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Sid and Marty Krofft

Author : Hal Erickson
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H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Land of the Lost: For a generation of children growing up in the late sixties and early seventies, these were some of the most memorable shows on Saturday morning television. At a time when television cartoons had lost some of their luster, two puppeteers named Sid and Marty Krofft put together a series of shows that captivated children. Using colorful sets and mysterious lands full of characters that had boundless energy, the Kroffts created a new form of children's television, rooted in the medium's earliest shows but nevertheless original in its concept. This work first provides a history of the Kroffts' pretelevision career, then offers discussions of their 11 Saturday morning shows. Complete cast and credit information is enhanced by interviews with many of the actors and actresses, behind-the-scenes information, print reviews of the series, and plot listings of the individual episodes. The H.R. Pufnstuf feature film, the brothers' other television work, and their short-lived indoor theme park are also detailed.

American Science Fiction Television Series of the 1950s

Author : Patrick Lucanio
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As Americans grappled with the real problems of the atomic age in the 1950s, the science fiction television series provided escapist fare. At first essentially fantasy and adventure, the shows reflected the progress of the decade, using in the late 1950s extrapolations from the theories and findings of true science. From Adventures of Superman to World of Giants, this reference work covers all science fiction television series of the 1950s. A lengthy essay details character development, technical innovations, critical commentary and other matters. The episode guides that follow first provide primary cast and production credits for the entire season and then coverage of each individual episode, with title, airdate, writer, director, and a plot synopsis. Much of the information was derived from actual viewing, and many errors from other works are corrected here.

Television Series of the 1950s

Author : Vincent Terrace
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Often regarded as the first golden era of television, the 1950s was a decade when many classic programs—from I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke to The Honeymooners and Perry Mason, among others—made their debuts. Even after these shows departed the airwaves, they lived on in syndication, entertaining several generations of viewers. Devoted and casual fans alike can probably remember basic facts about these shows—like the names of Lucy and Ricky’s neighbors or the town where Marshall Matt Dillon kept the law. But more elusive facts, like the location of the most successful defense attorney in Los Angeles (Suite 904 of the Brent Building), might be harder to recall. In Television Series of the 1950s: Essential Facts and Quirky Details, Vincent Terrace presents readers with a cornucopia of information about 100 programs from the decade. Did you know, for example, that the middle initial of Dobie Gillis’ friend Maynard G. Krebs, stood for Walter? Or that Ralph Kramden’s electric bill came to only 39 cents a month? Or that on I Love Lucy, Ricky originally performed at Manhattan’s Tropicana Club? These are but a few of the hundreds of fun and intriguing trivia facts contained within this volume. Shows from all four networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and DuMont)—as well as select syndicated programs—are represented here. This is not a book of opinions or essays about specific television programs, but a treasure trove of the facts associated with each of these programs. Readers will discover a wealth of fascinating information that, for the most part, cannot be found anywhere else. In some cases, the factual data detailed herein is the only such documentation that exists currently on bygone shows of the era. Television Series of the 1950s is the ideal reference for fans of this decade and anyone looking to stump even the most knowledgeable trivia expert.

1950s Rocketman TV Series and Their Fans

Author : Cynthia J. Miller
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The heyday of the televised rocketman came before our actual travels in space occurred and was a burgeoning time in TV history. Before astronauts like John Glenn, Alan Shepard, and Neil Armstrong were household names, before the 'one small step' that left America's national footprint on the Moon, and before the wonders of science fiction became the wonders of science fact, battles were fought with Para-Ray guns and Cosmic Vibrators, 'Opticon Scillometers' scanned through walls, heroes in jetpacks soared through the skies, and the universe was full of wonder. The fourteen essays featured here focus on series such as Space Patrol, Tom Corbett, and Captain Z-Ro, exploring their roles in the day-to-day lives of their fans through topics such as mentoring, promotion of the real-world space program, merchandising, gender issues, and ranger clubs - all the while promoting the fledgling medium of television.

Tampa Bay Magazine

Author :
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Tampa Bay Magazine is the area's lifestyle magazine. For over 25 years it has been featuring the places, people and pleasures of Tampa Bay Florida, that includes Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. You won't know Tampa Bay until you read Tampa Bay Magazine.

Modern American Drama Playwriting in the 1950s

Author : Susan C. W. Abbotson
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The Decades of Modern American Drama series provides a comprehensive survey and study of the theatre produced in each decade from the 1930s to 2009 in eight volumes. Each volume equips readers with a detailed understanding of the context from which work emerged: an introduction considers life in the decade with a focus on domestic life and conditions, social changes, culture, media, technology, industry and political events; while a chapter on the theatre of the decade offers a wide-ranging and thorough survey of theatres, companies, dramatists, new movements and developments in response to the economic and political conditions of the day. The work of the four most prominent playwrights from the decade receives in-depth analysis and re-evaluation by a team of experts, together with commentary on their subsequent work and legacy. A final section brings together original documents such as interviews with the playwrights and with directors, drafts of play scenes, and other previously unpublished material. The major writers and their works to receive in-depth coverage in this volume include: * William Inge: Picnic (1953), Bus Stop (1955) and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1957); * Stephen Sondheim, Arthur Laurents and Jerome Robbins: West Side Story (1957) and Gypsy (1959); * Alice Childress: Just a Little Simple (1950), Gold Through the Trees (1952) and Trouble in Mind (1955); * Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee: Inherit the Wind (1955), Auntie Mame (1956) and The Gang's All Here (1959).

Television Western Players of the Fifties

Author : Everett Aaker
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Modeled after the Mack V. Wright 1920 film version, the 1949 western television series The Lone Ranger made Clayton Moore's masked character one of the most recognized in American popular culture. Other westerns followed and by 1959 there were 32 being shown daily on prime time television. Many of the stars of the nearly 75 westerns went on to become American icons and symbols of the Hollywood West. This encyclopedia includes every actor and actress who had a regular role in a television western from 1949 through 1959. The entries cite biographical and family details, accounts of how the player first broke into show business, and details of roles played, as well as opinions from the actors and their contemporaries. A full accounting of film, serial, and television credits is also included. The appendix lists 84 television westerns, with dates, show times, themes, and stars.

Prime Time Television

Author : Muriel G. Cantor
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Reviews the historical development and change in TV content, as well as its analyses and criticisms; sets down the basic forms of governmental regulations and their impact on the TV industry; describes the development of a television program or series from concept through production, dissemination and syndication; discusses viewpoints on the role of the audience; and considers future roles for prime-time TV in a world of cable television, video recorders and other technological innovations.

Fifties Television

Author : William Boddy
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Just a few years in the mid-1950s separated the "golden age" of television's live anthology drama from Newton Minow's famous "vast wasteland" pronouncement. Fifties Television shows how the significant programming changes of the period cannot be attributed simply to shifting public tastes or the exhaustion of particular program genres, but underscore fundamental changes in the way prime-time entertainment programs were produced, sponsored, and scheduled. These changes helped shape television as we know it today. William Boddy provides a wide-ranging and rigorous analysis of the fledgling American television industry during the period of its greatest economic growth, programming changes, and critical controversy. He carefully traces the development of the medium from the experimental era of the 1920s and 1930s through the regulatory battles of the 1940s and the network programming wars of the 1950s.

Film and Television

Author : Mark Emmons
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This is a guide to reference works in movies and television. Beginning with general guides, dictionaries and encyclopedias, the book then turns to filmographies, filmmakers, and filmmaking. It is for librarians, faculty, and novice filmmakers.

Bowling Beatniks and Bell bottoms 1940s 1950s

Author : Sara Pendergast
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The hairstyles, slang terms, advertising jingles, pop music sensations, and all else described as popular culture is covered in this 5-vol. reference. Arranged chronologically by decade and by broad topics within each decade, Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms focuses solely on the popular culture of the century -- hairstyles, slang terms, television shows, pop music sensations, etc. -- offering more detailed information on trends and fads than any other resource. Written specifically for students in grades 5 through 12, major topics include: products and brands, toys and games, music and dance, holidays, shopping, sports, movements and much more. Also includes approximately 400 photos, a cumulative table of contents, timeline, subject and cumulative general index and trivia sidebars.

TV Crime Drama

Author : Sue Turnbull
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This book provides an historical analysis of the TV crime series as a genre, paying close attention not only to the nature of TV dramas themselves, but also to the context of production and reception.

Law and Justice as Seen on TV

Author : Elayne Rapping
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What's going on with the rise of tv law programs - both fictional and documentary, and how does that affect our lives and real court rooms.

International Business and Civil Law Intellectual property law

Author :
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Cliffs Computer adaptive Graduate Management Admission Test

Author : Jerry Bobrow
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"Cliffs GMAT CAT Preparation Guide" can help you score higher on the new test. You'll become familiar with the GMAT CAT, take the test with maximum efficiency, and make the kind of score that can give you a wide choice of business graduate schools. This preparation guide is thorough, concise, insightful, and easy to understand.

Television Series of the 1970s

Author : Vincent Terrace
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From Archie Bunker to John-Boy Walton, this book profiles characters who were featured in some of the most popular television shows of the 1970s. Each entry includes personal details that were revealed during each show’s run: names, addresses, maiden names, nicknames, date of births, phone numbers, relatives, and other fascinating details.

Performing Arts Annual

Author :
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The Essential Science Fiction Television Reader

Author : J.P. Telotte
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Exploring early hits such as The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, as well as more recent successes such as Battlestar Galactica and Lost, The Essential Science Fiction Television Reader illuminates the history, narrative approaches, and themes of the genre. The book discusses science fiction television from its early years when shows attempted to recreate the allure of science fiction cinema, to its current status as a sophisticated genre with a popularity all its own. J. P. Telotte has assembled a wideranging volume rich in theoretical scholarship yet fully accessible to science fiction fans. The book supplies readers with valuable historical context, analyses of essential science fiction series, and an understanding of the key issues in science fiction television.


Author : Richard B. McKenzie
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America’s emerging “fat war” threatens to pit a shrinking population of trim Americans against an expanding population of heavy Americans in raging policy debates over “fat taxes” and “fat bans.” These “fat policies” would be designed to constrain what people eat and drink – and theoretically crimp the growth in Americans’ waistlines and in the country’s healthcare costs. Richard McKenzie’s HEAVY! The Surprising Reasons America Is the Land of the Free—And the Home of the Fat offers new insight into the economic causes and consequences of America's dramatic weight gain over the past half century. It also uncovers the follies of seeking to remedy the country’s weight problems with government intrusions into people’s excess eating, arguing that controlling people’s eating habits is fundamentally different from controlling people’s smoking habits. McKenzie controversially links America’s weight gain to a variety of causes: the growth in world trade freedom, the downfall of communism, the spread of free-market economics, the rise of women's liberation, the long-term fall in real minimum wage, and the rise of competitive markets on a global scale. In no small way – no, in a very BIG way – America is the “home of the fat” because it has been for so long the “land of the free.” Americans’ economic, if not political, freedoms, however, will come under siege as well-meaning groups of “anti-fat warriors” seek to impose their dietary, health, and healthcare values on everyone else. HEAVY! details the unheralded consequences of the country's weight gain, which include greater fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases, reduced fuel efficiency of cars and planes, growth in health insurance costs and fewer insured Americans, reductions in the wages of heavy people, and required reinforcement of rescue equipment and hospital operating tables. McKenzie advocates a strong free-market solution to how America's weight problems should and should not be solved. For Americans to retain their cherished economic freedoms of choice, heavy people must be held fully responsible for their weight-related costs and not be allowed to shift blame for their weight to their genes or environment. Allowing heavy Americans to shift responsibility for their weight gain can only exacerbate the country’s weight problems.

The Actors Studio and Hollywood in the 1950s

Author : Mario Eugenio Beguiristain
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Theatrical Realism is an American Film movement of the 1950s noted for its high aspirations – to create a significant 'art' cinema. Ironically, the films that comprise this movement are virtually forgotten today. Theatrical Realism is Hollywood's continuation of the Italian Neo-Realist movement. It was a direct result of the confluence of “Method Acting” as taught by Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio, the screen adaptations of plays by Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and William Inge, and the Golden Age of Television.