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Dictionary of pressure vessel and piping technology

Author : Heinz-Peter Schmitz
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This considerably extended and revised new edition of the FDBR - Dictionary of Pressure Vessel and Piping Technology is an evaluation of the technical terms found in the latest editions of the American and British regulations, technical rules, standards, and specifications, such as ANSI, API, ASME, BSI, EJMA, MSS, TEMA as well as European Standards, the terminology of comparable German regulations, rules and standards together with the essential literature and information brochures of numerous manufacturers. This dictionary which was supplemented by 4,000 terms now contains more than 16,000 terms and numerous explanations to the various technical fields such as pressure vessels, columns, tanks, heat exchangers, vales, bursting disc devices, steam traps, piping technology strength calculation, materials, welding, destructive and non-destructive examinations, quality management, testing and inspection, thermal and fluids engineering. Due to the numerous comprehensive and detailed explanations the dictionary's encyclopedic quality is underlined.

Technology Assessment in der Weltgesellschaft

Author : Alfons Bora
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Routledge German Dictionary of Information Technology

Author :
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This dictionary consists of some 25,000 terms and references, drawn from the major areas in the field of Information Technology.

Technologie im Gespr ch 2017 Discussing Technology 2017

Author : art:phalanx
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Leben im Zeichen des digitalen Wandels Jahrbuch anlässlich der Alpbacher Technologiegespräche 2017. Wir befinden uns in einer Umbruchszeit zwischen industrieller und digitaler Revolution. Kein Stein wird auf dem anderen bleiben, sämtliche Lebens- und Arbeitsbereiche werden davon berührt und verändert. Die neuen Herausforderungen, die von Algorithmen, Big Data, künstlicher Intelligenz, maschinellem Lernen und Robotern aufgeworfen werden, lassen sich nicht mit Rückgriffen in die Vergangenheit lösen. In dieser Publikation berichten namhafte Expertinnen und Experten über den Status quo in ihren Fachbereichen – von Robotik über Blockchain-Technologie und das Bildungswesen bis hin zu Sozial- und Rechtswissenschaften – und skizzieren Lösungsansätze für die nächsten Jahre. Dabei wird deutlich, dass es eine völlig falsche Reaktion wäre, Angst vor dem digitalen Wandel zu haben, denn dieser eröffnet auch große Möglichkeiten und Chancen: Digitalisierung ist ein zentraler Schlüssel für wirtschaftliche Prosperität und kann bei der Lösung der "Grand Challenges" helfen. Um das zu schaffen, benötigen wir neue Ideen, neue Zugänge und Innovationen – sowohl in technologischer als auch in sozialer Hinsicht.

Automotive and engine technology

Author : Michael Bargende
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Dictionary of boiler firing systems and flue gas cleaning technology

Author : Heinz-Peter Schmitz
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This dictionary contains more than 6.000 terms and numerous explanations to the various technical fields such as shell and water-tube boilers, all types of firing systems for conventional power plants and waste incineration systems, thermal waste treatment systems, grate-firing systems, fluidised-bed systems, pulverising plants and mills including classifiers, burners of oil, gas and pulverized fuel, waste-heat recovery systems, coal handling and ash disposal plants, flue-gas desulphurization plants such as inertial separators, scrubbers, dust removal and filter systems as well as DENOX systems with catalysts, and respective circuit arrangements. Due to the numerous comprehensive and detailed explanation the dictionary's encyclopedic quality is underlined.

Technology Integration and Foundations for Effective Leadership

Author : Wang, Shuyan
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As new technology continues to emerge, the training and education of learning new skills and strategies become important for professional development. Therefore, technology leadership plays a vital role for the use of technology in organizations by providing guidance in the many aspects of using technologies. Technology Integration and Foundations for Effective Leadership provides detailed information on the aspects of effective technology leadership, highlighting instructions on creating a technology plan as well as the successful integration of technology into the educational environment. This reference source aims to offer a sense of structure and basic information on designing, developing, and evaluating technology projects to ensure maximum success.

State and Local Initiatives on Productivity Technology and Innovation

Author : Barbara J. Lipman
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Technology and Responsibility

Author : P.T. Durbin
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Since it may seem strange for a new series to begin with volume 3, a word of explanation is in order. The series, Philosophy and Technology, inaugurated in this form with this volume, is the official publication of the Society for Philosophy & Technology. Approximately one volume each year is tobe published, alternating between proceedings volumes - taken from contributions to biennial international conferences of the Society - and miscellaneous volumes, with roughly the character of a professional society journal. The forerunners of the series in its present form were two proceedings volumes: Philosophy and Technology (1983), edited by Paul T. Durbin and Friedrich Rapp, and Philosophy and Technology //: Information Technology and Computers in Theory and Practice (1986), edited by Carl Mitcham and Alois Huning - both published (as volumes 80 and 90, respectively) in the series, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science. The Society for Philosophy & Technology, now more than ten years old, is devoted to the promotion of philosophical schalarship that deals in one way or another with technology and technological society. "Philosophical scholarship" is interpreted broadly as including contribu tions from any and all perspectives; the one requirement is that the schalarship be sound, and all contributions to the series are subject to rigorous blind refereeing. "Technology," the other half of the philos ophy-and-technology pairing, is also construed broadly.

Philosophy and Technology

Author : P.T. Durbin
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Only recently has the phenomenon of technology become an object of in terest for philosophers. The first attempts at a philosophy of technology date back scarcely a hundred years - a span of time extremely short when com pared with the antiquity of philosophical reflections on nature, science, and society. Over that hundred-year span, speculative, critical, and empiricist approaches of various sorts have been put forward. Nevertheless, even now there remains a broad gap between the importance of technology in the real world and the sparse number of philosophical works dedicated to the under standing of modern technology. As a result of the complex structure of modern technology, it can be dealt with in very different ways. These range from metaphysical exposition to efforts aimed at political consensus. Quite naturally, within such a broad range, certain national accents can be discovered-; they are shaped by a com mon language, accepted philosophical traditions, and concrete problems requiring consideration. Even so, the worldwide impact of technology, its penetration into all spheres of individual, social, and cultural life, together with the urgency of the problems raised in this context - all these demand a joint philosophical discussion that transcends the barriers of language and cultural differences. The papers printed here are intended to exemplify such an effort at culture-transcending philosophical discussion.