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Tennis Shoes A Story about Numbers

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The Magic Tennis Shoes

Author : Julie Uselton
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The Magic Tennis Shoes Follow the adventures of Regina and David as they solve their problems in unique ways. Regina and David find themselves facing a real big problem, bullying. They find a possible solution with the help of a pair of tennis shoes, a little magic and a wise old owl. What they think is a solution to their problem ends up being a much larger problem. The wise old owl steps in to help David save the day. Through everything that takes place Regina and David remain good friends.

Sprout and Horses in Tennis Shoes

Author : Erik Hansen
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This book consists of two related stories: Sprout, and Horses in Tennis Shoes. "Sprout" The author was inspired to write the story of "Sprout" after a perfect spring day of skiing through the woods. With plenty of time to let his imagination wander, he wondered how life would be if you were a spruce tree. With his vivid imagination, the author wrote this story for his grandchildren. However, after a few pages of writing, the story took on a life of its own and turned out to be a story about nature, friendship, and the circle of life. This is a touching and emotional story as seen from the perspective of a spruce tree. It is a story for children of all ages from three to ninety-five. "Horses in Tennis Shoes" In this story the author describes the caring relationship between Grandpa and Grandma, who enjoy a quiet lifestyle where nothing much ever happens. After having restored a couple of neglected plastic toy rocking horses, they discover to their surprise and horror that the horses come alive at night when the moon is full. Grandpa tries to keep it a secret from the neighbors that they have live plastic horses running around at night leaving tiny horse tracks in the snow. The elderly couple makes various kinds of footwear for the horses to disguise their identity, but unfortunately with mixed results. At one point, Grandpa and Grandma make woolen socks for the horses that leaves lynx tracks in the snow, but that does not sit well with the real lynx population. The horses create an uproar when one night they prance around on a popular ski trail wearing dinosaur shoes that Grandpa has made. That little incident gets in the newspaper, and the ski trail is closed. These are just a few of the horses' adventures described in the story that is action-packed and written with plenty of humor. You can read this story to your children, but you can also enjoy the story by yourself and end up feeling good inside and with a big smile on your face.


Author : Manuel S. Cervantes
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What Tennis Pros Don’t Teach encompasses a World of information threading Tennis and life at work. It talks about the forces of Tennis under all different scenarios. This book is based on the love of Tennis as the foundation to tackle philosophy, mental toughness, discipline, strategy, the meaning of momentum, technique, player development, politics in sports, etc... What Tennis Pros Don’t Teach also shows us how to make Tennis a special friend and use it to help forge our lives and destiny. What Tennis Pros Don’t Teach is somewhat anecdotal using storytelling to illustrate lessons learned on the Tennis courts. There is something for everyone in this book, Tennis player or not. This book is easily one of the most comprehensive treatises in Tennis written to date. There is more wisdom and information in this book than in any other Tennis book ever written!

Shoe and Leather Reporter

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Customs Bulletin and Decisions

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Author : Lawn Tennis Association
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Everything you need to know about tennis, from the rules and scoring to equipment and skills.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Running into the Arms of Love

Author : Amber Shields
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This is a true story of a woman who grew up trying to buy love, and to be accepted. She ran from her troubles. She ran from men. She ran from the Lord. The more she ran the more trouble she got into, until she fell into a pit, which was her death bed. However, the Lord delivered her. She is no longer running because she ran into the right hands, the Lords. This story will touch your heart. This story will show you what God can do. He can turn a tragedy into a triumph. He can turn your life completely around, like the fairy tales of Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. Only, this is the real life of a woman who once was blind, but now she sees.

Daily Consular and Trade Reports

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