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Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes

Author : Sandy Asher
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Tennis Shoes A Story about Numbers

Author :
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Me God and My Tennis Shoes

Author : Gwendolyne Walter
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Sprout and Horses in Tennis Shoes

Author : Erik Hansen
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This book consists of two related stories: Sprout, and Horses in Tennis Shoes. “Sprout” The author was inspired to write the story of “Sprout” after a perfect spring day of skiing through the woods. With plenty of time to let his imagination wander, he wondered how life would be if you were a spruce tree. With his vivid imagination, the author wrote this story for his grandchildren. However, after a few pages of writing, the story took on a life of its own and turned out to be a story about nature, friendship, and the circle of life. This is a touching and emotional story as seen from the perspective of a spruce tree. It is a story for children of all ages from three to ninety-five. “Horses in Tennis Shoes” In this story the author describes the caring relationship between Grandpa and Grandma, who enjoy a quiet lifestyle where nothing much ever happens. After having restored a couple of neglected plastic toy rocking horses, they discover to their surprise and horror that the horses come alive at night when the moon is full. Grandpa tries to keep it a secret from the neighbors that they have live plastic horses running around at night leaving tiny horse tracks in the snow. The elderly couple makes various kinds of footwear for the horses to disguise their identity, but unfortunately with mixed results. At one point, Grandpa and Grandma make woolen socks for the horses that leaves lynx tracks in the snow, but that does not sit well with the real lynx population. The horses create an uproar when one night they prance around on a popular ski trail wearing dinosaur shoes that Grandpa has made. That little incident gets in the newspaper, and the ski trail is closed. These are just a few of the horses’ adventures described in the story that is action-packed and written with plenty of humor. You can read this story to your children, but you can also enjoy the story by yourself and end up feeling good inside and with a big smile on your face.

The Teacher Wore Pink Tennis Shoes

Author : Bettijo Wilson-Wood
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Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in an urban set classroom? Bettijo Wilson-Wood spins a tale that says in so many words the things teachers do on an everyday basis of getting kids through the experience of learning. This story is funny, witty, and also sad. It conveys to the public the different things a teacher does in a life-long career. You will marvel at the way the author brings the classroom to you. You will chuckle at the humorous incidents in which the author took part and presents to you. You will be inspired to want to take part in 'the change for a better, brighter tomorrow." You will be inspired to take a fresh new look at how an educator takes a simple task and turns it into a terrific idea for kids to grasp onto and in the process experience learning. You will be motivated and saddened to read and find out for yourself what happens when you look into the windows of the soul of the learner.

Abdul and the Designer Tennis Shoes

Author : William McDaniels
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Abdul learns important lessons about image versus character when he comes to depend on a pair of designer shoes in his basketball game.

Tennis Shoes in a Tree

Author : Joel Thompson
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Eight stories featuring the ClubZone Kids teach about God and biblical values, as well as how to apply those teachings to everyday life at home, church, and school.

Shoe and Leather Reporter

Author :
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How Not to Be American

Author : Todd McEwen
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'This new American uniform - the baseball cap, t-shirt, shorts and trainers (why not a scooter?) is not about looking good. It's about disappearing into a new, unofficial, global army of cultural babies. It says: I eat hamburgers and watch TV and chew gum all day, I want everyone to play my game, You have to be nice to me and if you're not I'm gonna shoot you, I can't understand a word you say... and what is that but American foreign policy?' Todd McEwen left the United States in 1980, but it's still driving him crazy. He worries about cheeseburgers, Cary Grant, Henry David Thoreau, democracy, the Elks Club and Daffy Duck. Join him on his acid-reflux examination of what America has come to be.

Writing Lesson Level 6 Writing about Specific Items

Author : Richard Gentry, Ph.D.
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Incorporate writing instruction in your classroom as an essential element of literacy development while implementing best practices. Simplify the planning of writing instruction and become familiar with the Common Core State Standards of Writing.

Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches

Author : Chris Heimerdinger
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In an attempt to help his sister, who has cancer, fifteen-year-old Harry again enters Frost Cave to travel back in time, but takes a wrong turn and ends up in Jerusalem in 60 A.D., where the teachings of Christ have been twisted and war and lawlessness prevail, making Harry's task seem impossible.

American Lawn Tennis

Author :
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Shoes Boots Cleats

Author : Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
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This informative title is designed to engage early readers that are interested in sports. The easy-to-read definitions of the sports gear along with large, labeled images will help kids understand more about various types of shoes, boots and cleats. Simple sentences accompany supporting photographs of the gear from tennis to bowling shoes, riding to hiking boots, and golf to soccer cleats. Fun facts, a comprehension quiz and a glossary are also included. Sandcastle is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Broken Doll

Author : Burl Barer
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Near Miss In May, 1988, in Everett, Washington, four-year-old Feather Rahier disappeared while playing outside after dinner. Her frantic cries drew Feather's mother to the dark garage that was home to Richard Matthew Clark. Clark had stolen the child, bound and gagged her, and begun to undress her. Only at the last instant was the little girl saved by her mother's desperate intervention. The next victim wouldn't be so fortunate. Without A Trace On the night of March 31, 1995, Roxanne Doll, 7, was abducted from the bedroom she shared with her younger sister. It was not until the following day that her mother discovered Roxanne's disappearance. A week later, Roxanne's raped and stabbed body was found. Evidence led investigators to a man the family had trusted as a friend: Richard Clark. No Remorse Clark was a petty criminal, jailbird, alcohol and drug abuser who couldn't control his pedophilic and homicidal urges. In April, 1997, after his conviction for aggravated murder, he mocked and derided the dead girl's parents in a shocking courtroom display. Here is the brutal, heartbreaking true story of the crimes and punishment of a monster who preyed on the most vulnerable victims of all--and of the determined prosecutor who swore to bring him to justice. Includes 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos

Lawn tennis

Author : James Dwight
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Tennis Shoes and the Feathered Serpent

Author : Chris Heimerdinger
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"Jim, now the father of two teenage daughters and a ten-year-old son, all as stubborn and self-willed as he ever was, must battle the forces of an old and secret adversary set on destroying his very existence. Once again Jim must descend through the mysterious passages of Frost Cave and the Rainbow Room, only to emerge with his family in a land and time teetering on the brink of ultimate destruction. The time just prior to the Savior's appearance in the new world"--P.[4] of cover.

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites

Author : Chris Heimerdinger
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So The Wind Won t Blow It All Away

Author : Richard Brautigan
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In a small Pacific Northwest town we meet a young man who has shot dead his best friend with a gun. The novel deals with the repercussions of this tragedy: the anguish, regret, despair and bittersweet romance. Typical of Brautigan's singular style, So the Wind Won't Blow it all Away is a beautifully written, brooding novel. Its autobiographical prose is a fitting epitaph to this complex, contradictory and often misunderstood writer.

Mother s Day Gift Tennis Shoes Notebook

Author : Meg Godwin
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DESCRIPTION This book is a *notebook *journal *jotter *writing pad *conference record. BENEFITS OF THIS BOOK. * Perfect Mother's Day Gift *Teacher Appreciation Gift *Birthday Gifts for Busy Mothers *Graduation Gifts for Girls and Women BUY this book to break the habit of writing important things on your palms, napkins and scraps of paper .

Managing Sports Injuries e book

Author : Christopher M Norris
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Now in its fourth edition with the revised title – Managing Sports Injuries: a guide for students and clinicians – this highly practical guide maintains its evidence-based approach while introducing new material from both research and clinical sources. It is a comprehensive resource for the management of soft-tissue injuries, focusing on therapy. Well referenced and extensively illustrated, this text continues to be invaluable to physiotherapists, sports and massage therapists, medical practitioners, and all those involved in the treatment of athletes and sports people. Full colour text and illustrations emphasizing all practical techniques Treatment notes expanded with added topics and basic examination protocols Additional material enhancing clinical value Practical "how-to-do" approach enabling application of new techniques Updated research references