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The Kinesthetic Classroom

Author : Traci Lengel
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Drawing on cutting-edge research, this inspiring book shows how to integrate movement with classroom instruction, providing hundreds of activities that improve attention spans and student learning.

Teaching Through Movement

Author : Stacey Shoecraft
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Based on classroom experience, this easy to read book is perfect for the busy teacher who wants to laugh a little while learning the quickest way to incorporate movement in the classroom. She infuses humor while providing simple and quick examples that can make anyone feel successful! Stacey is an Action Based Learning Certified Trainer, with the first kinesthetic classroom in the nation. Her goal is to change today’s classroom into one that incorporates movement to enhance learning for all students.

Teaching the Three Rs Through Movement Experiences

Author : Anne Green Gilbert
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Moving the Earth

Author : Helen Landalf
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Learning Through Movement and Music

Author : Debby Mitchell
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"Learning Through Movement and Music: Exercise Your Smarts" teaches students health and fitness concepts through song lyrics and other means as they move to music provided on a DVD. The DVD includes video clips for each of the 14 activities, song lyrics for the 14 songs, and activity assessments and other reproducibles. Activities include warming up, muscle workouts, cardio and interval training, and fitness testing.

Teaching Movement Education

Author : Weiller Abels, Karen
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Teaching Movement Education: Foundations for Active Lifestyleswill help you develop students’ movement skills, provide them with fun activities that will enable them to be successful in movement, and lay the foundation for healthful habits. It contains numerous tools and developmentally appropriate activities in the four basic movement concepts, along with three sets of lesson plans.

Using movement to teach academics

Author : Sandra Cerny Minton
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Provides instructions for teachers on ways to translate academic ideas into movements and dance along with information on cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, learning styles, and the zone of proximal development.

Learning Through Movement

Author : Peter H. Werner
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Bewegungslehre, Lernen.

Learning in Motion

Author : Mary Murray
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"More than 40 language arts and math activities to get students moviing; instructions to create easy-to-use, low-cost equipment; [and] engaging activities to help develop flexibility, strength, and endurance"--Front cover of each volume.

Learning Through Movement

Author : Christine Shahan
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Teaching Academics Through Movement

Author : Becky F. Ellis
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Learning in Motion Grade 1

Author : Mary Murray
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Engage students in grade 1 while connecting physical activity, good health, and learning using Learning in Motion. Teach basic language arts and math skills with more than 40 activities that help students build physical and mental muscle. These age-appropriate activities cover reading, writing, speaking, listening, and math. The activities focus on concepts of print, syllables, rhyming words, long and short vowels, comprehension, main idea and details, capitalization, punctuation, nouns and verbs, descriptive language, skip counting, number lines, place value, time, and patterns. These activities support NCTE and NCTM standards while developing flexibility, strength, and endurance. This 80-page book aligns with state, national, and Canadian provincial standards and includes a parent letter and instructions for creating easy-to-use, low-cost activity equipment.

Learning Through Play

Author : Ellen Booth Church
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Dancing Teaching English Through Body Movement

Author : Ninel Gasparyan
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The book "Dancing-Teaching English through Body Movement" is a guide for TEFL teachers who are for content-based instruction and who want to combine teaching with dance. The book includes lesson plans and corresponding activities and illustrates how it is possible to implement dance in an EFL classroom with the purpose of developing students' language skills, while taping on their creativity and imagination.

Physical Education for Young Children

Author : Rae Pica
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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, k, p, e, t.

All You Need to Teach Drama Ages 5 8

Author : Julie Chiert
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Learning through movement, improvisation, mime and speech. This book is part of a comprehensive series for teachers who want information now so they can get on with the job of teaching. It includes background information so you can stay up-to-date on the latest pedagogies. Practical activities and ideas that can be immediately used in the classroom form the basis of the book. The book is divided into three sections: Teaching tips, Lesson plans and Task cards and features: Warm-ups Speec

Inclusive Creative Movement and Dance

Author : Karen A. Kaufmann
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Inclusive Creative Movement and Dancehelps teachers guide students with diverse abilities to express their feelings and ideas through creative movement experiences involving dance learning, dance making, and dance sharing. Of equal value to new and veteran teachers, this book provides in-depth coverage of inclusive dance instruction, including teaching strategies, practical learning experiences, movement problems for students to solve, and more: -Open-ended movement explorations and inclusion suggestions help teachers accommodate the different learning needs of their students. -Learning experiences help students understand the elements of movement and dance (body actions and shapes, awareness of space, moving to time, awareness of energy and force, and awareness of relationships). -Teachers can select individual learning experiences or present a series of units for creative movement and dance. -National Standards for Dance Education, goals, movement glossary, journal reflection assignments, and simple assessments are incorporated into each unit for easier assessment and accountability. -Interdisciplinary activities at the end of each unit connect creative movement with classroom subjects--reading, writing, grammar, geography, astronomy, earth science, math, visual art, drama, and music--as appropriate. This book is organized into three parts. Part Ipresents a framework to help teachers envision dance for all their students. Part IIprepares teachers to design inclusive dance experiences and extend them into performance and discussion. Part IIIis the book's heart and soul--more than 100 dance-learning experiences presented in five chapters, or units, that teachers can use in their classes for students of all ages and abilities. These chapters may be used either as separate units that each feature one of the five movement or dance elements for a thematic approach or as progressive units that build in the order presented in the book. Each chapter, or unit, in part III has three basic sections: -Planning information outlining the learners' outcome goals, movement vocabulary, specific National Standards in Dance Education met, and suggestions for adapting instruction for special needs -Dance-making opportunities through students' exploration, experimentation, and problem solving as they use movement language in multiple ways -Dance sharing and assessment opportunities using critical-thinking questions and writing assignments Inclusive Creative Movement and Danceeducates and empowers teachers to use dance in inclusive classrooms, to celebrate and value differences, and to help all students discover the uniquely personal art form of dance. The ultimate goal is to develop students as dancers, creators, performers, and viewers.

Learning through Movement in the Early Years

Author : Sharon Tredgett
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This concise and up to date text looks specifically at children’s learning through movement and the implications of this understanding for practice in early years settings. Movement is a fundamental way in which children learn, so it is vital that early years students and practitioners have a full knowledge of the subject in order to encourage and provide a range of sensory opportunities for the children in their care. The book begins by identifying early movements, examining their links to the brain and the benefits they bring. It looks at how to create movement spaces and opportunities within provision to support key learnings and then moves on to investigate two key issues: supporting children’s early writing and the different ways boys and girls learn through movement. Each chapter includes key messages, case studies to contextualise the issues and reflective questions to promote deeper understanding.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Interdisciplinary Learning Through Dance

Author : Lynnette Young Overby
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Aimed at PE and dance teachers, this multimedia instruction package contains over 100 interdisciplinary lesson plans for core subjects, and provides useful examples and models for the development and implementation of an integrated curriculum which uses dance methodologies.