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The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

Author : Matthew Llewellyn
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The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games stand as the most profitable and arguably the most important event in the history of the modern Olympic movement. Fresh off the back of the financially disastrous Montreal Games of 1976 and the politically controversial Moscow Games of 1980, the Olympic movement returned to the United States for the sixth time in an attempt to salvage the economic viability and global prestige of the Olympics. The Los Angeles Olympics proved to be both provocative and polarizing. On the one hand they have been heralded as an overwhelming, transformative success, ushering the Olympic movement into the modern commercial age. On the other hand, critics have repudiated the Games as a manifestation of commercial excess and a platform for western political and cultural propaganda. In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Los Angeles Olympics, this volume examines their legacy. With an international collection of contributing scholars, this volume will span a range of global legacies, including the increasing commercialization of the Games, the changing participation of women, the Communist boycott movement, nationalism and sporting identity, and the modernization and California-cation of the Games. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

The Olympic Games

Author : Peter Arnold
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Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games The

Author : Barry A. Sanders
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The Games of the XXIII Olympiad, Los Angeles 1984, reimagined the Olympic Games and reinvigorated a troubled Olympic movement. Its innovations included the following: a nationwide torch relay that yielded millions for children s charities; an arts festival that surpassed any prior efforts; the first Opening Ceremony featuring a professional theatrical extravaganza; new sports disciplines, such as distance races for women, windsurfing, synchronized swimming, heptathlon, and rhythmic gymnastics; an army of volunteers; vast increases in sponsorship and television revenue while avoiding commercialization and keeping expenses low using existing facilities; and a financial surplus of over $232 million, which has endowed sports for youngsters in the Los Angeles area to this day all through a privately financed organizing committee without government contributions."

The Cold War and the 1984 Olympic Games

Author : Philip D’Agati
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The Soviet boycott of the 1984 Olympic Games is explained as the result of a complex series of events and policies that culminated in a strategic decision to not participate in Los Angeles. Using IR framework, D'Agati developes and argues for the concept of surrogate wars as an alternative means for conflict between states.

Olympic Collision

Author : Kyle Keiderling
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"Dual biography of Mary Decker and Zola Budd and the infamous Olympic incident that binds them together"--

Changes in Travel Demand Characteristics During the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Author : Genevieve Giuliano
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National Identity and Global Sports Events

Author : Alan Tomlinson
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Explains why cities dig deep in their pockets to host the Olympics and countries breed teams for success on the world soccer stage.

Olympic Games

Author : Bernard L. Ungar
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Info. on (1) the amount of Fed. funding and support provided to the 1984 and 1996 Summer Olympic Games (OG), and planned for the 2002 Winter OG, and the types of projects and activities that were funded and supported; and (2) the Fed. policies, legislative authorizations, and agency controls in place for providing the federal funds and support to the OG. Includes the evaluation of the 5 projects: development of the Ocoee Whitewater Rapids Slalom venue for the 1996 Summer OG; use of Fed. employees to provide security during the 1996 OG; payment of Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Comm. staff salaries; payment of Paralympic Games' opening ceremony entertainers costs; and vet. assist. during the Paralympic Games.

Olympic games costs to plan and stage the games in the United States

Author :
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The 1984 Olympic Games

Author : Dick Schaap
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Covering all 260 events in the seven winter and twenty-three summer sports, this retrospective, officially authorized by the United States Olympic Committee, combines photographs with a day-by-day narrative text

Evaluation of 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Traffic Management

Author :
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Discourses of Olympism

Author : D. Chatziefstathiou
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This book evaluates the moral project of Olympism, analzying the changing value positions adopted in relation to the ideology of Olympism across the period from the 1890s to the present day. The book also analyzes discourses of Olympism concerned with youth, governance, sport for development and international relations.

Management of the Los Angeles Transportation System During the 1984 Summer Olympic Games

Author : Federico Sabría
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Olympic Politics

Author : Christopher R. Hill
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Investigates the role of politics in Olympic history, examines problems facing the Olympic movement, and speculates about its future

Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies

Author : Myles Garcia
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Everything you always wanted to know about Olympic rituals and ceremonies but were too afraid to ask. Untold stories of Olympic intrigue and chicanery woven with secrets and behind-the-scene buzz of how these multimillion-dollar spectacles are put together. It's a privileged, sneak peek into the guarded, secretive world of the making of Olympic ceremonies including: * Full histories of the various torch relays through the years * How they lit the cauldrons--from Moscow to Sydney to Beijing * Who was first with certain stunts and the production concepts you never saw * More than 150 images-many never-before-published photos and schematics-of Summer and Winter Olympic ceremonies... make SECRETS the definitive, comprehensive volume on the subject. Written by someone who's worked with at least two Olympic Games and has watched almost every Olympic ceremony since 1968. Make this your indispensible guide to the magic, wonder and spectacle of the XXXth Olympic Games which open in London on 27 July 2012.

The Olympic Games Quiz Book

Author : Vijaya Khandurie
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This book, in the form of quizzes, is the story about a culture that started in 776 BC until 1169 years later when in 393 AD the Ancient Olympic Games were terminated all of a sudden by an Emperor known as Theodosius I, but revived in 1896 AD by a 30-year old French aristocrat known as Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the Modern Olympic Games. This sporting culture in the form of the Modern Olympic Games is still continuing since 1896 and in the form of the XXX Olympiad is again appearing in London from 27 July 212, in which thousands of best athletes in the world will inspire millions of people across the world to towards fitness, peace and international brotherhood. This exhaustive quiz book is meant to create awareness among the students, teachers and the mass about the various sports that are included in the Olympic programme. A must read book for all the sports-lover !

The Olympic Games of 1932 and 1984

Author : Glenna Dunning
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Drug Games

Author : Thomas M. Hunt
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On August 26, 1960, twenty-three-year-old Danish cyclist Knud Jensen, competing in that year's Rome Olympic Games, suddenly fell from his bike and fractured his skull. His death hours later led to rumors that performance-enhancing drugs were in his system. Though certainly not the first instance of doping in the Olympic Games, Jensen's death serves as the starting point for Thomas M. Hunt's thoroughly researched, chronological history of the modern relationship of doping to the Olympics. Utilizing concepts derived from international relations theory, diplomatic history, and administrative law, this work connects the issue to global political relations. During the Cold War, national governments had little reason to support effective anti-doping controls in the Olympics. Both the United States and the Soviet Union conceptualized power in sport as a means of impressing both friends and rivals abroad. The resulting medals race motivated nations on both sides of the Iron Curtain to allow drug regulatory powers to remain with private sport authorities. Given the costs involved in testing and the repercussions of drug scandals, these authorities tried to avoid the issue whenever possible. But toward the end of the Cold War, governments became more involved in the issue of testing. Having historically been a combined scientific, ethical, and political dilemma, obstacles to the elimination of doping in the Olympics are becoming less restrained by political inertia.

American Avatar

Author : Barry A. Sanders
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Since September 11, 2001, the extensive literature on the global image of the United States leaves the reader with the erroneous impression that foreigners' views of America are normally negative and impervious to change. In fact they are complex, emotional, frequently internally contradictory, and often change quickly. Barry A. Sanders explains how people's views of the United States are formed and what can be done to alter them. He examines the images that people receive about the United States as well as the biases and predispositions that influence which of these images are called forth from memory. Biases can be pro-American or anti-American, but even the anti-American biases often have pro-American roots, Sanders finds. Sometimes those who are most devoted to the United States are the ones who ultimately despise the nation out of frustration or disappointment. Many people have constructed images and predispositions related to a fantasy of what "America" might be-Atlantis or Eldorado. For such people the United States is a collection of personal hopes or fears disconnected from reality. If their ambitions to taste the American dream are thwarted, their fury can exceed that of any other adversary. Thwarted ambition is the essence of envy-a powerful emotion. Closely related to those who want to experience "America" as they dream of it are those who have demanding expectations for the United States to perform at home and abroad in ways that it may not attain. They react to their disappointment. Sanders employs this analysis to guide American public diplomacy efforts. Some predispositions are so fixed that no effort to affect "hearts and minds" will bear fruit. Some predispositions may be highly susceptible to improvement. This difference will allow a more strategic approach to foreign populations with an emphasis on the attitudes of the persuadable portion of the population. Sanders concludes with an analysis of the five images he says would make the most difference in altering attitudes about the United States and a discussion of how those images might be promoted among foreign audiences.

Sport Tourism

Author : Dr. Brent W. Ritchie
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This book examines the economic, social and environmental impacts and issues associated with the development of sport tourism globally, including the lack of research and coordination between industry and government. The book suggests the need for a more balanced analysis of the impacts and issues associated with future sport tourism development.