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Seasonal Knowledge and the Almanac Tradition in the Arab Gulf

Author : Daniel Martin Varisco
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This book is the first in English to survey indigenous knowledge of seasonal, astronomical, and agricultural information in Arab Gulf almanacs. It provides an extensive analysis of the traditional information available, based on local almanacs, Arabic texts and poetry by Gulf individuals, ethnographic interviews, and online forums. A major feature of the book is tracing the history of terms and concepts in the local seasonal knowledge of the Gulf, including an important genre about weather stars, stemming back to the ninth century CE. Also covered are pearl diving, fishing, seafaring, and pastoral activities. This book will be of interest to scholars who study the entire Arab region, since much of the lore was shared and continues through the present. It will also be of value to scholars who work on the Indian Ocean and Red Sea Trade Network, as well as the history of folk astronomy in the Arab World.

Llewellyn s 2018 Magical Almanac

Author : Sandra Kynes
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Discover unique perspectives on the magic of life’s journey with Llewellyn’s 2018 Magical Almanac. Inspiring all levels of magical practitioners for more than twenty-five years, this almanac features nearly three dozen compelling articles, exploring a variety of topics, such as creating a well-stocked magical cupboard, dealing with invasive spirits, evolving a ritual circle, and using keys and handkerchiefs as magical objects. Also included is a helpful calendar section—shaded for easy “flip to” reference—featuring world festivals, holidays, and the 2018 sabbats. Filled with practical spells, rituals, astrological information, and incense and color correspondences, this almanac will empower your magical work all year long. Explore the history and lore of garden creatures? • ?Use dowsing in your daily practice to divine helpful information and find items •? Fuel your inner fire by working with the Goddess of the Eternal Flame? • ?Connect with nature and transform spiritually through a ritual for inner healing

Llewellyn s 2017 Magical Almanac

Author : Penny Billington
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Featuring favorite authors Penny Billington, Natalie Zaman, Deborah Blake, Michael Furie, Susan Pesznecker, Tess Whitehurst, Melanie Marquis, and more A measure of magic for a spirited year Discover ideas and techniques for transforming your life with the enchanted world of magic. A trusted companion for practitioners of a wide variety of magical paths, Llewellyn's 2017 Magical Almanac shares wisdom, stories, and spells in nearly three dozen articles, exploring everything from the magic of trees to fairy roads to performing a psychometric reading. Also included is an insightful calendar section—shaded for easy "flip to" reference—featuring world festivals, holidays, and the 2017 sabbats. Astrological information plus incense and color correspondences are included to empower your magical work. Bring your spiritual practice down to earth with money magic, witch jars, and Himalayan salt Focus on your social life and your inner life with protection magic for city dwellers, social media magic, and the characters that appear in your dreams Activate your sense of taste and smell with the magic of coffee, essential magical herbs, magical soups and salads, and the energetic properties of incense Published annually for twenty-seven years