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Ten on a Twig

Author : Lo Cole
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Count down from ten like never before with this uniquely interactive and beautiful picture book! Perfect for young readers who are learning how to count. Ten on a twig, just passing time... One falls off, and then there are nine. Watch the birds fall as the pages turn! In this charming, deceptively simple counting book, ten birds sit on a twig. As each falls off, they take a piece of the twig with them, and in the end, they have a new home--just in time to say goodnight. This delightful, fun read is great for bedtime or playtime, and the clever die-cuts will charm young readers. Children learning how to count will be mesmerized by the actions that happen with the page turns. It encourages repetition and rereads, and is sure to help many kids remember their numbers as they laugh along the way.

Transactions of the Illinois State Horticultural Society for

Author : Illinois State Horticultural Society
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The Elephant And The Twig

Author : Geoff Thompson
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In India, young elephants are trained in obedience by being tied to an immovable object like a tree. No matter how hard the baby elephant pulls it cannot break free, and eventually, after trying to break away and being thwarted time and again, it believes that it cannot escape, no matter what it does. Ultimately, a fully-grown adult weighing several tons can be tied to a twig and won’t even try to escape. Do you ever feel that you are tied to an immovable object and can’t break free? That you couldn’t possibly give that presentation, that you would never be able to go it alone in business, or that you have to remain stuck in a social and lifestyle rut as there is no other alternative? This book argues that what ties you down and prevents you from realising your potential is only a ‘twig’. Geoff guides you through the process of breaking the negative thinking that binds us and reveals the ‘14 Golden Rules to Success and Happiness’.

A Comparative Glossary of the Gothic Language with Especial Reference to English and German

Author : Gerhard Hubert Balg
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The Early Church at Work and Worship Vol II

Author : Everett Ferguson
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This is the second volume of Ferguson's collected essays, and includes some of his most memorable work.

Through the Kindness of Ravens

Author : Ron Swan
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A bestselling novelist, world-renowned photographer, artist, and inventor, Jakeb Hoke loves life and loves being in control. But one fateful evening, a simple climb up his basement stairs finds his world crashing into oblivion and leaves his life hanging by a thread. The trouble is, Jakeb has a lot to live for. His newest invention, Hoke’s Focus, has the power to transform the manipulation of light, imagery, and even time in photography. Plans are already underway to unveil the discovery, one that has remained a closely-guarded secret—an amazing feat considering how famous he is—to all but Jakeb’s closest friends. Now, crushed under the weight of his collapsed house, but still very much alive, Jakeb can smell and taste death—but has not yet succumbed to it. Instead, his mind wanders to what was and what will be. In the context of space and time, such thoughts can carry more power, and bear witness to more darkness, than he could ever imagine. Brilliant, dark, and daring in scope, Through the Kindness of Ravens delivers a fascinating, complex glimpse into the post-modern future where the survival of art and humanity cannot be promised, where the art of light becomes a catalyst for survival.

The Peach Twig borer

Author : Charles Lester Marlatt
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The Peach Twig borer

Author : C. L. Marlatt
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The Seven Last Things

Author : David J. MacLeod
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Revelation 19-21 is the New Testament's classic passage on the return of Christ, a passage that has sometimes been called "the last things." In it the apostle John sets forth seven major motifs of biblical eschatology.

Twig and Foliar Biomass Estimation Equations for Major Plant Species in the Tanana River Basin of Interior Alaska

Author : John Yarie
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