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The Accidental Husband

Author : Jane Green
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Jane Green's The Accidental Husband is a powerful story about two women connected by an earth-shattering secret. Maggie and Sylvie are perfect strangers: two very different women, living very different lives on opposite coasts. But they share more in common than they could ever imagine. Both women have beautiful children on the verge of flying the nest, the home they worked hard to build and always longed for, and a handsome and devoted husband they can't believe belongs to them. Both women think their lives are seamlessly secure, but they couldn't be more wrong . . . For each is about to discover a secret that will shake their world to the very core, throwing into doubt everything they ever thought they knew, and bringing Maggie and Sylvie together in the most unexpected way. Praise for Jane Green: 'A heartbreaking tale of love and family, truly compelling' Closer 'Compulsively readable. I raced through it' Daily Mail 'Green is women's fiction royalty . . . a compelling family drama' Glamour Jane Green's internationally best-selling novels, including The Other Woman, Jemima J., Babyville, Girl Friday (published as Dune Road in the USA), Life Swap (Swapping Lives), Spellbound (To Have and to Hold), The Beach House, Second Chance, Straight Talking, Mr. Maybe, Bookends, The Love Verb and The Patchwork Marriage (Another Piece of My Heart) are incredibly moving and extremely relatable. The Accidental Husband is Jane's fourteenth novel. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and their blended family of six children.

The Accidental Husband

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Doctor, heal thyself! That's the wry message underscoring the charming romantic comedy The Accidental Husband, which features Uma Thurman as Emma, a radio "love doctor" who can't quite seem to manage her own love life off the air. The cast is splendid, led by Thurman, who has rarely gotten to show her comic chops, and who really is very funny and has a gift for physical comedy as well. The two bachelors whose lives are accidentally (on purpose?) entangled with hers are played by two dreamboats, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (rugged firefighter Patrick) and Colin Firth (her fiancé, Richard). The chemistry between Emma and both suitors is crackling and captured well on film by director Griffin Dunne. Thurman, Morgan, and Firth are joined by a supporting cast every bit as spot-on as they are: Sam Shepard, Brooke Adams, Isabella Rossellini, Sarita Choudhury, and Keir Dullea, each of whom brings his or her own quirks and charms. The Accidental Husband is very much in the mode of Four Weddings and a Funeral and the Bridget Jones films--which is to say, make a date with it for your next date night.

The accidental husband

Author : Uma Thurman
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The accidental husband

Author : Joan Jean
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The Accidental Stranger

Author : Cj Fosdick
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Jessica Brewster is being watched...and things go missing from the remote Wyoming home she shares with her toddler. In a freak accident, she shoots the bearded thief stalking her before she recognizes the mesmerizing green eyes that belong to the only man she ever loved. Has Mitch bridged time to find her? In a race to save his life and change hers forever, she takes him into her home and heart. But his memory loss and puzzling clues curry doubt and expose mystery and danger. Is he truly her son’s father or an irresistible stranger in her arms?

Her Accidental Husband

Author : Ashlee Mallory
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Payton Vaughn's trip to Puerto Vallarta for her friend's wedding was her big escape from her ridiculously overbearing mother—oh, and that little matter with her cheating fiancé. Now, her flight's been cancelled, and she's crammed into a tiny car with the gorgeous-but-irritating best man. Viva la road trip from hell... Cruz Sorensen doesn't have time to babysit some spoiled socialite, even if she is the future daughter-in-law of the man who could change the fortune of his family's company. He has no business getting to know her better—not even for all the tequila in Mexico...until they wake up with grande-sized hangovers as man and wife. Now Payton and Cruz must decide if they've reached the end of their journey...or the beginning of a new adventure. Each book in the Sorensen Family series is STANDALONE: * Her Backup Boyfriend * Her Accidental Husband * The Playboy's Proposal * Her Surprise Engagement

Accidental Husband

Author : Crystal Kaswell
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It's all fun and games in Vegas¿ until you accidentally marry your best friend.Last night, I married Jules.That's right, I married the girl who thought I had cooties in fourth grade.Yeah, we drank a few too many shots of tequila. We danced a little too close. But nothing prepared me for the taste of her lips.All of a sudden, we were in a borrowed limo (don't ask), ripping each other's clothes off, whispering dirty promises.Then I was on one knee, asking her to make it forever. And she was saying yes.This morning, everything changed.She wants to erase our night. Go back to normal.Only there's no more normal. I'm acutely aware of her long legs, her soft curves, her sweet moan.Mistakes be damned.She's my wife. I'm not about to let her go.Accidental Husband is a standalone accidental marriage romance full of heat, humor, and heart. Come see why readers say "no one writes broken bad boys like Crystal Kaswell."

Murder by City

Author : Algid Murthre
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Lucy Catchpole is a brilliant mathematician who takes a job in the City of London with a financial brokerage. She has devised a means of predicting stock movements. She knows with certainty how to make money on the money markets. Her boss, Alex Lightowler, is a ruthless, arrogant and misogynistic man who wants Lucy for himself. Eventually Lucy tires of the narrow, self-absorbed world of middle-class London and returns to her roots in the North of England. She marries a local man, George Atkinson, who is a plumber by trade and a pillar of the local community and Church. They had met by accident but were meant for each other. Her former London boss is not finished his dealings with Lucy and he follows her to her new home. Rape and murder follow this encounter and none of the parties involved is unmoved or unchanged by what happens.

The Accidental Diarist

Author : Molly A. McCarthy
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In this era of tweets and blogs, it is easy to assume that the self-obsessive recording of daily minutiae is a recent phenomenon. But Americans have been navel-gazing since nearly the beginning of the republic. The daily planner—variously called the daily diary, commercial diary, and portable account book—first emerged in colonial times as a means of telling time, tracking finances, locating the nearest inn, and even planning for the coming winter. They were carried by everyone from George Washington to the soldiers who fought the Civil War. And by the twentieth century, this document had become ubiquitous in the American home as a way of recording a great deal more than simple accounts. In this appealing history of the daily act of self-reckoning, Molly McCarthy explores just how vital these unassuming and easily overlooked stationery staples are to those who use them. From their origins in almanacs and blank books through the nineteenth century and on to the enduring legacy of written introspection, McCarthy has penned an exquisite biography of an almost ubiquitous document that has borne witness to American lives in all of their complexity and mundanity.

The Jeffrey Dean Morgan Handbook Everything You Need to Know about Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Author : Emily Smith
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April 22, 1966) is an American actor, best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural, and as the Comedian in the 2009 superhero film Watchmen. This book is your ultimate resource for Anna Sophia Robb. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dead & Breakfast, Six: The Mark Unleashed, Chasing Ghosts (film), Jam (film), Kabluey, P.S. I Love You (film), The Accidental Husband, Days of Wrath, Watchmen (film), Taking Woodstock, Shanghai (2010 film), The Losers (film), The Losers (Vertigo), Jonah Hex (film), The Resident (film), Texas Killing Fields, Red Dawn (2012 film), The Burning Zone, Provider (Angel), Carpenter Street, Weeds (TV series), Supernatural (TV series), Grey's Anatomy.

The Accidental Optimist

Author : Emily Joy
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Exploring an inimitable philosophy of hope and humor through a variety of ups and downs, this quirky recollection illustrates the author's search for the meaning of life. Depicting her experiences as the only doctor on call for an entire hospital in Sierra Leone in the midst of civil war, this portrait tells a story of optimism triumphing over what might elsewhere be the makings of disappointment and despair. From births and illnesses to family deaths and problem pets, this frank and unpredictable memoir demonstrates the remarkable insights that can be discovered from living through the seemingly unremarkable.

The Message of the Accidental Mystic

Author : Imma Andkaer
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A long time ago, back in the 1960s, a close friend asked me to go along with him to a book signing in Sausalito, California. I was introduced to the author. He was a recognizable and quite famous old man. As a portrait artist, I looked closely at the bright blue eyes of a once-handsome man. He said, "Will you come and visit me in San Francisco sometime?" "Yes, I will," I replied and didn't think much about it. But within a few weeks my friend was asked by the old author to visit, and I was asked to go along. We arrived that morning to a sunny, tiny apartment. We greeted the old man, and he ushered us in. His apartment walls were covered with newspaper clippings, neatly framed. There was not a bare spot among all the signed photos of famous movie stars of days gone by. Evidently he had been very well known in the movie world too. He sat us down for a cup of tea. Then he turned to me and said, "Can I tell you things of your life? Experiences you've had and didn't have and your destiny. I will record it and put it on reel to reel for you." "Of course," I said, as I was very curious of what he might know about me. And so he talked about me and was very accurate. Then he took my hand and moved closer to me, close to my face. He said, "You have something to tell the world, the entire world. I don't know what it is, but it is the entire world." But all was forgotten for more than fifty years. A few weeks ago, Michael and I were talking about the old man. What if this was all destined--Michael's gift of seeing in the spirit as Kirilian afterimage? My search for healing and search for God? Were we destined to be together? So we decided to ask! "Was the old man right? Was I destined to write this book and tell what has been revealed?" Michael touched my head and the touch revealed, YES. I asked out loud, "Who is the book for?" The touch revealed, THOSE WHO SEEK AND LOVE GOD, THE LOST WHO NEED HELP. "Is Michael a prophet?" we asked. NO. "What is Michael? What is this ability he has?" we asked. The touch revealed, UNIQUE. And so each day, as I study scripture, I ask the questions, some about the future. There are some unanswered questions. The Lord Jesus gave these statements without my questioning: HEALING OF THE WOUNDED SPIRIT. SEVERE NUCLEAR ACCIDENT INDIA. LEARN SEED PROPAGATION. PREPARE. MY RETURN. REJOICE. The material from the touch is growing into the next book. The next book will probably be easier to write.

The Accidental Slaveowner

Author : Mark Auslander
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What does one contested account of an enslaved woman tell us about our difficult racial past? Part history, part anthropology, and part detective story, The Accidental Slaveowner traces, from the 1850s to the present day, how different groups of people have struggled with one powerful story about slavery. For over a century and a half, residents of Oxford, Georgia (“the birthplace of Emory University”), have told and retold stories of the enslaved woman known as “Kitty” and her owner, Methodist bishop James Osgood Andrew, first president of Emory's board of trustees. Bishop Andrew's ownership of Miss Kitty and other enslaved persons triggered the 1844 great national schism of the Methodist Episcopal Church, presaging the Civil War. For many local whites, Bishop Andrew was only “accidentally” a slaveholder, and when offered her freedom, Kitty willingly remained in slavery out of loyalty to her master. Local African Americans, in contrast, tend to insist that Miss Kitty was the Bishop's coerced lover and that she was denied her basic freedoms throughout her life. Mark Auslander approaches these opposing narratives as “myths,” not as falsehoods but as deeply meaningful and resonant accounts that illuminate profound enigmas in American history and culture. After considering the multiple, powerful ways that the Andrew-Kitty myths have shaped perceptions of race in Oxford, at Emory, and among southern Methodists, Auslander sets out to uncover the “real” story of Kitty and her family. His years-long feat of collaborative detective work results in a series of discoveries and helps open up important arenas for reconciliation, restorative justice, and social healing.

The Accidental Mistress

Author : Tracy Anne Warren
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He will expose her masquerade, but she will expose his heart. To escape an arranged marriage, spirited Lily Bainbridge has staged her own death, and, disguised as a boy, she fled to London and a life of freedom. Yet her plans to live masquerade as an independent widow are thwarted by an encounter with a powerful and dangerously attractive marquis who wants to make her his mistress. Lily is afraid that if she gives him her innocence, he’ll steal her heart. Having agreed to a marriage of convenience to honor his family duty, Ethan Andarton, the Marquis of Vessey, has no intention of abandoning his rakish ways. Then fate intervenes in the guise of an impetuous young lady–a woman bold enough to scheme her way to London, who tempts him with her mystery and her sensuality. Kiss after kiss, caress after tender caress, Ethan vows to discover all of Lily’s hidden secrets. For beneath the layers of her clever ruse lies a burning passion that will ignite a tempestuous love neither of them can deny.

The Uma Thurman Handbook Everything You Need to Know about Uma Thurman

Author : Emily Smith
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Uma Karuna Thurman (born April 29, 1970) is an American actress and model. She has performed in leading roles in a variety of films, ranging from romantic comedies and dramas to science fiction and action movies. Among her best-known roles are those in the Quentin Tarantino films Pulp Fiction (for which she received an Academy Award nomination) and Kill Bill. In 2002 she won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Hysterical Blindness. This book is your ultimate resource for Uma Thurman. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Uma Thurman, Johnny Be Good, Dangerous Liaisons, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Henry & June, Where the Heart Is (1990 film), Robin Hood (1991 film), Final Analysis, Jennifer 8, Mad Dog and Glory, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (film), Pulp Fiction, A Month by the Lake, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Beautiful Girls (film), Gattaca, Batman & Robin (film), Les Misérables (1998 film), The Avengers (1998 film), Sweet and Lowdown, Vatel (film), The Golden Bowl (film), Tape (film), Chelsea Walls, Hysterical Blindness (film), Paycheck (film), Kill Bill Volume 1, Kill Bill Volume 2, Be Cool, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (film), Prime (film), The Producers (2005 film), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, The Life Before Her Eyes, The Accidental Husband, My Zinc Bed (television film), A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa, Motherhood (film), Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Ceremony (film), Bel Ami (2012 film), Playing the Field (film), Movie 43, Savages (2012 film).

Curse of the Bearded Girlfriend

Author : Charles Haddad
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"The Curse of the Bearded Girlfriend" is a tour de force of a coming of age novel set in the twilight of the hippie era. The voice is of a grown man looking back on the adventure of his life when he was 17. With a friend, he set out on an epic quest across the country via their outstretched thumbs. The journey turns dark after they hitch a ride with a young woman whose mental state rapidly deteriorates. While black comedy, this story is also a painfully authentic portrayal of a teenage boy grappling with his budding feelings of lust, love and the distinction between the two. Think of Curse as a modern day "Portnoy's Complaint."

The Accidental Bride

Author : Denise Hunter
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Two high-school sweethearts, a wedding reenactment, and one absent-minded preacher. Is it a recipe for disaster or a chance for a new beginning? Shay Brandenberger is a survivor. She's lived through a crazy childhood, a failed marriage, and single parenthood-with her confidence intact. But not for long. Because when Shay participates in her town's Founder's Day wedding reenactment, she finds herself face-to-face with the one man who takes her breath away and leaves her weak in the knees: Travis McCoy. Travis is back in town after years way on the rodeo circuit. His one regret in life is breaking Shay's heart when they were high-school sweethearts. He's determined to get it right this time. So when their Founder's Day "marriage" is accidentally made official, Travis seizes the day. Can Shay put aside her pride to let Travis help her, or will their accidental marriage be dissolved before it can begin?

The Accidental Daddy

Author : Meredith Webber
File Size : 26.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"When Dr. Max Winthrop is told he's going to be a father, he never thinks he'll have to share this news with the mother! But after a mix-up at the IVF clinic it's up to Max to tell unsuspecting pediatrician Joey McMillan that she's carrying his child! Max hadn't expected to be a daddy right now--especially by accident--but getting to know beautiful Joey opens his eyes to the possibilities of being more than just a parent... maybe even a husband!" --back cover.

The Accidental Captives

Author : Carolyn Gossage
File Size : 78.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In April 1941, a passenger ship was attacked and sunk by Nazi Germans. This is the story of seven Canadian women survivors detained in Germany. In April 1941, seven Canadian women became prisoners of war while on a voyage from New York City to Cape Town. Their aging Egyptian liner, the Zamzam, was sunk off the coast of South Africa by the German raider Atlantis. The passengers were transferred to a prison ship and eventually put ashore in Nazi-occupied France. As "non-aliens," all 140 Americans were released after five weeks in captivity, and with the help of theLifephotographer in their midst,the news of their narrow escape became an overnight sensation. The hapless Canadians were taken to Bordeaux and became part of a group of 28 women and children interned in various German detention camps. By a stroke of luck, the Canadians eventually received permission to travel to Berlin where they were left to fend for themselves and adapt to life among "the enemy." As prisoners-at-large, they established contacts with American journalists and diplomats, an elderly Jewish professor, and even with Nazi propagandist P.G. Wodehouse. Finally, in June 1942, an exchange was arranged and the Canadians were able to board a special diplomatic Freedom Train bound for Lisbon, and from there they got back across the Atlantic to New York and new-found freedom.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Author : Janine Allis
File Size : 55.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Learn the other secrets to success from the founder of Boost Juice In The Accidental Entrepreneur, author Janine Allis shares the secrets and skills that took her from housewife to entrepreneur to head of a multi-national corporation. As the founder of Boost Juice, Janine has journeyed from zero formal business training to leading a company with over 400 stores in 12 countries. This book takes you down the long road that she travelled, including some quirky stops along the way, and gives you valuable insight into taking the alternative road to business success. You'll learn how she captured the hearts of consumers with her love-life philosophy, and how to hang on to your core values, build the right team, listen to your customers and market like the big boys. As a working mother of four, Janine understands the demands of modern life, and shows you how you can accomplish your goals without sacrificing your health or your relationships in the process. Boost Juice is in more countries than any other juice bar in the world, employs 6000 people and for the past four years, has grown by an average of 30 stores and four countries every year. And it all began with one housewife in her Melbourne kitchen! Big ideas often start out small, and this book shows you how to nurture them into achieving their full potential. Learn how a company grows from kitchen table to $AUD135,000,000 per annum Explore and apply Janine Allis's practical tips for success Identify and develop the skills you need to get where you want to be Overcome the common obstacles that can throw you off course If you think the only way to build a prosperous business is to go to a top business school, think again! Janine Allis is living proof that alternative paths are valid. The Accidental Entrepreneur charts her course, and provides you with directions to the destination you crave.