, hydrologists, geophysicists, geographers, earth scientists and planners - will find this book a valuable resource. Equally, environmetrics, systems scientists, economists, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and management scientists will find the time series methods presented in this book useful.

Recursive Estimation and Time Series Analysis

Author : Peter C. Young
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This is a revised version of the 1984 book of the same name but considerably modified and enlarged to accommodate the developments in recursive estimation and time series analysis that have occurred over the last quarter century. Also over this time, the CAPTAIN Toolbox for recursive estimation and time series analysis has been developed at Lancaster, for use in the MatlabTM software environment (see Appendix G). Consequently, the present version of the book is able to exploit the many computational routines that are contained in this widely available Toolbox, as well as some of the other routines in MatlabTM and its other toolboxes. The book is an introductory one on the topic of recursive estimation and it demonstrates how this approach to estimation, in its various forms, can be an impressive aid to the modelling of stochastic, dynamic systems. It is intended for undergraduate or Masters students who wish to obtain a grounding in this subject; or for practitioners in industry who may have heard of topics dealt with in this book and, while they want to know more about them, may have been deterred by the rather esoteric nature of some books in this challenging area of study.

Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Author : Robert A. Yaffee
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Providing a clear explanation of the fundamental theory of time series analysis and forecasting, this book couples theory with applications of two popular statistical packages--SAS and SPSS. The text examines moving average, exponential smoothing, Census X-11 deseasonalization, ARIMA, intervention, transfer function, and autoregressive error models and has brief discussions of ARCH and GARCH models. The book features treatments of forecast improvement with regression and autoregression combination models and model and forecast evaluation, along with a sample size analysis for common time series models to attain adequate statistical power. To enhance the book's value as a teaching tool, the data sets and programs used in the book are made available on the Academic Press Web site. The careful linkage of the theoretical constructs with the practical considerations involved in utilizing the statistical packages makes it easy for the user to properly apply these techniques. Key Features * Describes principal approaches to time series analysis and forecasting * Presents examples from public opinion research, policy analysis, political science, economics, and sociology * Free Web site contains the data used in most chapters, facilitating learning * Math level pitched to general social science usage * Glossary makes the material accessible for readers at all levels

Information Sources

Author : John T. Fletcher
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Information Sources in Economics, Second Edition aims to bring together all sources of information in the field of economics into one convenient form, as well as present a picture of the international scene in the disciplines covered in the book. The text discusses the different sources of information such as the different kinds of libraries; bibliographic tools such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, and almanacs; periodicals; unpublished material; and statistics sources. The book also related branches of economics such as macroeconomics, industrial, and agricultural economics, as well as their related literature. The monograph is recommended for students and practitioners in the field of economics who are in need of sources of information on economics, especially those who are engaged in studies.

Time Series in Psychology

Author : R. A.M. Gregson
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First published in 1983. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Financial and Insurance Formulas

Author : Tomas Cipra
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Financial and insurance calculations become more and more frequent and helpful for many users not only in their profession life but sometimes even in their personal life. Therefore a survey of formulas of ?nancial and insurance mathematics that can be applied to such calculations seems to be a suitable aid. In some cases one should use instead of the term formula more suitable terms of the type method, p- cedure or algorithm since the corresponding calculations cannot be simply summed up to a single expression, and a verbal description without introducing complicated symbols is more appropriate. The survey has the following ambitions: • The formulas should be applicable in practice: it has motivated their choice for this survey ?rst and foremost. On the other hand it is obvious that by time one puts to use in practice seemingly very abstract formulas of higher mathematics, e.g. when pricing ?nancial derivatives, evaluating ?nancial risks, applying accou- ing principles based on fair values, choosing alternative risk transfers ARL in insurance, and the like. • The formulas should be error-free (though such a goal is not achievable in full) since in the ?nancial and insurance framework one publishes sometimes in a h- tic way various untried formulas and methods that may be incorrect. Of course, the formulas are introduced here without proofs because their derivation is not the task of this survey.