The Ambassador's Mission

Book 1 of the Traitor Spy


Author: Trudi Canavan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748116001

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

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As the son of the late High Lord Akkarin, saviour of the city, and Sonea, the former street urchin turned Black Magician, Lorkin has a legacy of heroism and adventure to live up to. So when Lord Dannyl takes the position of Guild Ambassador to Sachaka, Lorkin volunteers to be his assistant in the hopes of making his mark on the world. When news comes that Lorkin is in danger, the law that forbids Black Magicians leaving the city forces Sonea to trust that Dannyl will save him. Besides, her old friend Cery needs her as never before: someone has been assassinating Thieves, and when his family is targeted he finds evidence that this Thief Hunter uses magic. Either a member of the Guild is hunting down the Thieves one by one, or there is - once again - a rogue magician on the streets of Imardin. And this one has full control of their powers - and is willing to kill with them.



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Category: Diplomatic and consular service, American

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The Iwakura Mission to America and Europe

A New Assessment


Author: Ian Nish

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135318794

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Driven by the need to identify, classify and assess western technology and culture together with a desire to advance a dialogue for reviewing the so-called 'unequal treaties' - the new Meiji government of 1868 despatched a top-level ministerial team to the west which, in 1872, arrived in the United States. In all, they spent 205 days in America, 122 days in Britain and two months in France, as well as visiting other countries including Belgium, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Italy. Drawing on the papers given at the triennial conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies, held in Budapest in August 1997 (the year also marking the 125th anniversary of Iwakura's arrival), this volume presents a valuable new overview of the mission as a whole, with the significance and impact of the visit to each country being separately assessed. A supplement to the book looks at several 'post-Iwakura' topics, including a review of the mission's chief chronicler, Kume Kunitake.

The Ambassadors: U.S.-To-Russia/Russia-To-U.S.


Author: Lee B. Croft,Ashleigh Albrecht,Emily Cluff,Erica Resmer


ISBN: 0557264693

Category: History

Page: 266

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Russia and the United States have over two hundred years of diplomatic history and have never gone to war against each other. Here are THE AMBASSADORS who are partly responsible for this, ours to them, and theirs to us...ALL of them to date in a historical biographical book.

Ambassador at Large: Diplomat Extraordinary


Author: Lee H. Burke

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401504660

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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A mbassador at Large: Diplomat Extraordinary is a welcome contri bution to the literature on contemporary diplomacy, and is especially relevant to the conduct of United States foreign relations. Concomitant with pressures to escalate the level of diplomatic representation and negotiation, the Ambassador at Large, a recent innovation in the American diplomatic hierarchy, may play an increasingly important role. Should other governments follow the American lead by creating similar offices, a new, flexible layer of diplomatic relations may be added to the four which currently are most widely used, namely, the summit, the ministerial, the traditional professional, and the technical strata. Diplomacy may be defined as the international political process whereby political entities - mostly the recognized members of the fami ly of nations, but also emergent states, international and supranational organizations, and a few special entities like the Vatican - conduct their official relations with one another in the international environ ment. Like other human and societal processes, it is astatic and in the course of time experiences significant changes. It has expanded to meet the needs of a rapidly proliferating community of nations and it has been adapted to the growing complex of international concerns and interactions. Scientific and technological changes have created new problems and revolutionized methods of diplomatic communication and transportation. These developments have both intensified the needs and enriched the potentialities of the diplomatic process. Throughout history doubtless each major, permeative modification in diplomatic practice has produced a so-called "new diplomacy.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica

Or, Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature


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Our Man in Rome

Henry VIII and his Italian Ambassador


Author: Catherine Fletcher

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448129524

Category: History

Page: 288

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1527. Gregorio 'The Cavalier' Casali is Henry VIII's man in Rome. An Italian freelance diplomat, he charmed his way into the English service before he was twenty. But now he faces an almighty challenge. Henry wants a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and Casali must persuade Pope Clement VII of his master's case. Set against the backdrop of war-torn Renaissance Italy, Our Man in Rome weaves together tales from the grubby underbelly of Tudor politics with a gripping family saga to reveal the extraordinary true story behind history's most infamous divorce. Through six years of cajoling, threats and bribery, Casali lives by his wits. He manoeuvres his brothers into lucrative diplomatic postings, plays off one master against another, dodges spies, bandits and noblemen alike. But as the years pass and Henry's case drags on, his loyalties are increasingly suspected. What will be Casali's fate? Drawing on hundreds of unknown archive documents, Our Man in Rome reconstructs his tumultuous life among the great and powerful at this turning point for European history. From the besieged Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome to the splendours of Greenwich Palace, we follow his trail in the service of Henry VIII. Lavish ceremony and glamorous parties stand in contrast to the daily strains of embassy life, as Casali pawns family silver to pay the bills, fights off rapacious in-laws and defends himself in the face of Anne Boleyn's wrath. This vivid and compelling book will make us think anew about Henry, Catherine and the Tudor world.

Medieval India: From Sultanat to the Mughals Part - II


Author: Satish Chandra

Publisher: Har-Anand Publications

ISBN: 9788124110669


Page: 290

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A Broad Survey Of Political, Social, Economic And Cultural Developments In India Between 1206 And 1526 With Emphasis On Economic, Social And Cuoltural Aspects. Attempts To Bridge The Gap Between Current Hisotrical Research And Popular Perception Of The Controversial Phase. 14 Chapters And Matters.

Ambassadors from the Islands of Immortals

China-Japan Relations in the Han-Tang Period


Author: Zhenping Wang

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824828714

Category: History

Page: 387

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Using recent archaeological findings and little-known archival material, Wang Zhenping introduces readers to the world of ancient Japan as it was evolving toward a centralized state. Competing Japanese tribal leaders engaged in ambassador diplomacy and actively sought Chinese support and recognition to strengthen their positions at home and to exert military influence on southern Korea. Wang brings diplomatic history to life in his descriptions of the diplomats and their personalities and literary talents as well as their ambitions and frustrations. He explains in detail the rigorous criteria of the Chinese and Japanese courts in the selection of diplomats and how the two prepared for missions abroad. He journeys with a party of Japanese diplomats from their tearful farewell party to hardship on the high seas to their arrival amidst the splendors of Yangzhou and Changan and the Sui-Tang court. The depiction of these colorful events is combined with a sophisticated analysis of premodern diplomacy using the key concept of mutual self-interest and a discussion of two major modes of diplomatic communication: court reception and the exchange of state letters. accepting, or rejecting court ceremonial arrangements.