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Text Mining of Web Based Medical Content

Author : Amy Neustein
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•Includes Text Mining and Natural Language Processing Methods for extracting information from electronic health records and biomedical literature. •Analyzes text analytic tools for new media such as online forums, social media posts, tweets and video sharing. •Demonstrates how to use speech and audio technologies for improving access to online content for the visually impaired. Text Mining of Web-Based Medical Content examines various approaches to deriving high quality information from online biomedical literature, electronic health records, query search terms, social media posts and tweets. Using some of the latest empirical methods of knowledge extraction, the authors show how online content, generated by both professionals and laypersons, can be mined for valuable information about disease processes, adverse drug reactions not captured during clinical trials, and tropical fever outbreaks. Additionally, the authors show how to perform infromation extraction on a hospital intranet, how to build a social media search engine to glean information about patients' own experiences interacting with healthcare professionals, and how to improve access to online health information. This volume provides a wealth of timely material for health informatic professionals and machine learning, data mining, and natural language researchers. Topics in this book include: •Mining Biomedical Literature and Clinical Narratives •Medication Information Extraction •Machine Learning Techniques for Mining Medical Search Queries •Detecting the Level of Personal Health Information Revealed in Social Media •Curating Layperson’s Personal Experiences with Health Care from Social Media and Twitter •Health Dialogue Systems for Improving Access to Online Content •Crowd-based Audio Clips to Improve Online Video Access for the Visually Impaired •Semantic-based Visual Information Retrieval for Mining Radiographic Image Data •Evaluating the Importance of Medical Terminology in YouTube Video Titles and Descriptions

Advanced Applications of Natural Language Processing for Performing Information Extraction

Author : Mário Rodrigues
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This book explains how can be created information extraction (IE) applications that are able to tap the vast amount of relevant information available in natural language sources: Internet pages, official documents such as laws and regulations, books and newspapers, and social web. Readers are introduced to the problem of IE and its current challenges and limitations, supported with examples. The book discusses the need to fill the gap between documents, data, and people, and provides a broad overview of the technology supporting IE. The authors present a generic architecture for developing systems that are able to learn how to extract relevant information from natural language documents, and illustrate how to implement working systems using state-of-the-art and freely available software tools. The book also discusses concrete applications illustrating IE uses. · Provides an overview of state-of-the-art technology in information extraction (IE), discussing achievements and limitations for the software developer and providing references for specialized literature in the area · Presents a comprehensive list of freely available, high quality software for several subtasks of IE and for several natural languages · Describes a generic architecture that can learn how to extract information for a given application domain

Speech and Automata in Health Care

Author : Amy Neustein
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Examines various speech technologies deployed in healthcare service robots to maximize the robot's ability to interpret user input. Demonstrates how robot anthropomorphic features and etiquette in behavior promotes user-positive emotions, acceptance of robots, and compliance with robot requests. Analyzes how multimodal medical-service robots and other cyber-physical systems can reduce mistakes and mishaps in the operating room. Evaluates various input methods for improving acceptance of robots in the older adult population. Presents case studies of cognitively and socially engaging robots in the long-term care setting for helping older adults with activities of daily living and in the pediatric setting for helping children with autism spectrum conditions and metabolic disorders. Speech and Automata in Health Care forges new ground by closely analyzing how three separate disciplines - speech technology, robotics, and medical/surgical/assistive care - intersect with one another, resulting in an innovative way of diagnosing and treating both juvenile and adult illnesses and conditions. This includes the use of speech-enabled robotics to help the elderly population cope with common problems associated with aging caused by the diminution in their sensory, auditory and motor capabilities. By examining the emerging nexus of speech, automata, and health care, the authors demonstrate the exciting potential of automata, both speech-driven and multimodal, to affect the healthcare delivery system so that it better meets the needs of the populations it serves. This book provides both empirical research findings and incisive literature reviews that demonstrate some of the more novel uses of speech-enabled and multimodal automata in the operating room, hospital ward, long-term care facility, and in the home. Studies backed by major universities, research institutes, and by EU-funded collaborative projects are debuted in this volume. This volume provides a wealth of timely material for industrial engineers, speech scientists, computational linguists, and for signal processing and intelligent systems design experts. Topics include: Spoken Interaction with Healthcare Robots Service Robot Feature Effects on Patient Acceptance/Emotional Response Designing Embodied and Virtual Agents for the Operating Room The Emerging Role of Robotics for Personal Health Management in the Older-Adult Population Why Input Methods for Robots that Serve the Older Adult Are Critical for Usability Socially and Cognitively Engaging Robots in the Long-Term Care Setting Voice-Enabled Assistive Robots for Managing Autism Spectrum Conditions ASR and TTS for Voice-Controlled Robot Interactions in Treating Children with Metabolic Disorders

Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non structured Text Data Applications

Author : Gary Miner
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Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non-structured Text Data Applications brings together all the information, tools and methods a professional will need to efficiently use text mining applications and statistical analysis. Winner of a 2012 PROSE Award in Computing and Information Sciences from the Association of American Publishers, this book presents a comprehensive how-to reference that shows the user how to conduct text mining and statistically analyze results. In addition to providing an in-depth examination of core text mining and link detection tools, methods and operations, the book examines advanced preprocessing techniques, knowledge representation considerations, and visualization approaches. Finally, the book explores current real-world, mission-critical applications of text mining and link detection using real world example tutorials in such varied fields as corporate, finance, business intelligence, genomics research, and counterterrorism activities. The world contains an unimaginably vast amount of digital information which is getting ever vaster ever more rapidly. This makes it possible to do many things that previously could not be done: spot business trends, prevent diseases, combat crime and so on. Managed well, the textual data can be used to unlock new sources of economic value, provide fresh insights into science and hold governments to account. As the Internet expands and our natural capacity to process the unstructured text that it contains diminishes, the value of text mining for information retrieval and search will increase dramatically. Extensive case studies, most in a tutorial format, allow the reader to 'click through' the example using a software program, thus learning to conduct text mining analyses in the most rapid manner of learning possible Numerous examples, tutorials, power points and datasets available via companion website on Glossary of text mining terms provided in the appendix

Handbook of Research on Text and Web Mining Technologies

Author : Song, Min
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Examines recent advances and surveys of applications in text and web mining which should be of interest to researchers and end-users alike.

Data Mining and Medical Knowledge Management Cases and Applications

Author : Berka, Petr
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The healthcare industry produces a constant flow of data, creating a need for deep analysis of databases through data mining tools and techniques resulting in expanded medical research, diagnosis, and treatment. Data Mining and Medical Knowledge Management: Cases and Applications presents case studies on applications of various modern data mining methods in several important areas of medicine, covering classical data mining methods, elaborated approaches related to mining in electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram data, and methods related to mining in genetic data. A premier resource for those involved in data mining and medical knowledge management, this book tackles ethical issues related to cost-sensitive learning in medicine and produces theoretical contributions concerning general problems of data, information, knowledge, and ontologies.

Data Analysis Machine Learning and Applications

Author : Christine Preisach
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Data analysis and machine learning are research areas at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics and statistics. They cover general methods and techniques that can be applied to a vast set of applications such as web and text mining, marketing, medical science, bioinformatics and business intelligence. This volume contains the revised versions of selected papers in the field of data analysis, machine learning and applications presented during the 31st Annual Conference of the German Classification Society (Gesellschaft für Klassifikation - GfKl). The conference was held at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany, in March 2007.

Data Mining and Decision Support

Author : Dunja Mladenic
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Data mining deals with finding patterns in data that are by user-definition, interesting and valid. It is an interdisciplinary area involving databases, machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, visualization and others. Decision support focuses on developing systems to help decision-makers solve problems. Decision support provides a selection of data analysis, simulation, visualization and modeling techniques, and software tools such as decision support systems, group decision support and mediation systems, expert systems, databases and data warehouses. Independently, data mining and decision support are well-developed research areas, but until now there has been no systematic attempt to integrate them. Data Mining and Decision Support: Integration and Collaboration, written by leading researchers in the field, presents a conceptual framework, plus the methods and tools for integrating the two disciplines and for applying this technology to business problems in a collaborative setting.

Emerging Technologies of Text Mining Techniques and Applications

Author : do Prado, Hercules Antonio
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"This book provides the most recent technical information related to the computational models of the text mining process, discussing techniques within the realms of classification, association analysis, information extraction, and clustering. Offering an innovative approach to the utilization of textual information mining to maximize competitive advantage, it will provide libraries with the defining reference on this topic"--Provided by publisher.

Information Retrieval in Biomedicine Natural Language Processing for Knowledge Integration

Author : Prince, Violaine
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"This book provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in biomedicine information retrieval as it pertains to linguistic granularity"--Provided by publisher.

Trends in Computer Aided Innovation

Author : Noel León-Rovira
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Computer Aided Innovation (CAI) is a young domain, the goal of which is to support enterprises throughout the complete innovation process. This comprehensive book presents the most up-to-date research on CAI. It addresses the main motivations of the industrial sector regarding the engineering innovation activity with computer tools and methods. The book also discusses organizational, technological and cognitive aspects of the application of CAI methods and tools.

Advances in Ubiquitous Computing

Author : Amy Neustein
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The reader will come away with a vivid, empirical understanding of how embedded sensors and microprocessors constitute essential humanitarian tools for managing illnesses, maladies, environmental hazards, and other stressors that severely compromise both zoological and human populations. The reader will also learn that the use of wireless sensor networks in the absence of an integrated, uniform, and well-functioning network system will undermine the value of gathering big data during health crises and at other times, making efficient data-sharing equally important as efficient data-collection. Advances in Ubiquitous Computing scrupulously examines user interface design and formal verification for Cyber-Physical Systems, paying close attention to deployment requirements and methods for implementation and safety compliance. The methods explored draw from subjects including functional reactive programming, agent based modeling, formal type theory, and channel algebra. By learning about these new methodological advances in ubiquitous/pervasive computing for containing epidemics/illnesses/environmental threats in zoological and human populations, both human and animal life will be increasingly cherished, respected, and preserved, and the work of first responders will be better understood. Most importantly, the objective of this book is to catalyze healthcare reform so that all populations can rightfully enjoy equitable access to healthcare. Given that pervasive/ubiquitous computing is so crucial in making sure that medical/surgical care is equitably made to all those in need, Advances in Ubiquitous Computing serves the needs of scientists and system designers as well as emergency healthcare management agencies and first responders in the field. Advances in Ubiquitous Computing includes four main sections, covering Ubiquitous Computing in Zoological Populations, Smart Cities - Using Wireless Sensor Networks in Human Populations, User Interface Design and Formal Verification for Cyber-Physical Systems, and First Responders - The Need for Improved Data Sharing Networks to Help First Responders in Public Health Crises.

Information Retrieval A Health and Biomedical Perspective

Author : William Hersh
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This series is directed to healthcare professionals who are leading the transfor- tion of health care by using information and knowledge to advance the quality of patient care. Launched in 1988 as Computers in Health Care, the series offers a broad range of titles: some are addressed to speci?c professions such as nursing, medicine, and health administration; others to special areas of practice such as trauma and radiology. Still other books in this series focus on interdisciplinary issues, such as the computer-based patient record, electronic health records, and networked healthcare systems. Renamed Health Informatics in 1998 to re?ect the rapid evolution in the discipline now known as health informatics, the series continues to add titles that contribute to the evolution of the ?eld. In this series, eminent experts, serving as editors or authors, offer their accounts of innovation in health informatics. Incre- ingly, these accounts go beyond hardware and software to address the role of information in in?uencing the transformation of healthcare delivery systems around the world. The series also increasingly focuses on “peopleware” and the organi- tional, behavioral, and societal changes that accompany the diffusion of infor- tion technology in health services environments.

Library Information Science Abstracts

Author :
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Text Mining Application Programming

Author : Manu Konchady
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Text Mining Application Programming teaches software developers how to mine the vast amounts of information available on the Web, internal networks, and desktop files and turn it into usable data. The book helps developers understand the problems associated with managing unstructured text, and explains how to build your own mining tools using standard statistical methods from information theory, artificial intelligence, and operations research. Each of the topics covered are thoroughly explained and then a practical implementation is provided.The book begins with a brief overview of text data, where it can be found, and the typical search engines and tools used to search and gather this text. It details how to build tools for extracting and using the text, and covers the mathematics behind many of the algorithms used in building these tools. From there you'll learn how to build tokens from text, construct indexes, and detect patterns in text. You'll also find methods to extract the names of people, places, and organizations from an email, a news article, or a Web page. The next portion of the book teaches you how to find information on the Web, the structure of the Web, and how to build spiders to crawl the Web. Text categorization is also described in the context of managing email. The final part of the book covers information monitoring, summarization, and a simple Question & Answer (Q&A) system. The code used in the book is written in Perl, but knowledge of Perl is not necessary to run the software. Developers with an intermediate level of experience with Perl can customize the software. Although the book is about programming, methods are explained with English-like pseudocode and the source code is provided on the CD-ROM. After reading this book, you'll be ready to tap into the bevy of information available online in ways you never thought possible.

Data Mining Applications for Empowering Knowledge Societies

Author : Rahman, Hakikur
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Presents an overview of the main issues of data mining, including its classification, regression, clustering, and ethical issues. Provides readers with knowledge enhancing processes as well as a wide spectrum of data mining applications.

Applied Machine Learning

Author : M GOPAL
File Size : 28.83 MB
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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Cutting-edge machine learning principles, practices, and applications This comprehensive textbook explores the theoretical under¬pinnings of learning and equips readers with the knowledge needed to apply powerful machine learning techniques to solve challenging real-world problems. Applied Machine Learning shows, step by step, how to conceptualize problems, accurately represent data, select and tune algorithms, interpret and analyze results, and make informed strategic decisions. Presented in a non-rigorous mathematical style, the book covers a broad array of machine learning topics with special emphasis on methods that have been profitably employed. Coverage includes: •Supervised learning•Statistical learning•Learning with support vector machines (SVM)•Learning with neural networks (NN)•Fuzzy inference systems•Data clustering•Data transformations•Decision tree learning•Business intelligence•Data mining•And much more

Advances in Computers

Author : Marvin Zelkowitz
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This is volume 78 of Advances in Computers. This series, which began publication in 1960, is the oldest continuously published anthology that chronicles the ever- changing information technology field. In these volumes we publish from 5 to 7 chapters, three times per year, that cover the latest changes to the design, development, use and implications of computer technology on society today. Covers the full breadth of innovations in hardware, software, theory, design, and applications. Many of the in-depth reviews have become standard references that continue to be of significant, lasting value in this rapidly expanding field.

IEEE WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence

Author : Jiming Liu
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Web intelligence (WI) is a field of scientific research and development that deals with the fundamental roles and practical impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced information technology (IT) on the next generation of Web-empowered products, systems, services, and activities. Following the great success of WI 2001, WI 2003 covers the latest the state-of-the-art research in WI technologies and looks to cross-fertilize ideas on the development of Web-based intelligent information systems among the different domains.

Medical Imaging

Author :
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