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Routledge German Dictionary of Information Technology

Author : Ulrike Seeberger
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This volume consists of some 25,000 headwords in both German and English, drawn from all the major areas in the field of Information Technology.

Automotive and engine technology

Author : Michael Bargende
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Dictionary of boiler firing systems and flue gas cleaning technology

Author : Heinz-Peter Schmitz
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This dictionary contains more than 6.000 terms and numerous explanations to the various technical fields such as shell and water-tube boilers, all types of firing systems for conventional power plants and waste incineration systems, thermal waste treatment systems, grate-firing systems, fluidised-bed systems, pulverising plants and mills including classifiers, burners of oil, gas and pulverized fuel, waste-heat recovery systems, coal handling and ash disposal plants, flue-gas desulphurization plants such as inertial separators, scrubbers, dust removal and filter systems as well as DENOX systems with catalysts, and respective circuit arrangements. Due to the numerous comprehensive and detailed explanation the dictionary's encyclopedic quality is underlined.

Technology Assessment in der Weltgesellschaft

Author : Alfons Bora
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Teaching Design and Technology 3 11

Author : Gill Hope
File Size : 66.13 MB
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Whether you are beginning a teacher-training course or embarking on a career in teaching, this introductory textbook provides comprehensive information on how to meet the standards for effective teaching in early years and primary settings.

Technology and Values

Author : Craig Hanks
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This anthology features essays and book excerpts on technology and values written by preeminent figures in the field from the early 20th century to the present. It offers an in-depth range of readings on important applied issues in technology as well. Useful in addressing questions on philosophy, sociology, and theory of technology Includes wide-ranging coverage on metaphysics, ethics, and politics, as well as issues relating to gender, biotechnology, everyday artifacts, and architecture A good supplemental text for courses on moral or political problems in which contemporary technology is a unit of focus An accessible and thought-provoking book for beginning and advanced undergraduates; yet also a helpful resource for graduate students and academics

The Book

Author : Nicole Howard
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Introduces the history of the book, beginning with papyrus in ancient Egypt, through the development of the printing press, to current computer-based technologies, including its influence on societies and cultures around the world.

Dictionary of pressure vessel and piping technology

Author : Heinz-Peter Schmitz
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This considerably extended and revised new edition of the FDBR - Dictionary of Pressure Vessel and Piping Technology is an evaluation of the technical terms found in the latest editions of the American and British regulations, technical rules, standards, and specifications, such as ANSI, API, ASME, BSI, EJMA, MSS, TEMA as well as European Standards, the terminology of comparable German regulations, rules and standards together with the essential literature and information brochures of numerous manufacturers. This dictionary which was supplemented by 4,000 terms now contains more than 16,000 terms and numerous explanations to the various technical fields such as pressure vessels, columns, tanks, heat exchangers, vales, bursting disc devices, steam traps, piping technology strength calculation, materials, welding, destructive and non-destructive examinations, quality management, testing and inspection, thermal and fluids engineering. Due to the numerous comprehensive and detailed explanations the dictionary's encyclopedic quality is underlined.

Manufacturing Technology

Author : Posinasetti Nageswara Rao
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The Technology of Ancient Japan

Author : Meg Greene
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Presents the technologies used by the ancient Japanese to improve agriculture, communication, construction, weapons, transportation, and science.

Information Technology and Product Development

Author : Satish Nambisan
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Information Technology and Product Development: A Research Agenda presents important new research from varied disciplines aimed at developing new theoretical concepts and insights on the application of IT in product and service innovation. Drawing on the work of researchers in such varied management areas as information services, technology management, marketing, operations, business strategy and organizational behavior, the book redefines the role of IT in product and service development and the organizational and management issues underlying the successful deployment of IT in innovation contexts, and provides a foundation for future research on the diverse types of IT applications in product development and their potential impact on both product and service innovation. Reflecting two critical shifts in the service sector – the increased complexity and convergence in products and services, along with the rise of the Internet and rapid digitization of products and services – the book is organized into three sections. Section 1 presents four chapters that focus on the traditional areas of project and process management; Section 2 presents four chapters focusing on the emerging areas of collaborative innovation and knowledge co-creation; and Section 3 presents one chapter that draws it all together and identifies some of the important themes and issues for future research. This important new work has much to offer academic researchers in management in its in-depth theoretical analysis of the wide range of organizational and management issues associated with the application of IT in product and service development. It will also appeal to researchers and thought-leaders in consulting organizations whose primary area of interest is product development or IT applications.

Information Technology and Computer Applications in Public Administration

Author : G. David Garson
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"Information Technology and Computer Applications in Public Administration: Issues and Trends constitutes a survey of many of the most important dimensions of managing information technology in the public sector. In Part I, chapters address general policy and administrative issues. The chapters of Part II represent applied information technology skills needed by public managers"--Provided by publisher.

Anthropological Perspectives on Technology

Author : Michael B. Schiffer
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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These fourteen original essays accept a dual premise: technology pervades and is embedded in all human activities. By taking that approach, studies of technology address two questions central in anthropological and archaeological research today-accounting for variability and change. These diverse yet interrelated chapters show that to understand human lives, researchers must deal with the material world that all peoples create and inhabit. Therefore an anthropology of technology is not a separate, discrete inquiry; instead, it is a way to connect how people make and use things to any activity studied, ranging from religion, to enculturation, to communication, to art. Each contributor discusses theories and methods and also offers a substantial case study. These detailed inquiries span human societies from the Paleolithic to the computer age. By moving beyond the usual approach of examining ancient technologies, particularly chipped stone and low-fired ceramics, this volume probes for the construction of meaning in the material world across millennia. The authors of these essays find technology to be an inclusive and flexible topic that merges with studies of everything else in human activity. "A provocative and powerful discussion of the role of technology in human cultures. At a time when archaeology has become less focused on theory, and archaeology and social anthropology seem to fracture farther and farther apart, the book is a breath of fresh air."--Professor John Douglas, University of Montana

The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World

Author : John Peter Oleson
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Nearly every aspect of daily life in the Mediterranean world and Europe during the florescence of the Greek and Roman cultures is relevant to engineering and technology. This text highlights the accomplishments of the ancient societies, the research problems, and stimulates further progress in the history of ancient technology.

Advanced Educational Technology in Technology Education

Author : Anthony Gordon
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Advanced Educational Technology in Technology Education, held in Salford, U.K., August 17-28, 1992

Chemistry and Technology of Cereals as Food and Feed

Author : Samuel A. Matz
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This is a completely revised and updated edition of the comprehensive and widely used survey of cereal technology. The first section describes the botany, classification, structure, composition, nutritional importantance and uses of wheat, corn, oats, rye, sorghum, rice and barley, as well as six other grains. The book also details the latest methods of producing, cleaning, and storing these grains. The second section of the book offers current information on the technological and engineering principles of feed milling, flour milling, baking, malting, brewing, manufacturing breakfast cereals, snack food production, wet milling (starch and oil production from grains), rice processing, and other upgrading procedures applied to cereal grains. This section also explains the value and utilization of by-products and examines many rarely discussed processing methods. In addition, the book provides reviews of current knowledge on the dietary importance of cereal proteins, lipids, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and anti-nutrient factors, as well as the effects of processing methods on these materials.

Information Technology in Theory

Author : Pelin Aksoy
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Explore the expansive world of information technology (IT) with this innovative book that will engage as it educates. The purpose of Information Technology in Theory is threefold: to provide a comprehensive and engaging overview of cutting-edge information technologies, to identify and discuss the fundamental principles underlying these technologies, and to investigate the reciprocal relationship between these technologies and society. Unlike other books on the market that focus exclusively on either the non-technical, business aspects of IT or the technical, computer-focused aspects, this book presents technical information along with discussions of how this information plays a role in everyday business, economic, and social life. Using state-of-the-art technologies and real-world examples, coverage includes the fundamental principles of how computers work, the mathematical and physical properties underlying digital multimedia creation, networking technologies, and key social issues in network security. With this breadth of knowledge, readers will acquire a valuable framework for formulating their own opinions about the important issues that today's IT environment raises.

Food Technology

Author : Ian Graham
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"Describes new technologies used in food production such as gene technology, farming technology and robots, nanotech, packaging, and discusses the implications of using these technologies"--Provided by publisher.

Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use A Standards Based Approach

Author : Katherine Cennamo
File Size : 67.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The only instructional technology text organized around the new ISTE standards, TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION WITH MEANINGFUL CLASSROOM USE: A STANDARDS-BASED APPROACH is a breakthrough first edition that equips future teachers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to become self-directed learners who can effectively integrate technology into their instruction today and as technology inevitably changes. The emphasis on creating self-directed learners is crucial in the context of technology considering how quickly computer technologies become obsolete. In addition to providing future teachers with a solid understanding of how to integrate technology resources into their everyday teaching practices, the text enables learners to successfully navigate the constantly changing environment of technology. Each chapter includes a series of self-directed learning activities, asking students to reflect on what they know, identify what they need to know, locate resources to obtain additional information, evaluate the reliability, and evaluate the extent to which it meets their learning needs. In addition, chapter-ending standards-based portfolio assessments provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and document their progress toward obtaining the ISTE standards presented at the beginning of the chapter. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Principles of Foundry Technology

Author : P. L. Jain
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