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Basic Teachings of the Buddha

Author : Glenn Wallis
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In Basic Teachings of the Buddha, Glenn Wallis selects sixteen essential dialogues drawn from more than five thousand Pali-dialect suttas of the Buddhist canon. The result is a vibrant introductory guide to studying Buddhist thought, applying its principles to everyday life, and gaining a deeper understanding of Buddhist themes in modern literature. Focusing on the most crucial topics for today’s readers, Wallis presents writings that address modern psychological, religious, ethical, and philosophical concerns. This practical, inspiring, and engaging volume provides an overview of the history of Buddhism and an illuminating analysis of the core writings that personalizes the suttas for each reader. “Glenn Wallis brings wisdom and compassion to this work of scholarship. Everyone should read this book.” –Christopher Queen, Harvard University “A valuable sourcebook with a good selection of the fundamental suttas enhanced by an eloquent introduction and comprehensive notes–altogether a very useful text.” –Peter Matthiessen (Roshi), author of The Snow Leopard and Nine-Headed Dragon River “Glenn Wallis’s new and accessible translations of some of the Buddha’s lectures to his original students, along with Wallis’s elegant guide to the texts, gives twenty-first-century readers in the modern West a fresh chance to learn from this teacher.” –Charles Hallisey, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teachings of the Buddha

Author : Jack Kornfield
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This treasury of essential Buddhist writings draws from the most popular Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese sources. Among the selections are some of the earliest recorded sayings of the Buddha on the practice of freedom, passages from later Indian scriptures on the perfection of wisdom, verses from Tibetan masters on the enlightened mind, and songs in praise of meditation by Zen teachers. The book also includes traditional instruction on how to practice sitting meditation, cultivate calm awareness, and live with compassion. Jack Kornfield, one of the most respected American Buddhist teachers, has compiled these teachings to impart the essence and inspiration of Buddhism to readers of all spiritual traditions.

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha

Author : Daniel M. Ingram
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The very idea that Buddhist teachings can be mastered will arouse controversy within Buddhist circles. Even so, Daniel Ingram insists that enlightenment is an attainable goal, once our fanciful notions of it are stripped away, and we have learned to use meditation as a method for examining reality rather than an opportunity to wallow in self-absorbed mind-noise. This book sets out concisely the difference between concentration-based (sometimes referred to as Zen) and insight (Vipassana) meditation. The author provides example practices and, most importantly, he presents detailed maps of the states of mind we are likely to encounter and the stages we must negotiate as we move through clearly defined cycles of insight.

The Teachings of Buddha

Author : Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai
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Buddhas Wisdom is as broad as the ocean and His Spirit is full of great Compassion. Buddha has no form but manifests Himself in Exquisiteness and leads us with His whole heart of Compassion. This book is valuable because it contains the essence of the Buddhas teachings as recorded in over five thousand volumes. These teachings have been preserved and handed down for more than twenty-five hundred years extending beyond borders and racial barriers of the world. The words of Buddha contained in this book touch on all aspects of human life and bring meaning to it.

Teachings of Buddha

Author : Desmond Biddulph
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Introducing the insights of the Buddha--universal and timeless inspiration for our search for true happiness.A deluxe cloth edition with a foil blocked sticker and a removable insight card so you can carry the Buddha's teachings everywhere you go, this beautifully packaged collection is the perfect gift for the wisdom seeker in your life.Beginning with the root of human suffering, or the "twelve-linked chain of causation," and ending with the transcendence of enlightenment, this carefully curated volume presents the great arch of Buddhist doctrine as told by its earliest practitioners, including the Buddha himself."My Teaching," said the Buddha, "Is about suffering and how to end it." Mirroring the 10 stages of the bodhisattva's path of awakening, the book's ten chapters take readers on a spiritual/philosophical journey through the Buddha's cycle of healing, from ignorance and suffering, to awareness and enlightenment. Combining extracts from the early Pali canon and the later Mahayana sutras, as well as traditional Buddhist tales, poignant Zen koans (riddles) and gorgeous atmospheric photographs--all prefaced by an informative introduction that traces the history of Buddha's enduring teachings back to the life of the Gautama Buddha--Teachings of the Buddha is a richly woven tapestry of wisdom, insight and expertise, and an indispensable volume for practicing Buddhists and beginners alike.

The Heart Of Buddha s Teaching

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
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'Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the connection between personal, inner peace, and peace on earth.' The Dalai Lama In The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching, Thich Nhat Hanh brings his gift of clear and poetic expression to an explanation of the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, and other basic Buddhist teachings. Thich Nhat Hanh's extraordinary contribution to Buddhism and to life is the way he makes these teachings and practices accessible to everyone, showing us how the very suffering that is holding us down can be the path to our liberation.

The Buddha and His Teachings

Author : Narada
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Description The Buddha was the first most active missionary in the world.He wandered from place to place for forty five years preaching His doctrine to the masses and the intellegentsia.Till His last moment,He served humaity both by example and by percept.His distinguished disciples followed suit.Penniless,they even travelled to distant lands to propogate the Dhamma,expecting nothing in return. This treatise,written by a member of the Order of the Sangha,is based on the pali Texts,commentaries,and traditions prevailing in Buddhist countries. The first part of the book deals with the Life of the Buddha,the second with the Dhamma,the Pali term for His Doctrine.

In This Very Life

Author : U Pandita
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Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita shows us that freedom is as immediate as breathing, as fundamental as a footstep. In this book he describes the path of the Buddha and calls all of us to that heroic journey of liberation. Enlivened by numerous case histories and anecdotes, In This Very Life is a matchless guide to the inner territory of meditation - as described by the Buddha.

The Buddha s Teachings on Social and Communal Harmony

Author : Bodhi
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"An anthology of the writings of the Buddha on the subject of harmony selected and translated from the original Pali"--

What is the Dharma

Author : Sangharakshita (Bhikshu)
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What is the meaning of life? How can we be truly happy? Buddhism answers these questions through the Dharma, which is a traditional term meaning both "the truth" and "the path", and is the subject of this book, which offers a starter-kit of Buddhist teachings and practices.

Buddha and His Teachings

Author : Kingsley Heendeniya
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Buddha and His Teachings is a unique presentation of the doctrine of not-self, the doctrine upon which the Dhamma was set rolling for more than 2,500 years ago. The author identifies misinterpretations of the Dhamma, that have lasted for 2000 years, to continue the work begun by his mentor Venerable Nanavira Thera, who became a cult figure after he wrote Clearing the Path. This book provides the percipient reader an insight of the teachings of the Buddha, composed from Suttas and related texts, along with copious annotations for further study, and a glossary of Pali words used in the Dhamma – all written in a lucid style.

The Buddha and His Teachings

Author : Samuel Bercholz
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Originally published as Entering the Stream, this book offers a simple and inspiring answer to the question "What is the Buddha's teaching?" primarily in the words of the Buddha and other masters. This anthology draws on traditional Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan sources as well as teachings by contemporary Buddhist masters. Among the contributors, both classical and modern, are: Ajahn Chah, Pema Chödrön, The Second Dalai Lama, Dogen, S.N. Goenka, Dainin Katagiri, Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi, Milerepa, Padmasambhava, Reginald Ray, Shunryu Suzuki, Nyanaponika Thera, Thich Nhat Hanh, Chögyam Trungpa, and Burton Watson.

In the Buddha s Words

Author : Bodhi
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The works of the Buddha can feel vast, and it is sometimes difficult for even longtime students to know where to look, especially since the Buddha never explicitly defined the framework behind his teachings. Designed to provide just such a framework, In the Buddha's Words is an anthology of the Buddha's works that has been specifically compiled by a celebrated scholar and translator. For easy reference, the book is arrayed in ten thematic sections ranging from "The Human Condition" to "Mastering the Mind" to "The Planes of Realization." Each section comes with introductions, notes, and essays to help beginners and experts alike draw greater meaning from the Buddha's words. The book also features a general introduction by the author that fully lays out how and why he has arranged the Buddha's teachings in this volume. This thoughtful compilation is a valuable resource for both teachers and those who want to read the Buddha on their own.

Dharma Cards

Author : Priya Hemenway
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This beautifully designed set offers a simple approach to meditation, as well as an enjoyable way to learn about one of the world's great masters. Based on Gautama Buddha's Dhammapada or Way of Truth, the kit includes not only 36 illustrated cards inscribed with the Buddha's wisdom, but also an illuminating guidebook; together, they'll help create spiritual harmony in your life. The guide provides an introduction to the Buddha: his birth, search, enlightenment, Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, and much more. It also features information to help you interpret the cards, along with in-depth, individual readings of their text. As you go through the cards, you'll begin to reflect on the questions all meditators ask?about awareness, distractions, serenity?and find encouragement when you feel disheartened.

The Buddha Dhamma Or the Life and Teachings of the Buddha

Author : Nārada (Maha Thera.)
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Teachings of the Buddha

Author : Rulu
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The sixteen sutras in this book are English translations of texts selected from the Chinese Buddhist Canon. Thirteen of them have never before been published in book form. The translators introduction to Buddhist doctrine provides an organized background for readers at all levels to better understand and appreciate the teachings in these sutras, which cover a wide range of interesting topics. For example, in Sutra 1, the Buddha teaches karmic requitals and how one can avoid or mitigate unfortunate requitals. In Sutra 6, He predicts that long after His Dharma has perished, the next Buddha, Maitreya, will bring the Dharma back to this world. In Sutra 13, the Buddha reveals the mystery of consciousness, giving a detailed description of ones rebirth according to karmic force. In Sutra 14, He declares the eternity of nirvana and ones Buddha nature. In Sutra 16, He affirms that ones great compassion for all sentient beings will quickly lead one to Buddhahood. These English translations are easy to read, and Buddhist terms are explained in the glossary. One can read this book for pleasure, or study it for spiritual development. One can also recite the sutras, prayers, and mantras as a spiritual practice. Students in Buddhist Studies certainly can use this book to support and enhance their learning.

The Dhammapada

Author :
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Discover the ancient wisdom that has made Buddhism the most popular non-Biblical religion in Europe and North America.

Gautama Buddha

Author : Vishvapani Blomfield
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There are many accounts of the Buddha's life that mix legend and history. This compelling new biography discriminates between fact and fiction to reveal Gautama, the remarkable human being behind the legends, and shed new light on his teachings. Plunging us into the noise, smells and jostling streets of Gautama's world, Vishvapani Blomfield brings the Buddha to life as a passionate and determined individual — a strikingly modern figure who rejected contemporary beliefs and found his own answers by mastering his mind. Even after he gained Enlightenment and became the Buddha ('the Awakened One') Gautama experienced struggles as well as triumphs as he trod India's dusty paths. Vishvapani shows how he sought to establish a community of practitioners amid his society's divided culture and perilous politics and how the ideas that became the Buddhist teachings grew from Gautama's efforts to address the needs and beliefs of his listeners. Drawing on years of meticulous research into original sources, Gautama Buddha takes us within touching distance of one of history's greatest figures.

The Epic of the Buddha

Author : Chittadhar, Hrdaya
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A translation of the modern Nepalese classic Winner of the Toshihide Numata Book Award in Buddhism and the Khyentse Foundation Prize for Outstanding Translation This award-winning book contains the English translation of Sugata Saurabha (“The Sweet Fragrance of the Buddha”), an epic poem on the life and teachings of the Buddha. Chittadhar Hṛdaya, a master poet from Nepal, wrote this tour de force while imprisoned for subversion in the 1940s and smuggled it out over time on scraps of paper. His consummate skill and poetic artistry are evident throughout as he tells the Buddha’s story in dramatic terms, drawing on images from the natural world to heighten the description of emotionally charged events. It is peopled with very human characters who experience a wide range of emotions, from erotic love to anger, jealousy, heroism, compassion, and goodwill. By showing how the central events of the Buddha’s life are experienced by Siddhartha, as well as by his family members and various disciples, the poem communicates a fuller sense of the humanity of everyone involved and the depth and power of the Buddha’s loving-kindness. For this new edition of the English translation, the translators improved the beauty and flow of most every line. The translation is also supplemented with a series of short essays by Todd Lewis, one of the translators, that articulates how Hṛdaya incorporated his own Newar cultural traditions in order to connect his readership with the immediacy and relevancy of the Buddha’s life and at the same time express his views on political issues, ethical principles, literary life, gender discrimination, economic policy, and social reform.

The Buddha s Teachings on Prosperity

Author : Basnagoda Rahula
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Shares specific recommendations on how to incorporate Buddhist teachings into busy lifestyles, counseling readers on the practice of applying spiritual philosophies to a range of everyday concerns, from money management and relationships to office conflicts and parenting. Original.