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Poems Sacred to Friendship Virtue and Religion

Author : William House
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Halcyon hours poems

Author : Kenelm Henry Digby
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Ten Poems Analysed

Author : Nigel Foxell
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The Friendship Barrier Ten Russian Encounters

Author : Susan Jacoby
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Friends Intelligencer

Author :
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Ten Poems of Healing a Spiritual Journey Out of the Darkness A Spiritual Journey Out of the Darkness and Into the Light of Faith

Author : Deidre M. Porter
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Ten Poems to Open Your Heart

Author : Roger Housden
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Ten Poems to Open Your Heart is a book devoted to love: to the intimacy of personal love and lovemaking, to a loving compassion for others, and to the love that embraces both this world and the next. This new volume from Roger Housden features a few of the same poets as his extraordinarily moving Ten Poems to Change Your Life, such as Mary Oliver and Pablo Neruda, along with contributions from Sharon Olds, Wislawa Szymborska, Czeslaw Milosz, Denise Levertov, and others. Any one of the ten poems and, indeed, any one of Housden’s reflections on them, can open, gladden, or pierce your heart. Through the voices of these ten inspiring poets, and through illustrations from his own life, Housden expresses the tenderness, beauty, joys, and sorrows of love, the presence of which, more than anything else, gives human existence its meaning. As Housden says in his eloquent introduction, “Great poetry happens when the mind is looking the other way and words fall from the sky to shape a moment that would normally be untranslatable. . . . When the heart opens, we forget ourselves and the world pours in: this world, and also the invisible world of meaning that sustains everything that was and ever shall be.” From the Hardcover edition.

Friendship Community

Author : Brian Patrick McGuire
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"I assume that historical sources can convey human feeling, even though it is fruitless to psychologize individual friends or to reach complete explanations about their motives. I simply accept that because medieval Christians believed in friendship and felt the need for it, some of them both practiced and lived out friendships." from the new Introduction Human beings have always formed personal friendships. Some cultures have left behind the evidence of philosophical discussion; some have provided only private or semipublic letters. By comparing these, one discerns the effect exercised by the society in which the writers lived, its opportunities, and its restrictions. The cloistered monks of medieval Europe, who have bequeathed a rich literary legacy on the subject, have always had to take into account the overwhelming fact of community. Brian Patrick McGuire finds that in seeking friends and friendship, medieval men and women sought self-knowledge, the enjoyment of life, the commitment of community, and the experience of God. First published in 1988, Friendship and Community has been widely debated, inspiring the current interest among medievalists in the subject of friendship. It has also informed other fields within medieval history, including monasticism, spirituality, psychology, and the relationship between self and community. In a new introduction to the Cornell edition, McGuire surveys the critical reaction to the original edition and subsequent research on the subject of medieval friendship."

Women on Poetry

Author : Carol Smallwood,
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In these 59 essays, published female poets share a wealth of practical advice and inspiration. Aimed at students and aspiring and experienced poets alike, the essays address such topics as the women’s collective writing experience, tips on teaching in numerous contexts, the publishing process, and essential wisdom to aid the poet in her chosen vocation.

Ten second Rainshowers

Author : Sandford Lyne
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A collection of poems about childhood, family, nature, and other subjects, written by young people ranging in age from eight to eighteen.

Ten Old English Poems Put Into Modern English Alliterative Verse

Author : Kemp Malone
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Ben Sira s Teaching on Friendship

Author : Jeremy Corley
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The apocryphal/deuterocanonical Wisdom of Ben Sira, written towards the beginning of the second century BCE, speaks more about friendship than any other book of the Hebrew Bible. Revising his 1996 doctoral dissertation for the Catholic University of America, Corley describes the seven major pericopes in which the sage, probably Yeshua ben Eleazar ben Sira, treats friendship. He also places the treatise in the historical and political context of second-temple Israel. Distributed by the Society of Biblical Literature. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Harlem Renaissance Authors I Z

Author : Janet Witalec
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Presents writings by and criticism on seventeen Harlem Renaissance authors, including Claude McKay and Jean Toomer. This volume covers I-Z.

Ten Poems

Author : Esther Gravett
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Poets of the Chinese Revolution

Author : Gregor Benton
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How poetry and revolution meshed in Red China The Chinese Revolution, which fought its way to power seventy years ago, was a complex and protracted event in which groups and individuals with different hopes and expectations for the Revolution competed, although in the end Mao came to rule over the others. Its veterans included many poets, four of whom feature in this anthology. All wrote in the classical style, but their poetry was no less diverse than their politics. Chen Duxiu, led China's early cultural awakening before founding the Communist Party in 1921. Mao led the Party to power in 1949. Zheng Chaolin, Chen Duxiu's disciple and, like him, a convert to Trotskyism, spent thirty-four years in jail, first under the Nationalists and then under their Maoist nemeses. The guerrilla leader Chen Yi wrote flamboyant and descriptive poems in mountain bivouacs or the heat of battle. Poetry has played a different role in China, and in Chinese Revolution, from in the West--it is collective and collaborative. But in life, the four poets in this collection were entangled in opposition and even bitter hostility towards one another. Together, the four poets illustrate the complicated relationship between Communist revolution and Chinese cultural tradition.

The Poems of David O Bruadair

Author : David O'Bruadair
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McAlmon s Chinese Opera

Author : Stephen Scobie
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Collier s Encyclopedia

Author :
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Random House Treasury of Friendship Poems

Author : Patricia Klein
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Compiles classic poetry that celebrates friendship in all its diverse forms and includes works by such poets as Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Billy Collins.

Voice of Friendship

Author :
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