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Texans Guns History

Author : Charles Askins
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The early Texans were a breed unto themselves--their like may never be seen on this continent. They made the most of a booming land of freedom and opportunity.

Guns in American Society An Encyclopedia of History Politics Culture and the Law 2nd Edition 3 volumes

Author : Gregg Lee Carter
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Thoroughly updated and greatly expanded from its original edition, this three-volume set is the go-to comprehensive resource on the legal, social, psychological, political, and public health aspects of guns in American life. • 450 alphabetically organized entries, including 100 new for this edition, covering key issues (suicide, video games and gun violence, firearm injury statistics) and events (workplace shootings, the Virginia Tech massacre) • 102 expert contributors from all academic fields involved in studying the causes and effects of gun violence • A chronology of pivotal moments and controversies in the history of firearm ownership and use in the United States • An exhaustive bibliography of print and online resources covering all aspects of the study of guns in the United States • Appendices on federal gun laws, state gun laws, and pro- and anti-gun-control organizations

Texas Rifles

Author : Elmer Kelton
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The new Confederacy, facing into the Union cannon, had too much on its hands to send troops to the Texas frontier to hold back the Indians. Instead, it authorized the State of Texas to raise its own troops. Many kinds of men drifted into the Texas Mounted Rifles. Some thought it might be safer than fighting in far off Virginia. Many were merely young men a-thirst for adventure. Some were settlers who saw this as the best way to protect their families and homes against the murderous thrusts of the Comanche. And some were men who still loved the Union, who had lived too long under that gallant flag to turn their guns against it now. Such a man was Scout Sam Houston Cloud... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Texas Navy

Author : United States. Naval History Division
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Texas Gunslingers

Author : Bill O'Neal
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Images of America: Texas Gunslingers presents the concept of Texas as the Gunfighter Capital of the West. Indeed, after the cowboy--a Texas creation--the most colorful and romanticized frontier figure is the gunfighter. Nothing is more dramatic than life and death conflict, and the image of men in big hats and boots brandishing six-shooters and Winchesters has been portrayed in countless Western novels, movies, and television shows. Texas made an enormous contribution to gunfighter lore. Texas Rangers were responsible for the evolution of Sam Colt's revolving pistol, key weapon of gunfighters. More shoot-outs occurred in Texas than in any other state or territory. More gunfighters were from Texas, including kill-crazy Wes Hardin and Killin' Jim Miller, the West's premier assassin. There were more blood feuds in Texas than in any other state. Frequently, gunplay erupted in towns such as Tascosa, El Paso, Fort Worth, and Lampasas, where four lawmen were killed in an 1873 saloon battle.

The Texas Pistoleers

Author : Ron Williamson
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Known as two of the best pistol fighters of their day, Ben Thompson and King Fisher have remained an enigma in the chronicles of the American West. While other gunfighters have achieved infamy through the stories told in pulp magazines and newspapers of the day these two men were largely ignored. Both were credited with killing a string of men during their lifetime and the mere mention of their names was usually enough to sober up a drunken opponent or cause a sober man to contemplate his own epitaph. The Texas Pistoleers tells their story in vivid detail and relates the historically accurate account of their deaths in a mystery shrouded ambush in a San Antonio saloon on a chilly March night in 1884.

The Indian Texans

Author : James M. Smallwood
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Traces the history of Native Americans in Texas from prehistory to the early twenty-first century, providing information on each tribe, and including biographical sketches, illustrations, and excerpts about Indian Texas from the journals of explorer Cabeza de Vaca and others.

The Texan Scouts A Story of the Alamo and Goliad

Author : Joseph A. Altsheler
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“The Texan Scouts, the story of the Alamo and Goliad” is the second novel in Joseph A. Altsheler's “The Texan Series”. Each novel in the series is a stand-alone story, but all three are set to the common backdrop of the Texan struggle for freedom from Mexico. An exciting story of great events and heroism, “The Texan Scouts” is highly recommended for fans and collectors of classic Western Fiction. Joseph Alexander Altsheler (1862 – 1919) was an American journalist, editor and author famous for his of popular historical fiction aimed at children. Altsheler wrote a total of fifty-one novels during his life, as well as over fifty short stories. Other notable works by this author include: “The Sun of Saratoga, a romance of Burgoyne's surrender” (1897) and “In Circling Camps, a romance of the Civil War” (1900). Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction and biography of the author. This book was first published in 1913.

A History of Texas

Author : Homer S. Thrall
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A Description of Western Texas

Author : Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway Company
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Indian Depredations in Texas

Author : John Wesley Wilbarger
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This volume, first published in 1889, is one of the most thorough accounts of Indian warfare in Texas.

The Texan Star The Texan Scouts

Author : Joseph Alexander Altsheler
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The story is set in the early stages of the Texas revolution. Stephen Austin and his young friend Ned begin the adventure of traveling back to Texas to warn the others of Santa Anna's plan to take his army north. Along the way they will have encounters with the Mexican army, the Native Americans and the Texan cowboys…

Guns of the Old West

Author : Charles Edward Chapel
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DIVDramatic story of shoulder arms, hand guns, and other weapons also describes the men who used them. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of the Kentucky and Sharps rifle, Colt revolver, and much more. 499 black-and-white illustrations. /div

Why Texans Fought in the Civil War

Author : Charles David Grear
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In Why Texans Fought in the Civil War, Charles David Grear provides insights into what motivated Texans to fight for the Confederacy. Mining important primary sources—including thousands of letters and unpublished journals—he affords readers the opportunity to hear, often in the combatants’ own words, why it was so important to them to engage in tumultuous struggles occurring so far from home. As Grear notes, in the decade prior to the Civil War the population of Texas had tripled. The state was increasingly populated by immigrants from all parts of the South and foreign countries. When the war began, it was not just Texas that many of these soldiers enlisted to protect, but also their native states, where they had family ties.

The War Chronicles From Flintlocks to Machine Guns

Author :
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Wild Bill Hickok

Author : Joseph G. Rosa
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Traces the life and exploits of William Hickok, the legendary Western sharpshooter and U.S. marshal known as "Wild Bill."

Dead Man s Walk

Author : Larry McMurtry
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The first book in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove quartet, Dead Man's Walk takes you deep into the heart of the American West. These are the wild days when Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call – heroes of Lonesome Dove – first encounter the untamed frontier that will form their characters. Not yet twenty, Gus and Call enlist as Texas Rangers under the command of Caleb Cobb, a capricious outlaw determined to seize Santa Fe from the Mexicans. The two young men experience their first great adventure in the barren, empty landscape of the great plains, in which arbitrary violence is the only law – whether from nature, or from those whose territory they must cross in order to reach New Mexico. Danger, sacrifice and fear test Gus and Call to the limits of endurance, as they seek the strength and courage to survive against almost insurmountable odds in the West of early nineteenth-century America.

The Story of New Mexico

Author : Horatio Oliver Ladd
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Guns in American Society

Author : Gregg Lee Carter
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Alphabetally arranged entries look at the controversies surrounding guns, gun control, and gun violence in the United States.

George W Bush Texas Governor and U S President

Author : Patrice Sherman
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Looks at the life and accomplishments of the forty-third president of the United States, from his childhood years, to his time as governor of Texas, to his two terms as president.