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The Alexiad

Author : Anna Comnena
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The Alexiad 100 Copy Collector s Edition

Author : Anna Comnena
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In The Alexiad, Anna Komnene describes the political and military history of the Byzantine Empire during the reign of her father, Emperor Alexios I. The text is a reference on the Byzantium of the High Middle Ages, documenting the Crusades and highlighting the conflicting perceptions of East and West in the early 12th century.

Anna Komnene and the Alexiad

Author : Loulia Kolovou
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Anna Komnene is one of the most curious figures in the history of an intriguing empire. A woman of extraordinary education and intellect, she was the only Byzantine female historian and one of the first and foremost historians in medieval Europe. Yet few people know of her and her extraordinary story. Subsequent historians and scholars have skewed the picture of Anna as an intellectual princess and powerful author. She has been largely viewed as an angry, bitter old woman, who greedily wanted a throne that did not belong to her. Accusations of conspiracy and attempted murder were hurled at her and as punishment for her ‘transgressions’ she was to live the last days of her life in exile. It was during her time in a convent, where she was not a nun, that she composed the Alexiad, the history of the First Crusade and the Byzantine Emperor, Alexios I Komnenos (1081-1118), her father. This book aims to present Anna Komnene - the fascinating woman, pioneer intellectual, and charismatic author - to the general public. Drawing on the latest academic research to reconstruct Anna's life, personality and work, it moves away from the myth of Anna the conspirator and 'power-hungry woman' which has been unfairly built around her over centuries of misrepresentation. It places Anna Komnene in the context of her own time: the ancient Greek colony and medieval Eastern Roman empire, known as Byzantium, with the magnificent city of Constantinople at its heart. At the forefront of an epic clash between East and West, this was a world renowned for its dazzling wealth, mystery and power games. It was also known for a vigorous intellectual renaissance centuries before its western counterpart. This was a world with Anna Komnene directly at the center.

The Alexiad of Anna Komnene

Author : Penelope Buckley
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A critical appraisal of the literary art of a great Byzantine text by the first woman historian, Anna Komnene.

Anna Komnene and Her Times

Author : Thalia Gouma-Peterson
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This significant critical anthology explores the life of Anna Komnene, the Byzantine context in which she wrote, and the impact of the Alexiad on her times and on subsequent historical works of literature.

The Alexiad of the Princess Anna Comnena Being the History of the Reign of Her Father Alexius I Emperor of the Romans 1081 1118 A D Translated from the Latin by Elizabeth A S Dawes

Author : Anna Comnena (b. 1083)
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Term Paper Resource Guide to Medieval History

Author : Jean S. Hamm
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Help students get the most out of studying medieval history with this comprehensive and practical research guide to topics and resources. * Covers 100 significant events across four continents, between 410 C.E. and 1485 C.E. * Offers an easy-to-use chronological organization that facilitates research and saves time for students, faculty, and librarians * Includes an annotated bibliography of primary source materials for each topic

The Alexiad of the Princess Anna Comnena

Author : Anna Comnena
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"This is one of the fundamental sources of information on Chivalry as well as many other interesting subjects. Princess Anna was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I, and obviously a highly educated and cultured woman. This is the first and only full translation of this remarkable work, although it has been much quoted in various scholarly works. Sir Walter Scott relied heavily on it for his various accounts of the chivalric tradition"--Publisher website.

Alexiad Of The Princess Anna Comnena

Author : Dawes
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First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Alexiad Royal Collector s Edition Annotated Case Laminate Hardcover with Jacket

Author : Anna Comnena
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Anna Komnene describes the political and military history of the Byzantine Empire during the reign of her father, Emperor Alexios I. The text documents the Crusades and the conflicting perceptions of East and West in the early 12th century.

The Alexiad Annotated

Author : Anna Komnene
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This annotated edition is translated by Elizabeth A.S. Dawes. Anna's description of 11th century CE Byzantium, which covers not only major events but also many physical descriptions and other details such as protocols and clothing, has become an invaluable source for modern historians. Anna was likewise sharp that her work present an objective perspective of events, in spite of the fact that she herself admits the Alexiad is to some degree prejudiced, or possibly an incomplete biography of her father.

Byzantine Women

Author : Lynda Garland
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This volume brings together a group of international scholars in new explorations of the world of Byzantine women in the period 800-1200. The specific aim of this collection is to investigate the participation of women - non-imperial women in particular - in supposedly 'masculine' fields of operation. Contributions focus on women's participation in the street life of Constantinople, their appearance in Byzantine fiscal documents, their monastic foundations, their costume and engagement with entertainment at the imperial court, and the way heroines are portrayed in the Byzantine novels.

The Alexiad of Anna Comena

Author : Anna (Comnena.)
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William of Apulia s Gesta Roberti Wiscardi and Anna Comnena s Alexiad

Author : Emily Albu
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Gendering the Crusades

Author : Susan Edgington
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This volume presents 13 essays which examine womens roles in the Crusades and medieval reactions to them, including active participation, female involvement in debates surrounding the Crusade, women in the latin east, papal policy, and literary representations.

Byzantium and the Crusades

Author : Jonathan Harris
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This new edition of Byzantium and the Crusades provides a fully-revised and updated version of Jonathan Harris's landmark text in the field of Byzantine and crusader history. The book offers a chronological exploration of Byzantium and the outlook of its rulers during the time of the Crusades. It argues that one of the main keys to Byzantine interaction with Western Europe, the Crusades and the crusader states can be found in the nature of the Byzantine Empire and the ideology which underpinned it, rather than in any generalised hostility between the peoples. Taking recent scholarship into account, this new edition includes an updated notes section and bibliography, as well as significant additions to the text: - New material on the role of religious differences after 1100 - A detailed discussion of economic, social and religious changes that took place in 12th-century Byzantine relations with the west - In-depth coverage of Byzantium and the Crusades during the 13th century - New maps, illustrations, genealogical tables and a timeline of key dates Byzantium and the Crusades is an important contribution to the historiography by a major scholar in the field that should be read by anyone interested in Byzantine and crusader history.

Structure and Features of Anna Komnene s Alexiad

Author : Larisa Vilimonovic
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The Alexiad, written in the twelfth century by a Byzantine princess, Anna Komnene, tells the story of the Byzantine Empire during the reign of her father, offering accounts of its political and military history, including its involvement with the First Crusade. This book introduces new methods of research for studying the Alexiad, aiming primarily at analyzing Anna Komnene's literary expression. The book's approach focuses mainly on the author, the subject, the structure and the inner stylistic features, as well as the genre itself. The result is a substantially new outlook on the main Byzantine historiographical work of the twelfth century.

The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia Or The Early Protestants of the East

Author : Linus Pierpont Brockett
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The New Monthly Magazine

Author :
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East Meets West in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times

Author : Albrecht Classen
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This new volume explores the surprisingly intense and complex relationships between East and West during the Middle Ages and the early modern world, combining a large number of critical studies representing such diverse fields as literary (German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, and Arabic) and other subdisciplines of history, religion, anthropology, and linguistics. The differences between Islam and Christianity erected strong barriers separating two global cultures, but, as this volume indicates, despite many attempts to 'Other' the opposing side, the premodern world experienced an astonishing degree of contacts, meetings, exchanges, and influences. Scientists, travelers, authors, medical researchers, chroniclers, diplomats, and merchants criss-crossed the East and the West, or studied the sources produced by the other culture for many different reasons. As much as the theoretical concept of 'Orientalism' has been useful in sensitizing us to the fundamental tensions and conflicts separating both worlds at least since the eighteenth century, the premodern world did not quite yet operate in such an ideological framework. Even though the Crusades had violently pitted Christians against Muslims, there were countless contacts and a palpitable curiosity on both sides both before, during, and after those religious warfares.